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The results of Odessa seminar were summed up


July 8, 2011, the results of seminar on HP LIFE program for secondary school teachers of the ORT school network conducted on the base of Odessa ORT School were summed up.

Within five days fifteen teachers from ORT schools network of Bulgaria, Kyrgyzstan, Latvia, Lithuania, Moldova, Russia and Ukraine acquainted with the newly developed curriculum and discussed the prospects of training of the fundamentals of entrepreneurship at secondary school.

Trainings were conducted by Ana Barfield and Brankica Canic, Micro-Enterprise Acceleration Institute from Geneva (MEA-I).

After seminars conclusion its participants gave their feedback:

Ana Barfield, Micro-Enterprise Acceleration Institute from Geneva (MEA-I).

Today we are coming to the end of our 5-day seminar in Odessa, the Ukraine, that was organized between the Micro-Enterprise Acceleration Institute from Geneva, World ORT and supported by HP. As usual with any seminar thats organized in this cooperation, everything was extremely well and me and my co-Master Trainer were really delighted to see so many people from the Ukraine, from Russia and from other countries from the former Soviet Union. We are really eagerly waiting evaluations of our seminar because we delivered the brand new HP Life program here for the first time and in fact this was the first seminar in Russian  on the HP-LIFE program. So we are hoping to receive positive results on the evaluations tomorrow and from my perspective as trainer and I think as organizers as well of this seminar we can say that  we are absolutely happy with how this week went and we really hope that in the future well be able to keep in contact with all the trainers who attended this week and we hope to meet them in Odessa, an absolutely beautiful town, or somewhere else in the world.

Teresa Segaliene, participant of the seminar, Shalom Aleichemo Jewish School, Vilnius

I am sincerely grateful to those people who developed this course, which appearance
is very timely. School and community need it as a tool that is to help
you to find a place in the world and to earn for your bread and butter. I like teaching methods developed up to least details.
Our dear lecturers Ana and Brankica deserve the highest respect - always
punctual, always friendly and always very well prepared -
they are professionals. Thank you.

Oksana Borovik, a participant of the seminar, Center for Education # 1311 "Techiya", Moscow

Hello, my name is Oksana Borovik. I am  a teacher of social science of school # 1311 in Moscow, Russia. I am very grateful to the Micro-Enterprise Acceleration Institute MEA-I in Geneva, for having organized this seminar, for that they developed this program and for that they taught us during this time. I am very grateful for ORT, allowing this seminar to be held here in Odessa, because I learned a lot at this seminar... In my work and in my life I like clear structure, clear system and I always try to create it in the classroom, because I think it's easier to be understood. I liked the structured approach, based on the psychology of understanding of the material, which is peculiar to this program, HP-LIFE. I will use certainly not only a part of the course,  but maybe I'll be able to conduct a complete course for young entrepreneurs. I am sure that Ill use the concept and approach to the presentation of the material on the lessons and not only in that section, which deals with the economy.


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Anna Michurina, Senior expert of R&D Department,  ORT CIS

Seminar on the fundamentals of entrepreneurship for schools of ORT network started in Odessa



July 4, 2011, a training workshop on HP LIFE program for secondary school teachers of the ORT school network has started at the Odessa ORT School.

Developed by the Micro-Enterprise Acceleration Institute (MEA-I, Geneva) in collaboration with Hewlett-Packard Corporation HP Learning Initiative For Entrepreneurs (HP LIFE) is a global program that trains students, potential entrepreneurs and small business owners to harness the power of IT to establish and grow their businesses.

Face-to-face trainings and online tools address the educational needs of people, improve and strengthen their skills and enable them to move forward regardless of backgrounds, locations or circumstance.

ORT is a partner of HP social projects since 2004.
Over these years, thanks to the fruitful cooperation between the two organizations, centers of education and micro-enterprise acceleration were opened in Russia and Ukraine. Being trained there, the small businesses entrepreneurs, both beginning and more experienced, solve the problems they face in their daily activities, which hinder the growth and development of their business.

In 2009, the successful experience of collaboration has allowed HP and ORT expanding programs of bridging the digital divide and ICT training for entrepreneurship and to involve some secondary schools to participate in them.

This decision was due to the fact that today's secondary schools face the task of preparing competitive students who are ready to live and work in high-tech world. One of the most effective ways of achieving this is education, which gives considerable experience and practical skills in business and entrepreneurship.

The educational process achieves maximum efficiency when the students are placed in front of creative problem, solving of which requires school knowledge implementing in real life situations.

All the technologies, presented in LIFE program, studied from the practical point of view: in the classroom students receive information not only on widely available technological tools, but also learn to use them to overcome daily problems and to develop their businesses effectively.

Within these five days, from 4 to 8 July, 2011, fifteen teachers from ORT schools network of Bulgaria, Kyrgyzstan, Latvia, Lithuania, Moldova, Russia and Ukraine will be provided with the opportunity to be acquainted with the newly developed curriculum and to discuss the prospects of training of the fundamentals of entrepreneurship at secondary school.

Trainings will be conducted by Ana Barfield and Brankica Canic (MEA-I). Finishing this course participants will receive certificates of the Institute of MEA-I and can apply their knowledge in teaching fundamentals of entrepreneurs at schools of ORT network.

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Irina Silaeva, Program Manager, ANO "ORT"

The winners of the HP Learning Initiative for Entrepreneurs, (HP LIFE) 2011 grant 2011 are announced



It is with pleasure that HP and its partners, MEA-I, EDC, ORT and UNIDO, announce the HP Learning Initiative for Entrepreneurs, (HP LIFE) 2011 grant recipients. These new recipients, 40 training centers worldwide, will become part of the existing 300 HP LIFE centers network in 47 countries, helping equip entrepreneurs with the IT and business skills they need to turn their visions into reality.

Selected applications from 12 countries, these organizations will each receive a grant of state-of-the art HP technology, financial contribution and professional support valued at approximately $60,000 (HP list price).  It includes a professional train-the-trainer course and access to the HP LIFE network as well as all innovative online and offline training tools.  

Moscow ORT Technology School (Gymnasium 1540) becomes the only Russian participant to receive a HP Learning Initiative for Entrepreneurs grant this year.  

"We are very pleased that Moscow ORT Technology School (Gymnasia # 1540) becomes a participant of the HP LIFE program this year ", - says Dr. Sergey Gorinskiy, ORT Russia  Director - " In ORT schools special attention is paid to technology training. The combination of modern technology and business education - this is exactly what of great demand for innovation economy. On the basis of Moscow ORT Technology School we'll develop a model of such integrated and innovative education".

On the photo (from left to right): Sergey Gorinskiy, ORT Russia Director; Marina Moiseeva, Moscow ORT Technology School Principal; Alexander Mikoyan, Managing Director, Enterprise Business Lead, HP Russia, at the open ICT lesson on the day of HP-ORT Center opening at the Moscow ORT Technology School.

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90 years of being international organization World ORT ushers in competition in Robotics among students from different countries Odessa is a winner



May 29 - 31, 2011, in Berlin a meeting of the Board of Representatives of the World ORT, dedicated to the 90th anniversary of World ORT Union inauguration as an international organization.

In the same Meistersaal, where in 1921 a historic conference marked the ORT expansion outside the only country, had been held, 100 representatives from 23 countries sharing ORT students excitement in international Robotics competition.

Teams of the ORT schools from Argentina, Bulgaria, Israel and Ukraine presented their creative projects, built on the basis of NXT, and competed at the "Triathlon" route.

Team of Odessa ORT school 94, consisted of 4 people: Alexandra Gorlovitch, Sergey Grigorash, Dmitry Kozachkov and team leader Anne Michurina, presented the project "Robot is the Artist". Students  prepared and showed to the guests two models of robots: a robot who writes the word "ORT"on the ping-pong ball, and the robot, writing all the letters of the alphabet on a sheet of paper with the ability to create any word from the letters.

Competitions on the Triathlon included of two phases. On the first phase the robot was supposed to overcome obstacles (barriers, curves, hills, buttons), go on the road and to deliver the ball, taken from a certain point at the beginning of the track, to the finish line. In the second phase the number of obstacle has been reduced, but the robot had to find two jars standing on the highway, and drive around the first of them - on the left side and the second - on the right.

Odessa team has received the highest marks on the road and won the first place, showing excellent results in both types of competitions. Second place was delivered to the team from Israel, the third one- to the team of Argentina. All students who participated in the competition received great gifts from donors - iPad (for 1 place) and iPhone (for participation). In addition, students and their teachers were able to visit the Berlin Technology Museum and to have a small city tour.


More details about the World ORT Board of Representative meeting in Berlin

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Anna Michurina, Senior expert of R&D Department,  ORT CIS

Kiev ORT Technology Lyceum conducts lessons for the whole Ukraine


Kiev ORT Technology Lyceum joined the 100 schools of Ukraine, that were selected to participate in the project "Alfanetschool. This project provides online video tutorials on such subjects as Math, History, Geography, Ukrainian language and literature, and Chemistry. Within project there will be 4 classes at the Technology Lyceum equipped with facilities for conducting such lessons (computer, multimedia display, HD-video). On September 1, 2011, six Lyceum teachers will begin to conduct lessons for the whole Ukraine.

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Sergey Dzuba, Deputy Principal, Kiev ORT Technology Lyceum

"ORT-SPb Centre and ORT France organized a Skype-conference on health



27 May, a Skype-conference between the ORT in St Petersburg and ORT France was held. This is the first experience of similar work in the practice of  "ORT-SPb Centre. The conference was organized at the request of the Jewish Charity Center Hesed Avraham and there were representatives of regional departments of Health Department of St. Petersburg participating. On the other side of the Skype-bridge Mr. Marc Cohen, an expert on senile diseases, was speaking. He told about the modern ways of working with patients suffering from Alzheimer's.

