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HP LIFE Project (jointly with Hewlett Packard)

HP LIFE HP Learning Initiative for Entrepreneurs (HP LIFE) is a global program that trains students, entrepreneurs, and small business owners to apply IT and business skills, so they can establish and grow a business, build successful companies and create jobs. Face-to-face trainings, tools and e-Learning program address educational needs, improve and strengthen skills and enable them to move forward.

To employ more people and create more jobs, the world needs more entrepreneurs. HP LIFE came up with a simple idea: provide aspiring entrepreneurs training in essential IT and business skills using HP technologies and change lives worldwide. Vital partnerships with the educational organizations EDC, ORT and UNIDO and local training partners in 49 countries continue to support the program worldwide. HP LIFE has already touched over 1.2 million entrepreneurs and social innovators, with face-to-face training, online activities and access to IT.

Technology also offers ways to extend access to education and to increase its efficiency by allowing a greater number of students to study in the field of business and information technology.

HP LIFE combines face-to-face training with free, online training program helps students gain the real-life IT and business skills needed to start or grow their business, in their own time, at their own pace and everywhere.

Cooperation with local organizations is a key to the HP LIFE success. After all, that is how it complies with the educational programs to local needs and conditions.

HP LIFE is based on the previous successful programs as GET IT, HELP and MAP. Their combination allows it being spread all over the world.

MAP HP Microenterprise Development Program was designed to support nonprofit microenterprise development agencies in the U.S. that serve clients in low-income communities.

GET IT Graduate Entrepreneurship Training through IT (GET-IT) program seeded entrepreneurial energy and develops business and IT skills in young people and recent graduates, age 16-25. Operating in 30 countries, GET-IT comprised a network of 100 training centers in communities with low-income areas, high unemployment rates and limited access to job opportunities.

HELP HP Entrepreneurship Learning Program was launched in 2007 to support the growth of micro-enterprises in communities across Asia Pacific and Japan experiencing high levels of unemployment or economic decline.

ORT is a Centre of Excellence of the HP LIFE program in FSU countries.

ORT and HP is cooperated since 2004, when there were HP-ORT Digital Community Centres opened in Tula (Russia) and Slavutych (Ukraine). In 2005 the HP Micro enterprise Acceleration Program approved funding for the Micro enterprise Acceleration Program Centre in Samara (Russia). During next years there were GET-IT and then LIFE centres for beginning entrepreneurs opened.

In 2009 ORT initiated STEP: School Technology & Entrepreneurship Program, within the frames of which the integration of fundamentals of business education into the school technology education program is suggested.  For this  ideas realization there were seminar on HP LIFE program for secondary school teachers of the ORT school network in FSU and Bulgaria conducted on the base of Odessa ORT School jointly by ORT and Micro-Enterprise Acceleration Institute (MEA-I). During 2011/2012 academic year there were experimental training for students provided by these certified teachers. In July 2012 in Odessa within the seminar of teachers and school specialists  of ORT network and partner schools on teaching of technology and entrepreneurship the preliminary results of the program had been summarized.

Now the program is developed distance learning methods of teaching.

HP LIFE e-Learning is free, online training program. The courses are interactive and full of information and practical exercises that will give students the skills to meet the business challenges their face.

The modular program was developed by EDC a widely recognized e-Learning specialist. It covers four main topics: Finance, Marketing, Operations and Communication. Students may choose the courses at the level they need. They will also have access to helpful hints, webinars and business information.


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