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Heftziba Project

World ORT started working with Jewish schools in FSU countries in 1994 and after decision made in 2003 to split system of Jewish schools in FSU into 3 networks, ORT assumed the function of providing Jewish education in several schools of its network. In 2009 ORT significantly increased its involvement in the Jewish education and assumed fully the operating of Heftziba project in 17 Jewish schools of FSU countries.  

Heftsiba is the programme which provides for Jewish Studies, supplementing teachers' wages and security.Heftsiba is a system of management, quality control and instructional support and provides Israeli teachers who are expert in Hebrew and Jewish education.

Heftsiba also provides hot lunches and school buses - critical services for schools serving Jewish communities scattered across large urban sprawls and teaching a curriculum that demands long days. The International Fellowship of Christians and Jews (IFCJ) provided the essential funding.

Schools of ORT network in most cases are prestigious educational establishments providing for Jewish children not only extended Jewish studies program as well as state-of-art technology education but also general and vocational education on very advanced level.

ORT schools have become educational beacons for the respective cities and countries. These schools are showcase of modern Jewish education for the general community.







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