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Elena Makarova, PR-Manager, "ORT-SPb"

ORT-SPb "among the winners of CAF Russia tender CAF


As a result of the working group meeting, held May 26, 2011, the winners of the Competition of projects of non-profit organizations in the framework of the Next step. Program for the development of activity of the older generation", realized by the Ladoga Foundation with organizational support from CAF Russia were announced. Among the 13 winners two applications of the Centre "ORT-SPb" - the project "Improvement of teachers of computer courses for older people and the project" Digital Family Archive: training in computer digital technology". From September the realization of these grant projects will begin, through which 144 elderly citizens of St Petersburg will attend free ORT computer courses. Projects also allow teachers to share their ORT experience with young colleagues - 40 novice teachers become familiar with teaching instructions and will be trained in the ORT-SPb" Center.

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Elena Makarova, PR-Manager, "ORT-SPb"

ORT in Dnepropetrovsk celebrated Lag B'Omer with "intellectually challenging" stations



May 22, 2011 Dnepropetrovsk hosted a grand parade of the Lag B'Omer. The parade was attended by the almost all Jewish organizations of the city, especially those ones of formal and informal Jewish education. This year  there were members of All-Ukrainian meeting of Jewish students' Menorahs Stars" in the column of the Jewish community, divided into twelve" tribes " and each "tribe" had their own T-shirts with its title and its own standard. As always, the military band headed the column, and it was accompanied by limousines and vintage cars, decorated with Jewish symbols. The parade was attended by half to two and a half thousand people, according to various estimates.

After the parade, and a celebratory concert at the square, in front of a Jewish school there were  stations for children organized by various Jewish organizations of the city, in order children, and sometimes their parents, could compete in strength and agility, to learn more about Jewish traditions, or simply have  a fun.


According the evaluation of site of Dnepropetrovsk Jewish community the station of Dnepropetrovsk ORT Center "were the most intellectually challenging": they included the race of robots, computer games competitions and construction of the Lego sets.

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Syuzanna Khachatryan, Director of ORT Technology Centre at 'Levi Yitzchak Schneerson' Ohr Avner School 144 of Dnepropetrovsk

Performance of Zaporizhje Secondary School ORT-Aleph "was one of the best on Lag B'Omer celebration



May 22, 2011,  Jews of Zaporozhye celebrates Lag B'Omer, organized by the Chief Rabbi of the city N.Erentroi.

Many guests came on this fest. Among the young participants there  were students of ORT Aleph school and Chabad school and of Jewish kindergarten.

The celebration began with a solemn procession going through the streets of the right bank of the city, accompanied with the sound of drumming.
For participating in the celebration program third grade students of ORT Aleph school  prepared a festive scene on the theme "Love your neighbor as yourself". The concert took place smoothly with colorful costumes, music and other attributes. It appeared to be the best performances at this festival. The audience warmly greeted the young artists.

After finishing of the concert there were competitions organized for children : "skipjack", "skillful hands," Lag-ba-Rodeo "," Lag-ba-lo-lo", "Jolly Fisherman","School of ballroom dancing","clever boys and girls". After that there were a big fire and dance of children and adults around him.

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Maria Volchenko, PR manager, ORT Ukraine

School ORT de Gunzburg will tell the St Petersburg children about the Promised Land



May 19 at "ORT de Gunzburg" school the premiere of "Velimir in the Promised Land" took place. This performance became the result of the realization of the grant within the open competition of projects Grassroots-2011" run under organizational support of CAF Russia. Puppet show designed for children of kindergarten and primary school age. Fairy-tale hero Velimir introduces young viewers to the history, geography and customs of Israel, helping two small heroes - Gena and David to keep their friendship and overcome the evil Dibbuk. In September, another 7 free performances of this puppet show will take place at schools, kindergartens and orphanages of St. Petersburg.

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Elena Makarova, PR-Manager, "ORT-SPb"

Trip to Jewish roots as a way to yourself



April 28 to May 4, 2011, within the frames of the project  "Masa Shorashim (" Back to the Roots"), realized under support of the Jewish Agency for Israel and the Ministry of Education of the State of Israel, students of the schools  of ORT network in the FSU have visited several cities in Ukraine: Kiev - Rovno - Berditchev - Lviv - Brody - Chernivtsi - Buchach - Medzhybozh. Students were able to see firsthand what they had been told by the teacher on the lessons of history, culture and traditions of the Jewish people, a special course on Holocaust, and to return to their roots.

Within six days, continuously moving from place to place, accompanied by experienced guides, they were acquainted with the history of cities and towns, visited the former synagogues, the old Jewish cemeteries, researched matsevs (tombstones), met with the Rabbis, learned about the modern life of the Jewish communities that have still existed.

The trip was not a fun walk, because even at home, the information of the locations of future visits of expedition had been collected - all were about to see firsthand and after return to share their impressions and experiences.

And the buses during the transfers such movies as "Babi Yar" and others were shown and discussed, prepared in advance dramatizations of the lives of Jews were presented, poems sounded.

In Czernovtsy, on the Day of Holocaust and Heroism of European Jewry, memorial evening prepared by the teachers was held. The children were shocked. Pinching violin sounded, candles lit, soft female voice singing a sad song. The students themselves could not cope with tears and strong emotional experiences, they had to be comforted. And then, sounding anthem of Israel, which gives hope that the days of the Holocaust will never happen again in our history.
The next morning two minute siren sounded - growing children stood, heads bowed, and tried to keep screw-on eyes with tears.

A trip to Ukraine in 2011 has left an indelible mark in the childrens memory and hearts. This is something that they will carry on in his entire life. And these experiences they will pass on to their children and grandchildren.


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Article is based on the feedbacks from students and teachers participated in the trip "Masa Shorahim" 2011 

Deputy Principal of "ORT de Gunzburg" School was included into the "Golden Fund of Professionals"


Deputy Principal of the school 550 "ORT de Gunzburg" Gregory Vodopyan  was included into the Encyclopedia "Golden Fund of Professionals of secondary and additional  education of St. Petersburg ". This project of Publishing House "Cultural Capital" is supported by the St. Petersburg Government and the Legislative Assembly. The main purpose of the Encyclopedia is to involve the best teachers of the schools to participate in the project. The project aims for identifying and public recognition of 1000 best professionals in the field of secondary education with a nomination for awarding with the honorary title of "Professional of St. Petersburg ".

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Elena Makarova, PR-Manager, "ORT-SPb"


Students of Vilnius Shalom Aleichemo School (ORT), travel through the Israel cities, not leaving their school premises



May 10, on the Independence Day of Israel, at the Vilnius Shalom Aleichemo School, the project "Trip to the cities of Israel" was presented. Students have been gathering information about various cities in Israel and made presentations.

Even in the January such cities as Haifa, Tel Aviv, Be'er Sheva, Ashdod, Eilat, Jerusalem were spread between senior classes.  On the all lessons of general and Jewish cycle students and teachers learned about their city. The aim was to broaden horizons and knowledge about Israel, to integrate knowledge about the state of Israel into the process of studying the general cycle, to promote students interest to study history, geography and traditions of the State of Israel.

May 10, at the Independence Day of Israel, the grand opening of the week "Trip to the cities of Israel" took place.
In the hall design work in which students showed the material collected in the city were put: what's new about the city they have learned on the Physics, Chemistry, Math and other lessons, how the city is connected with Lithuania and what sights are worth to be seeing for tourists. On the week of Israel, each class presents itself as a travel agency, the aims of which is to promote the city well, so that the tourists  should want to visit it first of all.
7th grade students opened this week, for this year they celebrate the Bar-Bat Mitzvah, and so they have the honor to represent Jerusalem. Every day, our newly-made travel agencies touted tourists to their town, they were dressed as sailors and singing (8th grade  represented Ashdod), they flew on an airplane (11th  grade -Tel Aviv), they spoke 4 languages ​​- Russian, Hebrew, English and Lithuanian  and told the city's ancient history (Beer-Sheva 6th grade), and finally, 10th grade was playing the lottery. May, 17, there was the closing ceremony of the project. In a warm atmosphere 10th grade students played mock lottery for the right to visit Eilat.
Coincidentally, at the close of the project our school was visited by guests from the Embassy of the State of Israel who were touched by the warm atmosphere of Israel in the hall very much.
Honorable third place was delivered to the 7th  grade in second place -  to 11th grade and winner of the project were the 9th grade students , for the most complete and accurate report on the work had been done.
7th grade was given a huge shakotis, winners, who won the 1st and the 2nd place got free movie tickets. Supervising teachers and those ones, who have worked hard to complete the project, were also handed with sweet prizes.

Veronica Dvorkin, Envoy, Vilnius Shalom Aleichemo  Jewish School

Visit of Peoplehood delegation to ORT school in Odessa



May 5, 2011, US-Israeli delegation Peoplehood visited the ORT Odessa School.
Guests attended the lessons of Hebrew and Traditions, taught according the Tal-Am program, and also visited the Physics lesson.
Special attention was paid to the open lesson of Technology, took place in the computer labs of ORT Technology Centre.
5th grade students showed a model of simple mechanisms of Lego, which they constructed during the academic year, and 3-graders submitted drawings, prepared by them for Independence Day of Israel.
The guests also saw presentation of ORT in Odessa with interest.
After the concert, prepared by students, there was a time for informal conversation. Guests asked students about their plans for the future, their activities at school and about anti-Semitism in Odessa.
As the Director of ORT Technology Centre in Odessa Anna Michurina pointed out: "When the next morning I met Max Kleiman and Amir Shaam, it was evident that the visit to the Odessa school impressed them. Cooperation with schools "Tikva" opens up great possibilities for the future. And next academic year we will discuss the details of the pilot project "Tikva".

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Maria Volchenko, PR Manager, ORT Ukraine

Samara ORT school dances "Seven forty" on the main square



May, 1, Dance Ensemble "Shemesh" of Sunday school "Gesher" took part in the Spring and Labor Day, which was held in Samara Kuibyshev Square.

The best musical groups of the province greeted veterans of labor at the central square. In addition, 10 thematic areas, arranged by different departments of city government and community organizations were there.

