World ORT Organisation for educational Resourses and Technological training
Educating since 1880

On-Going Projects

Among dozens of world-biggest  international organizations working for education ORT is known as specializing in practical education. From the very start ORT considers knowledge  as the most important  resource of a human being which enables not  life earnings but economical freedom as well. ORT has gained experience of working  in more than 100 countries.  Annually  about 300 thousands students attend   educational institutions of ORT.

ORT is involved in realization of national and regional programs of modernization  of educational systems of different countries, including CIS. At present time ORT is administrating the following educational programs and projects:


  1. Heftziba Project
  2. World ORT Naomi Prawer Kadar International Seminars for Digital Technology in Jewish Education
  3. HP LIFE Project (jointly with Hewlett Packard)
  4. “ORT Career –Lawson Initiative” 
  5. ORT-KesherNet Project
  6.  "QUEST" Project
  7. World ORT Project-contest "Chibur" - "The History of the People through the History of the Family and the Community"
  8. Robotics at School
  10. Math Club
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