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"Masa Shorashim" Project

The "Masa Shorashim" ("Journey to the Roots") is supported by the Jewish Agency and the Ministry of Education of the State of Israel (the project "Heftziba").

The purpose of "Masa Shorashim"  program is the restoration of the national memory of the Jewish people, the formation of the historical connection and dialogue between generations.

Zionism and the Holocaust are two important historical periods in the history of the Jews in the twentieth century, which are an important part of the Jewish national consciousness.

The central themes of the project: the Jewish communities in Eastern Europe, the world of Torah and Hasidism movement of the Enlightenment period, the pogroms and anti-Semitism, the Zionist movement, the contribution of the Eastern European diaspora community and Israel, Holocaust, the story of Soviet Jewry.

The project includes training of teachers and students and educational trips to memorable places in Eastern Europe related to Jewish history and the Holocaust. Using an educational experience while traveling, the project fosters Jewish national identity and instilling students with the Jewish national values.

The project involved 10th-11th grades students.

Trips are organized by groups of schools, according to their membership of a particular educational network. Travelling of students of ORT network in the CIS and Baltic States coordinated  by ORT offices staff, which, along with representatives of the school are responsible for preparing students for the program, visas and other travel documents for students and teachers, timely information about the arrival and departure to the place of beginning and ending of the route.

Students training includes preparing to the route, sessions during the route and after the end of the route. Students should be familiar with the basic concepts, events and personalities associated with the places of the route. During the trip, organized excursions and commemorative ceremonies of the victims of the Holocaust are held commemorating.

At the end of the trip, the trip participants make presentation for other students in the school, based on their personal experiences and photo and video materials produced during the trip.

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