Sunday School "Gesher" students - Lera Akulina, Masha Antipina, Lera Matveeva, Clara Leybgrad, Sasha Ivanova  and Julia Kornyuhova attended the ground, demonstrating the national musical art for the peoples of the city. City Jewish National-Cultural Autonomy Tarbut la Am entrusted dance ensemble "Shemesh" to represent the Jews of Samara at the celebration. The girls performed a dance with the mood of "Seven Forty" and was deservedly rewarded with applause of the audience.

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Inna Banova, Deputy Principal, Samara School # 42 ORT "Gesher"

Teachers of schools of ORT network were awarded for their professionalism, inspiration, creativity and devotion to their work



In the period from March 28 to March 31, 2011, Moscow hosted the final round of the Fifth international competition of professional skill of teachers of ethnic and cultural subjects of Jewish education component of Jewish schools on topic "Great Women in the Jewish-Israeli Culture."

Teachers of Hebrew and Jewish literature, History and Traditions of the Jewish people, Art and Music competed with each other.

This year's competition brought together teachers from Jewish schools from Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Moldova, Kazakhstan, Israel, USA and Germany. Each participant presented a computer presentation of experience of training and educating children, not just in their classrooms and after school, but also gave a brief of their school system of ethno-cultural education.

Qualified jury consisting of scientists, educators, experts in the field of Jewish Studies from Israel and the winners of past years evaluated all the activities of teachers. Jury highlighted the four participants, selecting from them the Absolute winner and three winners. The Absolute winner was Reuben Kuravsky - the head teacher of Jewish subjects, a teacher of traditional Jewish School Mesivta (Moscow). Laureates: Asher Altshul - Traditions of Jewish people teacher of "Elite" High school (New-York, USA), Svetlana Deitch - music teacher of Secondary School "Or Avner" (Nizhny Novgorod) and Asya Maskel Etno culture cycle teacher  of "Or Avner" School (Samara).

Teachers of schools of ORT network were awarded diplomas of winners in the following categories:

  • Inessa V. Gruzman, Minsk, Belarus, school # 132 named after H.-N. Bialik, teacher of Hebrew literature - for devotion to pedagogical work;
  • Anna V.Pinzar, Chisinau, Moldova, Technology  ORT Lyceum named after BZ Herzl, teacher of tradition and literature - for creative approach to training;
  • Marina O. Mager, Kazan, Russia, school # 12 (ORT Mishpahteynu "), a teacher of Hebrew - for the creative application of new educational technology;
  • Akivaeva Julia Yagutilovna, Moscow, Russia, Center for Education #1311 "Techiya, teacher of Hebrew for pedagogical inspiration;
  • Julia E. Lartseva, Samara, Russia, school # 42 with in-depth study of several subjects,  a teacher of tradition and culture of the Jewish people - for teaching professionalism.

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Kazan ORT School students - national treasure of Russia


Students of Kazan school #12 (ORT Mishpahteinu") tenth grade Alexandra Safina and ninth grade Kamil Galeev were awarded with the first degree diplomas of the 5th annual All-Russian Conference "National Treasure of Russia", held from March, 23-25, and March,30 - April 1, 2011.

The conference is organized within the Federal scientific and educational program of creative and technological development of children and youth "National Treasure of Russia". The founder of the program is the National System of scientific, creative and innovative activities of young people 2010-2011.

Students of the Kazan school # 12 (ORT Mishpahteynu ") presented the following works:

  • "Catalysts for effective cleaning of gas emissions from nitrogen oxides, carbon monoxide and hydrocarbons" by Alexandra Safina;
  • "The role of individual autogipnosuggestive methods in process of self-improvement (psychotherapy research)"  by Kamil Galeev.

According to the testimony of teachers Alexandra and Kamil are interested in sciences, especially Chemistry, for a long time and planning to continue their education at the Chemistry Department of Kazan State University.

Students and School express their special thanks to the supervisor of both works, a Chemistry teacher, Valentina Grigoryeva.

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Semen Vainer, ORT Technology Centre Director, School # 12 ORT "Mishpahteinu", Kazan


Microsoft and ORT announced the signing of Memorandum of Understanding


5 April a delegation of Microsoft Corporation, headed by Don Grentham, President of Microsoft in Central and Eastern Europe, visited secondary school #550 "ORT de Gunzburg.

Among the guests of the school were also Nikolay Pryanishnikov, the CEO Microsoft Russia and Alexei Trubinov, Educational Sales Team Lead of Microsoft Russia.

The purpose of the visit was to get acquainted with the results of implementation in the school system of individualized academic instruction.

Visit of the delegation of Microsoft to School # 550, ORT de Gunzburg, became one of the first steps in realizing the Memorandum of Understanding signed Microsoft Rus LLC and ANO "ORT" in March of this year.


AIPAC delegation visited St Petersburg "ORT-Career" Centre


April, 6, AIPAC - American Israel Public Affairs Committee -  visited "ORT-Career" Centre.

Director of the Center Marina Sorokina told the delegation about the history of ORT, and then offered to talk with the students the center and attend classes in classrooms ORT.

Marina Sorokina presented to visitors souvenirs - multimedia albums, "St. Petersburg Jewish Community. Three centuries of history " as well as booklets on ORT in St Petersburg in Russia.

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Elena Makarova, PR-Manager, "ORT-SPb"

ORT Strasbourg Lycee and Moscow ORT Technology College (# 14): ORT educational institutions develop a program of student exchange



Since March, 27, to April, 3, 2011 visit of delegation of French students-designer to Moscow took place.

As part of professional exchange program between educational institutions of ORT, a group of twelve students and two teachers of ORT Strasbourg Lycée visited Moscow. Students began their acquaintance with the Moscow ORT Technology College (# 14), operating under the auspices of World ORT since 1996, with its Design Faculty, located in campus on Dokukina street. Accompanied by the Deputy Director Olga Ivanova, they inspected the workshops of design and construction of clothing, laboratory of materials and talked with students and teachers, saw fashion show of new collections created by students. The teachers of the French group, in turn, showed presentation of Lycée and its educational process.


The next day the group had a meeting at the main building of the College where the Advertising Faculty is located, opened in cooperation with ORT in 1998

This day video conference with the ORT Strasbourg Lycée was arranged, which was also attended by the Deputy Directors of College Elena Simago and Tatyana Artyukhin, Olga Ivanova and ORT Russia Director on Development Mikhail Libkin. At the conference, teachers and students of the Advertising Faculty could simultaneously communicate with the guests from France and their colleagues and classmates to discuss prospects for further cooperation and ask questions about the similarities and differences in training programs and methods.

After a short presentation  made by the Colleges and ORT representatives, visitors could learn more about the workshops and laboratories of the Department of Advertising and appreciate the opportunities that are created for learning the fundamentals of computer graphics, photography and video production, animation, modern publishing, etc.

During his visit to the main building there was a meeting with the Colleges Director Yuriy Mironenko. He talked with members of the delegation and expressed hope for further fruitful cooperation, suggesting the prospects for Internet-competition on fashion design which could be the first stage of the competition between students-designers of Lycée and College.

Program of the trip also included a visit to the tissue museum of Moscow State Textile Academy named after Kosygin, Fashion House of Slava Zaitsev and show of famous Russian designers (Valentin Yudashkin, Slava Zaitsev, Sergey Sysoev, Alina Assi) at Volvo-Fashion Week in Moscow and Russian Fashion Week (Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Russia). At the opening of Moscow Fashion Week, students and teachers had the opportunity to speak with designer Alina Assi, who told about her career and depicted some stages of the creation of her fashion house. Delegation also visited Red Square, Christ the Savior Cathedral, Manezh Square, had an excursion to the "Kolomenskoye"  Museum and Memorial Synagogue on Poklonnaya Gora, Museum of Russian national costume at the Izmailovo Kremlin.

In conclusion, the delegation met with the ORT Russia Director Sergey Gorinskiy, who also discussed the possibility of developing joint programs in the field of distance education.

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Irina Silaeva, Program Manager, ANO "ORT"

"ORT-SPb" Centre took part in the City Forum of Jewish Education "BAMA"



April 3 Director of "ORT-SPb" Centre Marina Sorokin took part in the City Forum of Jewish Education "BAMA". Participants of the forum in 2011 were the teachers of Jewish kindergartens, schools and Universities, representatives of Jewish organizations of formal and informal education.
Marina Sorokina told delegates about the last project of the ORT-SPb Centre - Russian version of the web-site "Music and the Holocaust." This site is intended for a wide range of users interested in this complex historical period. It is of particular importance for school teachers - creators of the site have developed detailed plans for several school lessons, dealing with different musicians associated with the period of the Holocaust for the convenience of the teachers.

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Elena Makarova, PR-Manager, "ORT-SPb"

Certificates to graduates of ORT language courses were delivered



April, 1, the last lesson for group "English with computer support" was held on.  Almost two years ago, these people came to ORT to learn entirely unknown English. Thanking teacher for the excellent training, Dmitry, a student, said: "It was interesting and met all my expectations. I can freely navigate in English grammar, I communicate with English-speaking people during the holidays and business trips, I read a special professional literature ... I do not want to stop these useful and fun lessons! I really like the warm, relaxed atmosphere that prevails in the classroom. Many thanks to the teacher Nina Mogileva for patience with which she treated us". Active classes were useful - the Director of the ORT-SPb Centre Marina Sorokina presented a certificate confirming proficiency Upper-Intermediate level. 

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Elena Makarova, PR-Manager, "ORT-SPb"

International Olympiad in Robotics



March 30, 2011, results of the third international competition in robotics among school network of ORT, which was held in Dnepropetrovsk in the period from 27 to 30 March 2011 on the basis of school 144 and Dnepropetrovsk center ORT, were summed up.

This year's Olympiad was attended by 14 teams from Bishkek, Dnipropetrovsk, Zaporizhye, Kazan, Kiev, Kishinev, Odessa, Samara and St. Petersburg.

