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28/04 2015

Feedback of participants and organizers of the Conference "STEM and Educational Robotics"

Maxim Vasilyev, President of Russian Association of Educational Robotics (RAOR)

"For the third time RAOR together with ORT is holding the Conference and this is one of the best examples of cooperations experience of RAOR with partners.

Thanks to the efforts of ORT employees, most notably to these ones of Galina Brusnitsyna, managed to bring the conference to a new level. Sergei Gorinskiy took significant participation in the organization of the conference. The staff of Moscow ORT Technology School should be mentioned.

In addition to this particular conference, there are several other joint, no less successful, projects of RAOR and ORT: The "Arduino Robotics", WRO regional competitions in 2010-2012 and the project CB 2.0."

Sergey Petrov, Deputy Principal of Kaliningrad Secondary School #33 on innovation and project  and Centre of Children Creativity "Rodnik" in Kaliningrad

"The conference in Moscow was held at a high level and even exceeded my expectations. I would to point out the good information support at the preparatory stage and the availability of materials at the end of the conference.

For me personally and my colleagues the most valuable of the conference was working out and assigning the vector of development for everyone who is active in the field of STEM, in the field of educational robotics. The fact is that there are very few such conferences and the opportunity to meet and share experiences with teachers and leaders give a powerful impetus for further development.

I, as a practice teacher, conducting workshops, was interested to get feedback and to find out what teaching materials are most in demand now at schools.

Cooperation with ORT gives very pleasant experience. Perhaps no organization is so intense and productive in activities for the development of educational robotics. This is experimental work together with FIRO, network project CB 2.0, training seminars for the dissemination of good experience, Robotic Olympiad in Kazan. The main distinguishing feature of ORT activities - is relevance. All activities carried out not only meet the current needs of society, but also have advanced character, which is extremely important in education. "

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