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Math Club

In 2008 World ORTs Research and Development Coordinator, Dr Yakov Ronkin, decided to use his experience learning maths, combined with techniques developed during his years in Israel, to start a Maths Club.

The club has been connecting children in Dnepropetrovsk, Kishinev, Moscow and Odessa via videoconference with leading proceedings of Dr Ronkin, who is a Head of Institute for Distant Learning and Educational Technologies in Israel now.

Each session focuses on a different topic, such as developing strategies using matchsticks or solving problems using chess boards but the common denominator is having fun as well as intellectual stimulation.

Maths Club is aimed to allow children to develop logic skills and spatial thinking, expand their imagination and cultivate a passion for the subject.

Since 2012/2013 academic year thanks to TrueConf program all ORT network school could take part in Math Club program.

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