At the inauguration participants and guests of the Olympiad were welcomed by the Principal of Ohr Avner Chabad-Lubavitch Levi Yitzchak Schneerson school 144 Michael Gugel, Head of Information and Analysis of Department of Education and Science of Dnipropetrovsk City Council Nicholay Kuzichev, President and School Rabbi Meir Ostrovsky and Head of the Information Department and a Member of Board of the Community Oleg Rostovtsev.

From ORT side ORT Russia Director Sergey Gorinskiy greeted the guests and participants.

On the first day of competition a separate creative competition, for that children should prepare in advance under the guidance of their teachers, traditionally held. This year's theme of the contest was to create a robot being an assistant for disabled people.

And the first winner of the International Olympiad on Robotics, was a 6th year student of  school # 12 in Kazan (ORT "Mishpahteynu) Kapitalina Starikova, who proposed a robot that can cook and serve food for a dog if the owner does not able to do so due to limited abilities of health.

Kapitolina Starikovas Robot impressed the jury and was unanimously voted as the best.

In the following days have usual competitions to Olympic Games passed: Tug of War"," Walking Robots "," Tanks-banks "," Labyrinth, "Triathlon", "Soccer", "Robot-builder."

The winners in the junior league are:
1st  place - Vladislav Dmitriev, Roman Privalenko (Odessa ORT School #94)
2nd  place - Kapitalina Starikov, Babushkina Diana (secondary school #12 in Kazan, ORT Mihspahteinu)
3rd  place - Simon Weinberg, Daniel Kochorbe-Kazazaev (Technology Lyceum named after Gerzel, Kihsinev)

The winners in the senior league are:
1st  place - Leonid Shatunov,  Sergey Vlasov (secondary school #550 ORT de Gunzburg, St. Petersburg)
2nd  place - Gregory Shubin, Alexey Margolin (secondary school # 550 ORT de Gunzburg, St. Petersburg)
3rd  place - Vladislav Kozachkov, Dmitry Podolny (Odessa ORT School # 94)

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Anna Michurina, Senior expert of R&D Department,  ORT CIS

Senior school students from Chernivtsi explore issues of tolerance


During February March 2011 students and teachers of Chernovtsy ORT Jewish school #41 participated in the project Crimea Bukovyna Transit. Tolerance through the youth local research. The project was developed by the Center of the Regional Development Top-Kaya to promote tolerance at the school environment.

Research groups, created from senior pupils and teachers, were aimed at different investigations and deep immersion into the ethnic features of the communities. The subject of the investigations was rather broad: from research national holidays traditions, children interrelations within the educational establishment up to the history and symbols of family tree research and other interesting subjects.

9th and 11th grade students together with History teacher Irina Chernetskaya investigated what Jewish communities and organizations are in their city, what influence they have on the history and modern life, and what is the attitude of Chernivtsi citizens to the ethnic minorities of the city. Children visited cultural identity communities and museums, attended annual culture F. Goethe Festival, investigated the main newspapers, got to know about born in Chernivtsi outstanding singer I.Shmidt and writer Roza Auslander, interviewed the representatives of the national communities and conducted a poll among the citys citizens. (80% of people think well of the national minorities, 3% - think bad;  20%  - interested about their neighbors ethnic origin, for other 75% -  it is all the same, the main thing is, the people should be good).

Students concluded their investigation by the quotation of the famous German publicist G. Geuzen: Chernovtsy was the city, where cabmen disputed about Karl Kraus, where footpaths were swept by bunches of roses and where were more bookshops then cafes. Here, in one society easily felt themselves a Ukrainian, a German, a Romanian and a Jew. Here one could speak Ukrainian, German, Polish and was understood

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Maria Volchenko, PR Manager, ORT Ukraine

From Samara to "Sambation"


10th  grade students of Samara school # 42 (ORT "Gesher")  Paulina Mogilevskaya and Michael Naida were trained in the 11th Spring School on academic Jewish studies "Sambation" which was organized from 22 to 27 of March in Moscow region.

Schedule of classes was very long: from 10-00 to 23-00 hours with breaks for lunch - dinner and coffee breaks. Senior school students were offered a fascinating lectures and mini-courses on Israel studies, ethnography, literature and history, which were prepared by specialists and educators from Universities in the CIS and Israel, Simon Parizhskiy, Vitaly Epshtein, Ilya Dvorkin, Vyacheslav Likhachev, Mikhail Vogman etc.

In addition to lectures, children participated in a brain-rings, intellectual games, creative workshops and panel discussion club.

It was also important for future graduates to see presentations of Universities, Departments and Programs on Jewish civilization in Moscow, St. Petersburg and other cities.

Paulina and Michael have returned to Samara being full of impressions:
"Great camp, very much, has gathered a lot of cool guys, complex but interesting sessions. We hope that we will go to "Sambation" more than once".

Their teacher Sophia Naida concludes: "Programs such as" Spring School of Jewish Studies" promote the growth of national consciousness and the development of national identity and contribute to their commitment to Jewish culture and traditions.

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Inna Banova, Deputy Principal, Samara School # 42 ORT "Gesher"

Presentation of a new World ORT project


Marina Sorokina presented the books of ORT history


On March, 25, at the European University a presentation of the new archival guidebook "Documents on the history and culture of Jews in the archives of St. Petersburg" was held. Presentation was organized by the inter-faculty center "Petersburg Judaica", State Humanitarian University (Moscow), Jewish Theological Seminary (New York).

Attending at the presentation, Director of "ORT-SPb" presented to science and compiler editor Alexander Ivanov, a copy of all the new two-volume World ORT gude The history of ORT. A Jewish movement for social change and ORT. Educating for Life , in the preparing of which Mr. Ivanov participated directly.

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Elena Makarova, PR-Manager, "ORT-SPb"

Robotics: it is very simple



March 18, 2011, students and teachers of Odessa ORT school # 94 took part at the International exhibition-presentation of educational and training programs," Education and Development ", organized by the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine, Odessa City Council and the City Department of Education and Science.

At the building of Odessa Morvokzal (Marine Passenger Terminal), a leading exhibition center in the region, the best secondary and higher educational institutions of the city, as well as members of foreign educational programs demonstrated their achievements.

And in such a representative environment students of the Odessa ORT School showed clearly how well they learned the innovative course "Fundamentals of Robotics. Working models of robots provoked great interest among visitors of all ages.

"It was very interesting to see the visitors' reaction when they saw our robots. The adults were amazed and asked me" Is it difficult? ". I explained that we teach it in class at school and everything is very simple, if you want to learn. My peers were jealous that we have such interesting subjects are taught. They asked whether it is possible for them to come to learn robotics, "- 7th grade student Vlad Dmitriev describes his experiences.

Odessa ORT School teachers acquainted visitors with the methods and the development of ORT in the introduction of the "Technology" course in secondary school, shared their experience of school teams participation at the Ukrainian and international competitions in Robotics.

As noted by the Director of ORT Resource Center of Odessa School Anna Michurina: "Participation in such exhibitions is very important for our school. We can not only show the methodology of teaching innovative courses developed by the ORT school teachers, that we often do during the training workshops, but to show our results to parents of potential students and professionals from other fields of education. We chose to present only one section of the "Technology course - Robotics, because this direction is developing intensively in our school. The students involved in the various competitions have many deserved victories, and it draws childrens and parents attention to the course".


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Irina Silaeva, Program Manager, ANO "ORT"

Record-holder at the St Petersburg ORT-Career VTC



March 23, next group on the course "Vector Graphics. Program CorelDRAW Implementation" held its first class.It was nice to see familiar faces among the 12 new students of our center.

Elizaveta Makarova is one of the most ardent supporters of the Centre. Since opening Training Center Elizaveta not only participated at almost all educational projects, courses and seminars but involved numerous acquaintances and even parents: Tatyana Makarova learns English from the very beginning and Vladimir Makarov systematically improves his skills in design programs which is necessary for his work.

Manager of ORT Vocational Training Centre Anna Hodorovskaya congratulated Elizaveta with her new record and gave her souvenirs - baseball cap and t-short with the ORT logo.

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Elena Makarova, PR-Manager, "ORT-SPb"

UJA-Federation of New York visit to ORT-SPb



ORT-SPb Director Marina Sorokina and manager of educational projects Anna Hodorovskaya told the guests about ORT educational and multimedia projects. In particular, the visitors were interested to know about the implementation of grant projects within the frames of Jewish community - virtual tour of the Jewish Petersburg, created through an open tender projects "Grassroots-2010" and a children's game "Velimir in the promised land," which was created within the open tender projects "Grassroots-2011" by initiative group acting under the auspices of ORT.

Also, guests were offered to participate in the Skype-conferences in English - one of the options of a new ORT project of, an English club "Jewish Saint Petersburg".

In memory of the visiting guests were given with computer  albums "The Jews of St. Petersburg. Three centuries of history" and "The Hope and the Illusion. A Search for a Russian Jewish homeland. A remarkable period of the history of ORT.

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Elena Makarova, PR-Manager, "ORT-SPb"

Bar Mitzvah Ceremony for students of Minsk ORT-Bialik School


March 13th, 2011 at the Synagogue of the Progressive Jewish Community Bar and Bat Mizva ceremony for the students of Minsk ORT-Bialik School #132 took place.

However the official opening of the Synagogue is planned to be this summer, varous events are already held there since November 2010.

For the first time Bar-Mizva ceremony was held at the Synagogue premises. Previous years it was held in some other places (not religious).

Students were congratulated by form-masters, teachers and parents.

The ceremony also was attended by:

  • First secretary of the Embassy of Israel Genadiy Polishchuk,
  • ICC Director Olga Polishchuk,
  • JAFI Head Ilona Hilkovskaya,  
  • Deputy Head of the Byelorussian Jewish Public Communities Council Vladimir Chernitskiy,
  • Deputy Principal (senior classes) Elena Pugach,
  • Israeli teacher Anat Lifshitz,
  • ORT Representative in Byelosussia Franz Korsiuk.

The ceremony was guided by Progressive Jewish Community Rabbi Grigoriy Abramovich, under whose guidance all actions, required by the tradition, were performed.

