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World ORT Naomi Prawer Kadar Seminar for Digital Technology in Jewish Education

The Naomi Foundation is devoted to training the next generation of teachers and inspiring youth and learners of all ages. Among its areas of focus are Jewish culture, Jewish educational growth, and Yiddish-language learning.

In 2011, the Naomi Foundation and World ORT partnered to create the Naomi Prawer Kadar International Seminars for Digital Technology in Jewish Education.

These training seminars offer professional development programming for Jewish studies teachers. The seminars enable teachers to integrate the latest digital technology into their classrooms and schools, thereby profoundly expanding the horizons of Jewish learning and teaching.

It is a professional development program dedicated to integrating the newest technologies into the classroom and to profoundly impacting Jewish teaching and learning worldwide.

The Naomi Prawer Kadar International Seminars are a new series of events that bring educators in Jewish and Hebrew studies from diverse backgrounds together in order to explore and to create the future of teaching and learning in these subjects. Each seminar features international as well as local experts and provides an opportunity to learn, share and network with each other.

From the beginning of World ORT and Naomi Prawer Kadar Foundation there were 4 seminars organised, 2 of which were by teachers of ORT network school of the CIS, Baltic States and Bulgaris attended: in Moscow (2011), St Petersburg (2013) and Vilnius (2014). 

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