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Robotics at School

Since 2000, at the ORT network schools in the former Soviet Union a comprehensive course on "Technology", which includes a variety of items of knowledge, starting with the basics of designing and modeling in the 5th -6th  grades, and before the digital electronics in high school is taught. A special role in the course "Robotics" plays as the subject allows to combine study of the fundamentals of design, physics (mechanics, electrical engineering, electronics) and the software with the development of teamwork and presentation skills.

Robotics is one of the most popular and relevant training courses in ORT network schools. To date, students of the 5th -11th  grades from 10 schools of ORT in FSU countries are studying Robotics course within the formal educational process or as additional studies.

As experience shows, the course is very popular for students. To design, construct and program robots is a fun and effective way of learning. This is one of the few subjects where the result of the student's work is visual as can move independently to perform real tasks, participate in competitions.

For the successful implementation of the course ORT provides continuous methodological and financial support to teachers:

organizes international seminars and competitions for teachers and students of ORT network schools  in FSU countries. As part of this initiative, along with competitions for the design of robots based on the Lego NXT for school refresher training and exchange of teachers, coaches of school teams;

methodical support of teachers and the development of teaching aids at the course of Robotics is provided constantly;

ORT with the support of partners coordinates the preparation and participation of school teams in regional and international competitions. During the course teaching team of ORT schools participated in numerous competitions: "Robotraffic, 2011-2013, Technion, Israel", "International Fire-Fighting Home Robot Contest In Trinity College, Israel, 2011", "robotic Russian Festival, Moscow" "The District stage WRO, Moscow," "Day of Science of the Polytechnic Museum, Moscow", "World Robot Olympiad, Taipei, Taiwan 2007", "Ukrainian Olympiad in robotics", etc.

For many parents Robotics and "Technology"courses as a whole is one of the significant advantages in choosing a school for their children, and students who have achieved success in the study of subjects of the course, most often choose professions related to information technology.


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