Greetings, wishes and congratulations were delivered by G. Polishchuk, I. Hilkovskaya, E. Pugach, A. Lifshitz, V. Chernitskiy.

After the official part of the ceremony, children were dancing, singing, guitar and piano playing.

In conclusion, all guests and participants had sweets, cooked by the parents of heroes of the day.

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Frants Korzjuk, ORT Belarus

Russian folk tale in Hebrew



"Is it boring to learn Hebrew? We do not believe "- 5th grade students at school number 550, the ORT de Gunzburg cried after classic director of national Russian theater and staged "Carrot in the garden" in Hebrew.

5th grade student Sonya Hasueva  initiated and directed modern interpretation of the famous Russian fairy tale "The Turnip". Having decided that pulling out carrot of the ground is much more fun and brighter than a turnip, she involved classmates, teachers and even parents to performance.

Teacher-envoy and Hebrew teacher of school # 550 "ORT de Gunzburg" Natalie Sidorevski helped in translation of the text and in the performance. Mother of one of the students, being a professional makeup artist of famous BDT Tovstonogov theater,  should be thanked for professional make-up of young artists.

All students of initial school who lean Hebrew came to assess the creativity of young actors and polyglots - three views of "The Carrot in the Garden" have been consistently successful.

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Elena Makarova, PR Manager of "ORT-SPb" Center

Learn and Play


On March, 10th on site LIFE CITY ( training game Blossom (Flowers) Became accessible in Russian.

In the game, Chico, the owner of Blossom Flowers farm, has to leave unexpectedly. He leaves you, (his cousin), in charge of running the farm while he is away.

Now you need to take care of plowing, seeding, and harvesting. But you are also confronted with decisions about budgets, investing in new technology, creating marketing flyers, as well as a whole series of unexpected situations. Basic technological solutions help you solve these well-known business challenges. Dont let your customers wait!

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Moscow School of ORT - there is always the will to win



March, 2, the team of  Moscow ORT Technology School, Gymnasia # 1540, under the guidance of teacher Juliya Korovina including 9th  grade students Valerie Bockman, Alexander Moiseev and Daria Pankova, participated at the international competition on Robotics 12th ROBONER Contest, in Raanan (Israel ), at the invitation of the Department of Science and Technology of Ministry of Education of Israel. competition is the regional stage of the International Fire-Fighting Home Robot Contest In Trinity College.

The purpose of the competition was to create a robot that can detect and extinguish source of fire, candle, in a model apartment independently. This robot should operate in the real world successfully, not only in the ideal laboratory conditions.

ORT Technology School, Gymnasia # 1540, team, was awarded the prize "For the will to win".

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Training of Trainers on HP LIFE program in Tula




HP-LIFE/GET-IT TOT (Training of trainers) has finished in Tula, Russia.  Nine representatives of ORT-KesherNet Training Centers for women have become certified GET-IT Trainers. Now thousands of women in Russia and Belarus have possibility to study how to use new technologies in small business.

It is interesting that TOT organized by two NGOs ORT and Kesher was held at the same time when representatives of these organizations participated at the 55th Meeting of the Commission on the Status of Women at United Nations Headquarters in New York. (

The program carried out by ORT within the frames of program HP LIFE in particular aimed for overcoming digital divide. Now, after the seminar, there are more women (as, however, representatives of other layers of socially unprotected population in Russia and Belarus) will have an opportunity to get acquainted with examples of use of information technology in small business.

In Tula on the basis of the Training center ORT-KesherNet the future teachers of program HP LIFE was trained. The seminar was organized in a computer class which has been presented in 2009 by HP Company to our colleagues from Tula within the frames of HP GET-IT program.

Training was conducted by trainers Violetta Berestova (teacher, ORT-KesherNet Centre, Tula) and Sergey Gorinskiy (ORT Russia Director), certificated as Masters.

Participants of the seminar were not passive listeners only, but prepared fragments of classes independently and show the skills they had got.

9 representatives of the training centers of ORT-KesherNet from Russia and Belarus in some days become the certificated trainers of the program, intended to help people who want to open their own business. The technique and instructional materials of the program of training are developed by MEA-I by HP application.

The main goal of the given training course is to promote listeners attention of to interrelation of actual problems of business and technological decisions.

In the course of the analysis of the received information listeners can estimate close connection of application of certain technology for their business and to calculate their costs and benefits.

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Sergey Gorinskiy, ANO "ORT" Director

Tambov ICT Centre "ORT-KesherNet" is the most successful in Microsoft project realization


The teacher of the Tambov center of information technology "ORT-KesherNet" Dina Bruske has participated in II Annual Conference "Your Course: Development of Information Society", taken place on February, 10-11th, 2011, in Moscow. Your Course is the initiative aimed on increasing of computer literacy of population, realized in Russia by Microsoft in cooperation with PH International. Tambov center "ORT-KesherNet" has joined the project in 2010.



In the first day participants of the Conference have considered comprehensively a role of information and communication technologies in modern society development, in sphere of employment; also reviewed software products of Microsoft had been presented to them. In conclusion of the first day of the Conference results of the first year of realization of the project Your course were summed up. Project realization in the Tambov center "ORT-KesherNet" has been recognized as the most successful in NGO category. Also the center received prizes for the second place in photo competition "Term Paper" (reflection of the high points and results of the process of training) and for "the sharpest" questions addressed to project management during the 2010.

The second day of conference was devoted to discussion of experience of the centers of the project and sections work. D.Bruske took part in Professional development and support section (instructional work of the centers) where she presented the report Motivation of training and remote training of adults.

Conferences results included development of directions of realization of the project in 2011 on World Café technology by all participants of conference and their certification.

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Dina Bruske, Director of ORT-KesherNet ICT Centre in Tambov

City seminar on National Cultures and Tradition at the Kazan ORT School



On February, 22nd at the Kazan school 12 "ORT-Mishpahteinu" of schools principals and their deputies on national education: Traditions and Customs of National Cultures as the Resources of the International Consent has passed.

School "ORT-Mishpahteinu" for some years is an experimental platform of the Municipal Department of Education on approbation of various techniques of studying of native language and culture. 26 visitors and 8 employees of school have taken part in seminar. Except reports, fragments of lessons of initial school, showing various kinds of individual and group work of children aimed on study native language, traditions, culture also have been presented to participants attention.

Seminar work has come to the end with a round table. All acting pointed out the actuality of this theme for such multinational city as Kazan, and stated a number of new ideas on improving of techniques of teaching of similar disciplines at schools. Also they underlined unusually friendly atmosphere of school reigning both among children and pedagogic staff as well.

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Semen Vainer, ORT Technology Centre Director, School # 12 ORT "Mihspahteinu", Kazan

One thousand smart classes, one thousand times better!


World ORT's goal to raise the standard of Israeli education has received a major boost with the Government's commitment to help it expand its pioneering roll-out of 'smart classrooms' into a NIS 100 million ($27.5 million) project to bring 1,000 of the interactive classes to schools in peripheral communities.

A further NIS 21.5 million ($5.9 million) has been set aside for World ORT's programme to create six Centres of Excellence three in the Galilee and three in the Negev to provide enrichment activities for high-achieving students and help for other students to improve their results and broaden their skills.


World ORT Media and Public Relations

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Graduating class at the ORT-SPb School of Career



On February, 13, final lesson for the next group of charitable and education projects for young people "School of Career" took place. Young people - final year students of Universities of St. Petersburg received professional advice on building their career and got more knowledge and skills needed for each job seeker.

Pre-crisis time, when employers had taken on the work of young professionals with no experience of professional activity, sunk into oblivion. Today the companies changed their attitudes to the prospect of hiring professionals without previous experience. The employer sees potential employee as high professional with a broad range of skills, including practical work on the computer.

In this situation, the young professionals who are just beginning their professional development are in most difficult circumstances.


Project "School of Career", implemented by experts of the ORT-SPb Centre, is aimed to help young people, who are just starting their careers, to be prepared for the passing phase of employment. Within a few months of classes, project participants visited psychological training and got advices from friendly career counselor about rules of resume writing, job search and interview process, develop a plan for personal and career development. In addition, project participants have developed or got acquired with new skills of working with computer programs.

Almost every employee expects proficiency in office software and knowledge of graphic editors. After finishing School of Career courses young people not only have right to write in their CV the phrase "Advanced PC user, but also demonstrate to employers Hewlett-Packard Corporation and ORT certificates, confirming their passing of training.

Used within the School of Career GET-IT program, developed with the support of Hewlett-Packard Corporation, introduced students to the ICT-solutions for the applying of daily business tasks, which they will face working in such areas as finance, management , marketing and technology management.

On February 13, next group of students have already begun training of  "School of Career". The next set will be held after March 20.

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Elena Makarova, PR Manager of "ORT-SPb" Center

Moscow-Jerusalem Videoconference



February, 17, 2011, in one of schools of World ORT net, at the Moscow Center of Education #1311 "Tehiya", the video-conference Moscow-Jerusalem devoted to the problems of modern education and organized jointly by World ORT and the Ministry of Affairs of Diaspora of Israel has taken place.

The video-conference was opened by the Vice-speaker of the Knesseth, the chairman of the Education, Culture and Sport Committee Mr. Alex Miller. After words of greeting addressed to students and teachers of Moscow school, Mr. Miller has depicted his short biography, having underlined a key role of education in personalitys growth in the modern world.

Mrs. Dorit Golender, Ambassador of the State of Israel in Russian Federation in her answering speech thanked Mr. Miller for his attention to Jewish education in Diaspora and has wished a success to videoconference. 

Principal of the Moscow Center of Education #1311 Mr. Grigory Lipman pointed out the importance of contacts with Israeli schools for successful work of the Center of Education and has underlined that he would be glad, if delegations of students from Israel attended his school more often and participate in development of joint educational projects.

Students of the Center have set some questions to Mr. Miller about his life in Israel, about distinctive features of education in Israel and about overcoming of those problems which the young people who have made Alija face.

