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The Lawson ORT-Career Programme

The concept of The Lawson ORT-Career Programme builds upon ORT’s unparalleled experience in delivering career-oriented training in the former Soviet Union.

The Jack Lawson Vocational Training Centre, opened in 2001, firmly established the reputation of ORT as a leader in delivering career-oriented training to members of the Jewish community. Working in full cooperation with the Jewish Agency for Israel, ORT has been able to make a real difference to the lives of several thousand people, providing them with employable skills and securing not only their jobs, but the future viability of the Jewish community in Moscow. 
The Jack Lawson Vocational Training Centre, made possible through the generous support of The Carole and Geoffrey Lawson Foundation, has also become a platform for the successful operation of many other ORT projects within the CIS and Baltic States.  The centre has created a reservoir of experience and expertise in a field that, prior to the fall of communism, was entirely unknown in this region of the world.

Building upon experience gained from The Jack Lawson Vocational Training Centre, ORT has forged ahead as a leading partner in ORT-KesherNet – a network of career advancement facilities that has grown to include fifteen mini-centres located in smaller outlying towns across the CIS and Baltic States.  ORT-KesherNet centres deliver help to thousands of women each year who wish to acquire the skills that will enable them to enter, or to re-enter, the job market and improve their quality of life and that of the communities and families.
Today, ORT is poised to further contribute to the economic viability of Jewish communities in the CIS and Baltic States through the Lawson initiative called The Lawson ORT-Career Programme. The programme redefines ORT training activities in the region in order to deliver the knowledge and skills eagerly sought by members of communities where low income and job-insecurity has become an ever-present threat to their way of life.

In order to implement this strategy, centres were established within existing ORT centres in Moscow, Riga and Kharkov, and in four new centres in St Petersburg, Yekaterinburg, Odessa and Kishinev. 

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