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Nadejda Visnapu, entrepreneur

Nadejda Visnapu has an entrepreneurship experience. She has a small business selling herbal and health teas.

Although her business is small, however it requires using new technologies in stock count, order entry, not to mention the accounting.

Crisis of 2008 hit on all types of business, number of customers decreased, Nedzhda had to cut the accountants salary and, accordingly, to take some accounting on herself.

Now it was obvious that she could not do much not having knowledge of computer programs. Nadejda passed ORT-KesherNet courses and have not ever regretted.

Now her work became much easier. A few more people came for ORT-KesherNet computer courses on Nadejdas recommendation.


Elena Zabarskaya, teacher

Elena Zabarskaya, teacher of ORT-KesherNet computer class in Tver, finished a special training for tutor GET-IT program, organised in Tula in February 2011.


She said: In the process of training I realized that this course is very interesting, accessible and actual. The form of training is up-to-date very much, because it gives an opportunity to use the computer technology about which many people heard but never applied in their work. Having acquired with skills in using popular computer programs, one may help people to manage their business as well as to make time-management without any additional effort or costs. Therefore, this program is interesting to people of different ages and various professions. The program includes Internet games which is extremely popular nowadays. Speaking about our city, I can say that its very important to educate and train our citizens that allow them doing their business and starting up new businesses within the growing competition.

Im grateful very much to the course organizers for the chance to get acquainted with GET-IT program. Hope for further cooperation.


Vyshadko Elena, 32, graduate of 2005

Elena Vyshadko is a pediatrician.


In 2005, she finished courses at the center of the ORT-KesherNet.


It so happened that her specialty did not allow her to feed her family and at the family council she and her husband decided to open a small cafe for students. It was rather difficult and they had not enough knowledge on trade, accounting and taxation. And then there was a catastrophe in the family - they divorced.


But Elena was not going to give up. She used on practice all that she had learned on the course of the ORT-KesherNet and she has mastered the necessary software by her own, and she felt self-sufficient. With the support of her younger brother, she kept the business. Subsequently Elena opened 2 other cafes. She achieved success not only in business but in private life. Elena was lucky to find her soul mate and make private life and the life of her son complete.



Maura Rogava, 42, graduate of 2002

Maura Mishaevna Rogavas specialty was auditor.


In 2002 she graduated ORT KesherNet courses.


Maura Mishaevna worked in a private firm. Her salary was small, but it was necessary to pay the real estate loan. As the courses had been opened, she decided to pass training because she had no computer skills at all and it was necessary for continuing professional development.


She graduated the course and felt immediately that she could keep accounts not only in one firm, but in a few ones.

Firstly, she took additional job in one firm, and then added two more.

She mastered special accountant program 1C: independently and began to provide tax reports electronically.


Successful work has allowed her feeling independent and having paid the loan.


But the in 2007 major change in her life took place when she decided to start own business and opened a small retail. Now she has wholesale store, cellular phones and computers shop, as well as a few points on repair of cellular phones. Maura Mishaevna said that she thanks for all these achievements ORT-KesherNet project.


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