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Irina Silaeva, Program Manager, ANO "ORT"


Visit to Museum of Jewish History and Holocaust



On February, 6, 2011, students of 9-10 grades of the Gymnasia #1540 (Moscow ORT Technology School) visited the Museum of Jewish History and Holocaust in the Memorial Synagogue on  Poklonnaya Gora.

Here the meeting with the veteran of the Great Patriotic War, having taking part in camp Oswiecim releasing, has taken place.

Children have heard memoirs of this wonderful person who has told terrible stories, but such important for each of us. He has given us his witness with belief that the Shoas terror has never repeated any more.

The supervisor of studies of the Museum I.A.Altman has expressed gratitude to pedagogical staff of Gymnasia for education of students in the spirit of humanism, respect for history, for the heroic and tragic past of the Jewish people.

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Julia Katsva, English language teacher, Gymnasia # 1540 (Moscow ORT Technology School)

Microsoft and ORT de Gunzburg: transformation of education


On January, 25th at St Petersburg school # 550 ORT de Gunzburg the round table School Transformation: foreign experience of creation new organizations of educational work at school devoted to questions of informatizaton of school formal education was taken place.

Microsoft and school # 550 ORT de Gunzburg which in 2010 has been recognized as innovative school and became a participant of the international program of Microsoft, were organizers of this. 

The round table has gathered high qualified persons: principals and employees of schools of St.-Petersburg, representatives of the Department of Education, independent experts. As one of participants of discussion, the chief specialist of the Department of Education Konstantin Shapiro has told: Microsoft and school # 550 are two names in education which speak for themselves.

The leader of a round table, the Senior Research Assistant of Federal institute of Development of Education Alexander Uvarov has told about foreign experience of implementing of the modern technologies in the advanced schools of the world, and also about similar developments and their application in actual educational process of the Russian schools. According to Alexander Uvarov In the 21st century the teacher ceases to be a unique source of true for the student, it becomes the partner in the course of training.

The Deputy Principal of school # 550 ORT de Gunzburg Grigory Vodopjan has shared the accumulated experience on creation of experimental model of individual training on the basis of school. Speech performed by the 10th grade student of school # 550 ORT Gunzburg within the frames of the round table had especial popularity. Children participants of experiment - have told about their relation to situation, stressed the positive and negative sides of innovative educational process which they had time to understand and have answered questions of participants of a round table. According to Michael: When we work in our own rhythm, we don't have problems with studying. We study that is necessary for us and when it is convenient to us. We represent the future, we prepare for it and nobody forces us to do it.

In the final part of discussion so-called "reflection" have been arranged - experts have expressed their opinion on the educational initiative of school # 550 ORT of Gunzburg and made brain storm, stated some advices about improvement of model of individual training.



 The video clip prepared by corporation Microsoft following the results of a round table

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Elena Makarova, PR Manager of "ORT-SPb" Center

ORT language course: English with Skype


On January, 31st, 2011, at the Training Center of ORT-SPb the first Skype-dialogue between listeners of a language course and employees of ORT in New York has passed.

The basic feature of a language course of ORT is an orientation of training on colloquial practice development: on each lesson, in groups, with the teacher, in language laboratory. But dialogue with native speakers has especial value. Modern technologies come to the aid of ORT videoconference service of Skype programs allowed establishing a contact with three employees of New York office of World ORT in a few minutes.

For short half an hour our students and colleagues from America had time to discuss work and home life, hobby and training conditions in ORT. Our American colleagues were especially interested by the reasons on which listeners have chosen ORT language course.



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Elena Makarova, PR Manager, ORT-SPb

Meeting in memory of Holocaust victims in Zaporozhye


On January, 22nd in Zaporozhye meeting devoted to International Holocaust Remembrance Day has taken place near a memorial monument of the to victims of Shoa. Students of the 8th grade of Grammar School ORT the Aleph taking part in the meeting read verses: Allies Bombed Cities, "Buchenwald", Men Agonized Children. 

Veterans of the II World War had been invited to ceremony told school students their memories about that terrible time.

The Regional Administration Officials has addressed to youth with words about inadmissibility of oblivion of the past.

Photos are made by the student of 9th grades Andrey Nastaskin and students of 7th grade Albina Gezalova.


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Maria Volchenko, PR Manager, ORT Ukraine

Robotics Webinar at ORT schools


January 25, 2011 a webinar "Robotics in ORT schools was conducted by ORT CIS jointly with HP Russia. 16 participants and 6 lectors participated in it.

The General Director of HP Russia Alexander Mikoyan greeted the participants. He told about the current projects, companys developments and webinar schedule at HP Virtual Rooms platform.

Sergey Gorinskiy, ORT Russia Regional Director told about Technology and Enterprise principles study program (STEP) at ORT Schools.

Anna Michurina, Senior expert at ORT CIS R&D department, told about Robotics project realization at schools, about methodology and instructional materials developed by ORT teachers and also about the experience of conducting training seminars on Robotics for school teachers and Olympiads for students.

Moscow Gymnasia  #1540 teacher Yulia Korovina spoke about forms of trainings and possibility of including them into educational process using as example the way how it is Moscow Gymansia  done.

Igor Kot from ORT Odessa school  gave detailed information on Robotics competition tasks and rules. Odessa Robotics teams participant, Vladislav Kosachkov demonstrated acting robots models.

Projects realized by students from Dnepropetrovsk School #144 at Robotics lessons were shown by Natalia Goshkador, a Dnepropetrovsk teacher.

Haim Dribin, a teacher from Israeli Misgav High School told about Robotics course teaching system in Israeli schools and also about annual Robotraffic International Robotics Competition & Fire Fighting Competition where his students participate.

The participants assessed content and level of the webinar during the questionnaire with the score 9.4 from 10.





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Anna Michurina, Senior expert of R&D Department,  ORT CIS

Winners of the 33rd Tournament named after M.V.Lomonosov


  . ..


In December 2010, final results of the 33rd tournament named after MV Lomonosov were published the - the annual multi-disciplinary competition of Math, Mathematical games, Physics, Astronomy and Geosciences, Chemistry, Biology, History, Linguistics and Literature.

This academic year the Tournament named after MV Lomonosov was held on September 26, 2010.

We are pleased to announce that 24 students of our Gymansia #1540 won honorary awards. 7th grade student Alexander Dychko won three subjects: Mathematical games, Physics, Astronomy and Geosciences.

Our congratulations to the winners!

List of winners 

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Pavel Yakushkin, Deputy Principal, Moscow Gymnaisa #1540 

Kiev ORT Technology Lyceum Celebrates Its 10th Anniversary


Kiev ORT Technology Lyceum students


On December, 23rd, 2010 Kiev ORT Technology Lyceum carried out ceremony devoted to its 10th Anniversary.

Field day began by a lesson of history of ORT Technology Lyceum. Thanks to the parents support all students received memorable gifts and souvenirs: calendars, notepads, T-shirts, badges and pens. 

Among the guests the Head of Department of Education of Dneprovskiy districtl in Kiev City Administration Ivanna Kovalenko, the Second Secretary of Embassy of the State of Israel in Ukraine and Moldova, Director of the Israeli Cultural Center Yulia Dor, Head of Representative World ORT Representative Office for CIS, Central Asia, Caucasian States & Baltic States David Benish, the Director General of Representative Office of the Jewish Agency for Israel in Ukraine Bilan Shahar, Chief Executive of the Kiev City Jewish Community Anatoly Shengajt, the Regional Director of "Gilel" Iosif Akselrud, Academic Program Manager of Microsoft Ukraine Yana Kurchenko, representatives of the American Jewish Distribution Committee and the Principals of Kiev schools were presented.

The Assembly hall was crowded by students, parents and graduates of Lyceum who had come to participate at the celebration. There were more than 150 students and graduates who were involved in the program.

Dancing groups of Kiev came to wish happy birthday to Lyceum: choreographic ensemble "New-ance" and art group "Kalinka".

At the end of evening 11th grade students brought the birthday cake decorated with the sweet laptop and figure "10".

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Sergey Dzuba, Deputy Principal, Kiev ORT Technology Lyceum

ORT is 10 Years in Dniepropetrovsk


6th grade students showd their performance


On December, 21, 2010 solemn ceremony of  celebrating of the 10 anniversary from the date of ORT Technology Centre opening at the 'Levi Yitzchak Schneerson' Ohr Avner School 144 of Dnepropetrovsk has passed.

The holiday took place at the Assembly hall of school and it has begun with the performance of young leaders welcoming visitors in four languages: Ukrainian, Hebrew, English and Russian.

On behalf of city authorities Deputy Head of City Department of Education Lubov Bashkatova greeted ORT Technology Centre and gave official gratitude from City Methodological Control Centre of Science and Education of Dnepropetrovsk to ORT Technology Centre Director Syuzanna Khachatryan. Then Oleg Rostovtsev, the Trustee of the Jewish Community and Elena Zbarzhevski, Head of Jewish Agency for Israel in Dnepropetrovsk spoke.

David Benish, Head of Representative WO Representative Office for CIS, Central Asia, Caucasian States & Baltic States thanked for warm congratulations and underlined that ORT is proud very much to be successful of its work in Dnepropetrovsk, especially considering uniqueness of Dnepropetrovsk Jewish community, and the sky is the limit.

Then awarding ceremony of school students, achieved successes in various competitions and Olympiads and also shown special successes in studying of courses Technologies and Computer science was taken place.  

In honor of the 10th anniversary of work of ORT Centre in Dnepropetrovsk 6th grade students prepared performance ORT is our helper and friend. The culmination of the holiday became the robot created by children which accompanied by the applauses of guests wrote on the big sheet of paper number 10 a symbol of anniversary.

At the end of a celebration a pie made from LEGO with "burning" candles has been presented, and after that a real pie with ten Roman candles has been brought.

