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ORT Robotics Olympiad

Contests and Olympiads are the key elements of Robotics course. During the preparation and performance at the Olympiad students not only learn to solve specific practical problems independently, but also to train their presentation skills and teamwork.


First Olympiad among students of ORT network schools in the former Soviet Union took place in 2008. 5 teams of ORT schools in Moldova and Ukraine (Dnepropetrovsk, Zaporozhye, Kharkov, Odessa and Kishinev) arrived to Dnepropetrovsk, students to test your knowledge in practice during the competition, teachers - to share their experiences in teaching Robotics course at schools.

Today the International ORT Festival-Competition on Robotics among students and teachers of the ORT network and partner schools become a good tradition. The main objectives of the festival-contest are:


  • To increase the technology education level at the ORT centres;
  • To develop creative abilities of teachers and students;
  • To motivate for studying course “Fundamentals of Robotics” ;
  • To promote Technology education at schools-participants;
  • To develop inter-subject cooperation and inter-subject connection of Computer Science, Technology, Maths and Physics. 

The number of school participating in the project is increasing every year. So in 2010 there were 10 ORT network schools from Russia, Ukraine, Moldova and Kyrgyzstan, in 2013 there were already 13 schools of Russia, Ukraine, Moldova, Bulgaria, Lithuania and Estonia participating.  


According to the rules every school participating in the project is represented by the team members of which had been chosen during the inter-school competitions on Robotics. 3-days program of the contest included the following competitions: "The rope pulling"; “Robot-sumo”; "Tanki-Banki";  "Walking robots"; "Biathlon"; "Pyramid"; "Triathlon" (competition on path tracking). Traditionally there is the contest of students’ project in creativity: “Robot as an Artist”; “Robots in Science” and “Robots are helping people”.


Teachers-coaches of the teams are participating at the training seminar. Within the frames of seminar there are various aspects of teaching Robotics discussed, new methods of teaching and Robotics Olympiad tasks examined. 

ORT Robotics Olympiad Video

Report on 4th ORT International Robotics Olympiad

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