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Project "ORT-KesherNet"

Since 2001 there is a project functioning in the FSU countries realized jointly by ORT and Project Kesher. It was aimed to provide social and professional adaptation for women. Up to the beginning of the 2003 within the frames of the project there were 15 ORT-KesherNet ICT centres established in Russia, Ukraine and Belarus. Students of these centres were provided with the opportunity to be trained in how to work with PC or to improve their skills in this field, to master new technologies, and, as a prospect, to increase their rating at the labor market and make professional career successfully.

For today there are 18 ICT centres are working, 15 of them are financed by the project. 3 others ones: Orel (Russia) and Tbilisi and Gori (Georgia) were affiliated later as partners.

In 2007 the new program of micro-enterprise acceleration was initiated by Hewlett-Packard Company. GET-IT (Graduate Entrepreneurship Training through IT) is working to provide young people, graduates and unemployed, with business and technology skills training they can use to start careers or launch their own businesses.

The objective of the new program is to advance the use of technology, to increase its access, to build the capacity for the use of information and communications technologies in the communities and to promote the development of Entrepreneurship and Microenterprise skills within communities.

Being the partner of this pilot project in 2007-2008 ORT established educational network of HP-ORT GET-IT training centres. GET-IT program was successfully integrated with the ORT-KesherNet project in Volgograd and Tambov.

In cooperation with   educational and scientific organizations ORT develops new instructional technologies for these groups of population.   The project mission is to create new opportunities in the modern knowledge-based economy for undeserved groups of population, particularly young women and deaf and hard of hearing students, providing them with competencies necessary for professional career in IT-based business.

In 2009 ORT together with HP announced the expansion of the GET-IT programme with the opening of ten new training centres in Russia and Ukraine.  ORT-KesherNet centres in Tula, Kineshma and Rybinsk joined the network of GET-IT centres in Russia.

In 2011 on the base of ORT-KesherNet Centre in Tula 9 teachers of ORT-KesherNet centres in Russia and Belarus were trained on HP LIFE (HP global initiative, included the GET-IT program). In 2012, in Kiev there was a seminar on training certified trainers on HP LIFE program for the ORT-KesherNet Centres in Ukraine. For the moment there are centres in Tver, Gomel, Polotsk, Vinnitsa, Krivoy Rog, Lutsk, Khmelnitskiy and Cherkassy working affiliated as partners of HP LIFE program.

In 2011 within the frames of cooperation between the Cisco and ORT on the base of ORT-KesherNet centres in Tambov and Tula Cisco Networking Academies were opened. They suggested training on the IT Essentials: PC Hardware and Software curriculum provides an introduction to the computer hardware and software skills needed to help meet the growing demand for entry-level information and communication technology (ICT) professionals. The curriculum covers the fundamentals of PC technology, networking, and security, and also provides an introduction to advanced concepts.

ORT-KesherNet centres also realise the projects initiated by Microsoft: Information Dissemination and Equal Access (IDEA) Project in Vinnitsa, Makeevka, Simpheropol and Khmelnitskiy (Ukraine) and Your Course: Digital Literacy (Tvoy Kurs) in Rybinsk and Tambov. Projects are aimed to empower youth to imagine and realize their full potential by connecting them with greater education, employment, and entrepreneurship opportunities.

Up to June, 1, 2013 there 30 188 students had been trained.







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