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10 Years of ORT in Dnepropetrovsk (publication of Jewish Community Of Dnepropetrovsk)


Syuzanna Khachatryan, Director of ORT Technology Centre at 'Levi Yitzchak Schneerson' Ohr Avner School 144 of Dnepropetrovsk

HP LIFE Grant Winners Are Announced


	Tambov ORT-KesherNet ICT Centre


3 Russian Centers will be awarded by the HP grant for micro entrepreneurs training.

In this financial year a remarkable103 training institutions from the 11 eligible countries responded to the Request for Proposal.

HP Learning Initiative for Entrepreneurs (HP LIFE) is a global program for training students, aspiring entrepreneurs and small business owners to harness the power of IT to establish and grow their business. HP LIFE builds on the successful GET-IT, HELP and MAP education and training programs. Bringing them together under one umbrella program will help us meet our goal of reaching 500,000 students by the end of 2010.

	Vocational Training Centre ORT Career, Yekaterinburg

The following criteria were used in evaluating HP LIFE proposals:

  • Profile and need of groups targeted by the applying organization
  • Number of people potentially impacted
  • Details of how technology and curriculum will benefit trainers and students
  • Effectiveness of existing reporting processes
  • Willingness to participate in networking opportunities
  • List of additional stakeholders and supporters involved with the organization
  • Potential for HP LIFE to augment existing programs
  • Evidence of positive social impact (e.g., success stories, data, details) by programs, active in previous HP entrepreneurship initiatives such as GET-IT, HELP or MAP
  • Innovative plans to sustain and grow existing programs

Worldwide 40 successful Training Centers will be awarded grants, among them there were 3 Russian ones.   

  • St. Petersburg Foundation for SME Development
  • Tambov ORT-KesherNet ICT Centre
  • Vocational Training Centre ORT Career, Yekaterinburg

In 2010, HP LIFE center grant winners in Russia will be awarded a grant package of cash, a professional train-the-trainer course, and access to the HP LIFE network.

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Irina Silaeva, Program Manager, ANO "ORT"

Housewarming in the Shimon Dubnov Riga Jewish High School


On December 6th Shimon Dubnov Riga Jewish High School held a housewarming in a new building in downtown. The ceremony was attended by President Valdis Zatlers, Riga Mayor Neil Ushakov, Deputy Mayor Andris Ameriks, representatives of the Israeli Embassy.  Robert Singer (Director General & CEO, World ORT) and Vladimir Dribinsky (Chief Program Officer, World ORT) arrived in Riga specifically to participate in the opening of the ORT center at school.
Chief of IT of ORT Russia Michael Libkin and System Administrator of ORT Russia Ilya Spivak, assisted in the preparation work of the ORT Centre.
Dubnov Riga Jewish School was founded in 1989. It was the first Jewish school to appear in the post-Soviet space.
Opening the new premises has coincided with Hanukkah, which is celebrated by Jews around the world.
The Israeli President Shimon Peres sent his special greetings to the school in connection with its move.
 More photos - on the site of the President of Latvia
More details at

Margarita Kortsenshteyn, PA to ORT Russia Director

Breaking the Digital Divide


Despite the extremely low temperature (both indoors and out-of-doors) on the 1st of December 2010 the seminar for the teachers of Boarding School #30 for pupils with impaired hearing was held in the ORT Technology College. The colleagues from Tula Vocational Training Boarding School No. 2 for deaf students and students with impaired hearing failed to reach Moscow due to heavy snowfall.

The seminar was held within the frameworks of the joint project of ORT Russia, World ORT and British ORT Breaking the Digital Divide which is realized thanks to generous support of St. Jamess Place Foundation, UK. The project goal is to help deaf students and students with impaired hearing in Russia to gain skills in ICT which will help them to integrate more fully into society, and give them the ability to obtain gainful employment, and thus become independent.

The teachers of the School #30 got acquainted with the college which is a standard of technological equipment availability and the modern level of vocational training. ORT Russia Director Sergey Gorinskiy told the seminar participants about the project. The leading trainers of the college Igor Pavlov, Valentin Kotz and Natalia Ilicheva told the participants about the experience of the college in the sphere of work with educational institutions for children with impaired hearing and about ICT curricula.

During the excursion around the college certified teacher Tamara Levykina told the guests about the work of HP-ORT GET-IT Center.

The next seminar will be held at School #30 in a computer lab, which has been equipped within the frameworks of the project.




Entrepreneurship Week at Moscow ORT Technology School


This week the group of five students of Moscow ORT Technology School, which is a member of HP Innovation in Education program, began its training within the framework of the Basics of Entrepreneurship course. This course takes place at HP-ORT GET-IT Centre in MIRBIS Institute. The course will be conducted by Dr Pereverzeva. From November to March the students will get acquainted with the foundations of entrepreneurship activity. Besides, they will develop their own business projects and defend them against MIRBIS teachers during the Day of Projects at school.

Meetings with interesting people representatives of leading IT companies are held at school, including the meeting with Managing Director HP Russia Alexander Mikoyan. On 17th of November Antivirus Security Day will take place at school. Chief officers of Kaspersky Lab will present to both teachers and students during this day.  




Moscow ORT School students visited "The Day of Microsoft Technologies for students" at Moscow State University


On the 1st of November ORT School students participated in "The Day of Microsoft Technologies for students".

5 students who demonstarted especially high achievements in learning Technology and plan to build their career in the IT sphere visited interactive lectures of Microsoft leading specialists at Moscow State University.

The lecture of Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer was one of the most interesting events of the Day.

Meetings with TOP managers of leading IT companies have already become a tradition for the students of ORT schools. The opportunity to talk to the best professionals who have great practical expirience is a very important part of educating excellent specialists who will form the country's elite. ORT is very grateful to its partners for the unique opportunity that has been given to the students. Together we are defining the future. To a large extent it depends on us what this future will be like.

Below is the feedback on the event written by 10th grade ORT School student Mariya Vasilkova:

"It is quite difficult to describe this event briefly. To tell about all the things I saw and heard will take as much time as the whole Day of Microsoft Technologies for students.

First hand RoboNurse project that was ranked second in ImagineCup contest was presented to us. It is an interesting thing, but, to tell the truth if I were a child I would be slightly scared by it.

Numerous Microsoft technologies that we had known nothing about before were presented. I cant give more details because Im overwhelmed with information and emotions I have received. After this Steve Ballmer held a long waited presentation called Imagine the present. He told a bunch of wonderful things. The artistic ability of the lecturer and the lecture itself were just amazing.

I advise to all to find and see his lecture on the Internet.

The next lecture Calculations in Science and Techniques just consumed me given that I feel passion for Math and everything connected with it. But, again, I have no words in my lexicon to describe this, only incoherent barbarian yells.

After a short break we returned for the presentation of numerous fantastic developments. Once again I felt I was turning into a barbarian overwhelmed by the will to own all these innovations and to evolve into Homo Technologicus. After that Microsoft partner-students told about the technologies that are used in studies. A lot of  technologies that I have come to think now are irreplaceable  were presented to us. They are worth seeing with ones own eyes.

Career in the IT Sphere was one of the most burning topics for the students. This was really important information that I advise to find out to everyone who cares about his own future. Frankly speaking I understood very little about Microsoft technologies in scientific research and about Microsoft laboratory in MSU, since it is very difficult for a young and active person to sit in one place for 4 hours. and this was the only drawback of the amazing event". 


Steve Ballmer, Microsoft CEO

In Moscow State University auditorium: Valeria Bokman 9th grade, Marina Moiseeva - Moscow ORT School principal, Alexandr Moiseev 9th grade, Mariya Vasilkova 10th grade, Darya Sheina 9th grade, Alexey Shtern 11th grade

Alexey Shtern 11th grade, Marina Moiseeva - Moscow ORT School principal, Valeria Bokman 9th grade, Darya Sheina 9th grade



We congratulate Kiev ORT Technological Lyceum students and teachers on their successful presentation at the conference!


Kiev ORT Technological Lyceums team was marked at the UNESCO Associated Schools Conference in Ukraine.

The conference Earth Is Our Common Home: On the Way to Preserving Biodiversity and the Rapprochement of Cultures. UNESCO Experience, International Practice, Ukrainian Reality was held from 25th to 27th September 2010 in Recreation Center Laspi near Sevastopol, Crimea. The choice of the conference subject was due to the fact that the year 2010 has been declared as International Year for the Rapprochement of Cultures and International Year of Biodiversity.

At the conference students presented the experience of their educational institutions in the field of developing education, cultural diversity and bioethics. As a result of the conference declaration projects on preserving biodiversity and the rapprochement of cultures Earth is Our Common Home was taken as well as a plan of joint actions of UNESCO associated schools for realizing the declaration.

According to students opinion monitoring ORT Lyceum students presentation was acknowledged as the best during the round table Keeping, Encouraging and Supporting Cultural Diversity as the Main Requirement for Providing Sustainable Development for Present and Future Generations.

We sincerely congratulate Kiev ORT Lyceum students and teachers and wish them continued success!



Open Day in St Petersburg ORT Center


On 14 of October the Training Center hosted traditional "Open Day". 56 people visited seminars and workshops during the Day. In 2010, the "Open Day" was held at the ORT Training Center for the second time. Guests were invited to the master classes on processing digital photos in Adobe Photoshop, psychological training for successful job interview and a workshop "Creating a website with ones own hands."

Teacher of computer graphics, a professional artist and graphic Alexandra Kovaleva showed to the participants of two workshops the possibilities of Adobe Photoshop for processing digital photos. Participants of the workshops learnt to restore old photos. In addition, Alexandra demonstrated more subtle operations with modern photos: changing contrast and sharpness of images, creating collages and changing pictures "mood" using various filters. Master-class participants - mostly novices - were surprised by the variety of Adobe Photoshops features.

Julia Shapiros training, "Successful Job Interview" was popular not only with young people but also with experienced candidates. During the talk with the consultant the participants discussed the process of preparing for the interview: business image, posture and gestures, vocabulary and tone the conversation, "inappropriate" questions of employers and "right" answers to the questions of interviewers.

