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10/06 2013

Lena Dimova, 9th grade student

I liked ORTIC Contest very much! Really very much! I would like to say great thank to organizers and authors! You do a great deal and it is really big amount of work! Thank you very much!

It is a pity that our school is not for a long time in ORT network and we had not known about this contest before.  And I was not so attracted at the beginning. At the beginning it seems that questions are very difficult. But then it grew on me and was impatiently waiting for the second stage. And even now, after the finishing, I miss it and I would like to continue participating as soon as possible.  It is very good that questions are difficult because the most interesting not the answer itself but the process of searching. Sometimes, when I was successful and was able to answer all 10 questions in one day, it was a pity, that all the answers had already found and I had nothing to do the whole week. I liked questions with pictures of artists most of all, I was the most successful in them. However I had been afraid at the first time – it seems to me, that I would not be able to know any picture, but it was appeared to be simple if you understood how to search.

What was wrong? There was little number of participants at the finish. I had an impression that some participants when they had understood that they would not win just stopped to play. It is sad! Because the process of search is the most interesting as I had said already. Many thanks to those participants, who stayed up to the finish and made this contest to be even more interesting (especially the team 1607a from Zaporozhye). Guys, you are cool, it was very interesting to compete with you! And many thing to the students of our school as well!

 I will be waiting the next contest (even if I would not be studying at School). See again!


ORT Specialized School #41, Chernivitsi, Ukraine

9th grade student, Lena Dymova

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