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Computer Animation Contest 2016





November 10, 2015 – May 30, 2016


The contest is aimed to increase the motivation of students to study subjects of the Jewish cycle; to identify talented students and to develop the creative interest in the field of ICT.

Students of ORT network schools and colleges in the CIS countries, the Baltic States and Bulgaria are able to participate.


Objectives of the contest:

·                     integration of the Jewish and technology education;

·                     discovering creative potential of students;

·                     development of author animated films producing;


The contest is held in the categories, differentiated according to the techniques: “Animated cartoons” (puppet, clay, draw-on-film, stop-motion animation) and “Flash-animation”.


Cartoons presented to the Contest should illustrate traditional Jewish stories, proverbs, parables and tales.


Stages of the competition:

·                     Stage I: Preparation and selection of applications: from November 10, 2015 to March 31, 2016.

All animations should be described (nomination, official title of the school, information about the author (name, surname and grade), info about teacher-curator (name, surname and position) and link to resource for animation download) and this information should be provided to the e-mail: and / or

·                     Stage II: Evaluation of works submitted: April 01-22, 2016

·                     Stage III: Publication of the results of the competition: up to May 15, 2016.

·                     Stage IV: Awarding winners: up to May 30, 2016


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