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Graduate Entrepreneurship Training Through IT, HP-ORT Cooperation

Training at the HP-ORT "GET-IT" Centre in Volgograd

In 2007 the new program of micro enterprise acceleration was started by Hewlett-Packard Corporation (HP).

GET-IT (Graduate Entrepreneurship Training through IT) is part of HP´s global Microenterprise Development Program and is a training initiative for young or unemployed or graduates between the age of 16 and 25 in underserved communities with good economic growth potential. Participating organisations received a grant that comprises a guidance course for the trainers of the organisation, the curriculum materials to be able to deliver the courses, as well as the technological devices needed to carry out this business-related training. The objective of the new program is to advance the use of technology, to increase its access, to build the capacity for the use of information and communications technologies in the communities and to promote the development of Entrepreneurship and Microenterprise skills within communities.

Within frameworks of this pilot project in 2007-2008 ORT established educational network of GET-IT training centres in 6 regions of Russia. ORT began realization of GET-IT program in Moscow, Yekaterinburg, Volgograd, Tula, Tambov and St Petersburg. In cooperation with   educational and scientific organizations ORT develops new instructional technologies for these groups of population.   The project mission is to create new opportunities in the modern knowledge-based economy for undeserved groups of population, particularly young women and deaf and hard of hearing students, providing them with competencies necessary for professional career in IT-based business.

GET-IT program was successfully integrated with the other ORT projects as “ORT-Career” and “ORT-KesherNet” within the frames of which thousands of women got IT trainings. Moscow ORT Technology College accumulated the great experience of IT vocational training for deaf students that is very useful for teachers of Tula Boarding School for Deaf Children.



Delivering by ORT Russia the certificate of winning the 2nd place and being awarded by a premium

September, 19, 2008 ORT-Russia has become “HP GET-IT RECOGNITION AWARD 2008” laureate (premium and 2nd place). ORT Russia’s Project, presented at the conference by Deputy Director of ORT Russia Sergey Gorinskiy, was devoted to the theme “Breaking Digital Divide: Business and IT skills for underserved groups of population”.   


Asmolov Alexander Grigorievich, President of ORT Russia, professor, academician of Russian Academy of Education; Savin Stanislav Leonidovich, rector of “MIRBIS”; Owen Kemp, HP Vice-president and HP Russia managing director

25 June 2009 World ORT together with HP announced the expansion of the GET-IT programme with the opening of ten new training centres in Russia and Ukraine.

Educational institutions in Moscow, Tula, Kineshma, Rybinsk, Saransk, Murmansk and also in Slavutich, Kiev and Lviv have most recently joined the network of GET-IT centres in Russia and Ukraine.

On September 18, 2009 HP together with World ORT opened the HP-ORT GET-IT Centre at the Moscow Business School “MIRBIS” and presented the new phase of GET-IT training centres in Russia.


Poster of Tambov "ORT-KesherNet" Centre

During the period from October, 16 till October, 17th, 2009 international HP GET-IT Annual Conference took place in Cairo on which, already traditionally, the “ĶŠ GET-IT Recognition Award” is handed over.

Poster of "ORT-KesherNet" Centre in Tambov became the winner in nomination HP GET-IT Best Impact.


On October, 23rd, 2009 ĶŠ together with World ORT opened GET-IT (Graduate Entrepreneurship Training through IT) Ńentre on the basis of the Kiev ORT Technology Lyceum. As a result of "GET-IT" Centre opening one of Lyceum’s classes was completely equipped by laptops and other equipment necessary for providing students with knowledge and skills which should allow them opening their own business after graduating.



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