The seminar "Creating site with ones own hands", conducted by the teacher of the Center, a certified Hewlett Packard trainer Anatoly Shperh, aroused great excitement. Using Get IT technology helped identify the needs of site-creators: as it turned out, the visitors need sites to promote their own business, to support the hobby and just for personal development. Following Anatoly Shperhs simple guidelines, each of the participants was able to create his own site on the basis of free and universally available WordPress engine. The participants of the seminar practiced all phases of site-creating: registered name, thought out structure and design of the site posted the test code and photos.

Guests left the most favorable comments on the results of the Open Day, for them it was  useful and informative.


Elena Makarova, PR Manager, ORT SPb Center








Jewish women of Dnepropetrovsk improve their IT skills


The new program for the women of the Dnepropetrovsk Jewish Community started last week on the basis of the ORT Dnepropetrovsk center. The women have the opportunity to improve their skills in IT knowledge. Many of them can use the computer well and know a few details of MS Office programs. But they need more professional knowledge. Also there are the women who couldnt use the computers. The courses were made for any level of knowledge. Women can work in their own speed. They are very satisfied with their IT professional improvement.


These courses have been organized by the Dnepropetrovsk Jewish Communitys request. They also have been held with the assistance of Natalia Rier, coordinator of the support program for the Jewish businesswomen and Ella Sidorenko, coordinator of the project Kesher in Dnepropetrovsk.


The part of the attendees is the support program for the Jewish businesswomen participators. The program is realized with the Boston Jewish Communitys support and within the framework of the multipurpose project Kegila-project and with the support of PrivatBank.


The courses have very serious and pragmatic task to help Jewish women to introduce up-to-date Information technologies in business.



Margarita Kortsenshteyn, PA to Director, ORT Russia

HP Russia Director visited ORT-Gunzburg School in Saint-Petersburg


On 12th October 2010 HP Director visited ORT- Gunzburg School in Saint-Petersburg. The visit was agreed on during the videoconference with Saint-Petersburg within the framework of HP Program Innovation in Education presentation that was held in Moscow ORT School. Just as Moscow ORT School, ORT- Gunzburg School in Saint-Petersburg became a prizewinner of HP contest Innovation in Education. It won a grant for the realization of the project Using computer modeling for teaching the basics of nanotechnologies.

Alexander Mikoyan learned with great interest about one of the schools, in which HP invests, and its activities. ORT-Gunzburg School is already forming school of the future vision. HP Director ascertained that HP computers and technologies are demanded on the school education market and help to put into practice the most daring projects. He promised to return to School in order to deliver a lecture to the students.

In ORT School digital laboratory operates, which is used in the course of Physics, Chemistry and Biology, and enables carrying out the newly elaborated complex of laboratory operations called Ten Degrees of Molecular Literacy.



Honorary Award Bestowed upon ORT Russia President Prof. Alexander Asmolov


Russian President Medvedev conferred Order of Friendship on ORT Russia President Prof. Alexander Asmolov for high achievements and exceptionally fruitful activities in the sphere of developments of Russian education. (;1297035)

The Order of Friendship is bestowed upon Russian citizens for their significant contribution into the strengthening of friendship and cooperation of nations and nationalities, high achievements in the development of economic and scientific potential of Russia, for exceptionally fruitful activities in mutual enrichment of cultures of nations and nationalities and in bringing them together, for strengthening the peace and friendly relations between states.

We express our sincere congratulations to Prof. Asmolov and wish him good health and a lot of success in all his activities!




Presentation of HP program "Innovation in Education" at Moscow ORT Technology School


On Tuesday 5th of October 2010 HP program "Innovation in Education" was presented at Moscow ORT Technology School. Among the participants of the presentation were HP in Russia Director Alexander Mikoyan, Head of Psychology of Personality Department of Moscow State University, ORT Russia President Prof. Alexander Asmolov, Rector of Moscow Institute of Open Education, ORT Russia Vice-president Prof. Aleksey Semenov, ORT Russia Director Dr. Sergey Gorinskiy, principal and teachers of the School, representatives of HP and educational institutions.

During the presentation HP Center "Innovation in Education" was inaugurated.

Teachers, working at ORT School that won HP grant in 2009, presented project implementation results and expressed their views on the program's potential.

The principal Dr. Marina Moiseeva and deputy principal Dr. Pavel Yakushkin reported that the School managed to implement the concept of traditional and distant learning integration using modern equipment and software.  Besides, robotics course has been developed.

A. Asmolov, A. Semenov and S. Gorinskiy spoke about ORT School and the positive changes in education process that became possible due to HP's generous support. They noted the importance of using the School's experience and the need to introduce innovations in terms of Moscow education system as a whole.

The students of the School demonstrated the guests their works made within the framework of robotics classes. The presentation participants had a chance to see how notebooks and interactive board are used in physics lesson.

HP in Russia Director Alexander Mikoyan gave an open lesson to the students. They listened with interest to his speech about IT labor market, education and career. 


Margarita Kortsenshteyn, PA to Director, ORT Russia

Master class Entrepreneurship and Technologies for High School Students in HP LIFE Program


On September 30th 2010 within the framework of XVIIth Conference Relarn-2010 for Representatives of Regional Scientific and Educational Networks Galina Brusnitsina gave a master class Entrepreneurship and Technologies for High School Students in HP LIFE Program. The master-class gathered 24 participants from Moscow, Saint-Petersburg, Togliatti, Pskov, Vladimir, Samara, Korolev, Stavropol, Syktyvkar and other. Galina Brusnitsina presented structure and contents of GET-IT program and made an announcement of HP LIFE program. The main emphasis during the master-class was made on the teaching methods of the course. The participants were divided into groups, they studied the section Virtual Collaboration. The audience discussed business issues and created virtual offices for their businesses with great interest. In the conclusion of the master-class the participants spoke highly of the relevance of the master-class and its elaborated program. Some participants expressed their will to receive training as course instructors in order to provide the opportunity for their educational institutions to become a platform for HP LIFE program.



Margarita Kortsenshteyn, PA to director, ORT Russia

Visit of Minister of Education of Israel to Gymnasia #1540


On Tuesday 28th of September 2010 the Minister of Education of Israel Mr. Gideon Saar visited Moscow Gymnasia #1540 which is a member of ORT schools network. The delegation also included the new ambassador of Israel to Russia Mrs. Dorit Golander. The guests were welcomed by General Director of World ORT Robert Singer, Head of Representative of World ORT for CIS and Baltic States David Benish, Adviser to World ORT General Director Avi Ganon.

During the meeting in the school conference hall the Minister listened to presentations held by ORT top managers about ORT activities in CIS and Baltic states. School principal Marina Moiseeva told about the challenges the school meets and the success it managed to achieve. The director of ORT in Russia Sergey Gorinskiy reported on collaboration with leading Hi-Tech companies Microsoft and HP.

The Minister and the delegation members visited Hebrew class and the lesson of robotics. School ensemble performed several Israeli songs. In the conclusion of the visit the guests were invited in the Sukka.


Kortsenshteyn Margarita, PA to Director, ORT Russia





New school year in ORT school network


Marina Moiseeva, Principal of Gymnasia #1540, Stanislav Shevchenko, Head of Education Department of Kaspersky Antivirus laboratory, Pavel Yakushkin, Director of ORT Center at Gymnasia #1540 as well as school graduates at the beginning of a new academic year                                                                                                                         




Beginning of new academic year at Moscow Education Center #1311: welcoming guests in the new educational building. Among the guests were Minister of Moscow Government M. Vyshegorodzev, prefect of Jugo-Zapadnyi Moscow district A. Chelyshev, deputy Director General of "Mospromstroy" O. Lyang, Ambassador of Israel to Russia Anna Azari




Sergey Gorinskiy, Director of ORT Russia, giving Olga Troupp, Principal of School #12 (Kazan), a memory plaque "World ORT School Network". As a present for a new school year students got new school bus which was bought by ORT and parents





David Benish, Head of Representative of World ORT for CIS and Baltic States at the beginning of a new school year in Technology Lyceum, Kishinev (Moldova)


New school year at School #550 (St. Petersburg) was held in a close family-like atmosphere, for Rosh A Shana students got ORT calender for next year


New school year at School #274 (St. Petersburg): school Principal Janna Kuzmina gives a boy symbolic key of the school doors



School #42 in Samara celebrated the holiday in a restored building with new frontal wall, new computer labs: students seemed very satisfied




Among the guests at the beginning of a new school year in Dnepropetrovsk Jewish School "Or Avner" were Rabbi of Dnepropetrovsk Shmuel Kaminezki, Head of Jewish Community Grigoriy Korol, Second Secretary of Ambassy of Israel to Ukraine, Director of Center of Israeli Culture in Dnepropetrovsk Elena Karol and Head of Representative of Jewish Agency in the region Elena Zbarzhevski




At Gymnasia "ORT-Alef" (Zaporozhe) students got from their parents new equipped sport place for lessons of physical culture





 Tatiana Rempel, PA to Director, ORT Russia


"ORT-Carrier" Center at "Innoprom-2010", Yekaterinburg


INNOPROM-2010 is an international forum aimed at demonstrating technology innovations in Russian industries, and is similar to world famous industry exhibitions. Innoprom 2010 was organised by the Government of Russia. The exhibition presented a wide range of completely new technology solutions - from the production of modern cars and boats to the most sophisticated technologies, and the latest developments in medicine, diagnostics, construction, energy-efficient technologies etc. 


 ORT-Carrier Center participated in organizing Infrastructure Hub which was demonstrating activities of the Department of Small and Medium Business in Sverdlovsk region, as well as innovations in this sphere. Apart from providing computer technologies for the Hub, the Centers Director Ms. Brusnytsyna participated in workshop on new HP LIFE program. Workshop was opened by the head of HP's regional office in Yekaterinburg Eugeniy Eralyev. He welcomed the participants of the workshop, and noted the relevance of LIFE program at the present stage of economic development. Galina Brusnitsyna, director of "ORT-Career" Center in Yekaterinburg and at the same time Master Trainer of GET-IT program, described activities of the Center and presented HP LIFE, a new HP program emerged from two previous programs GET-IT and MAP. 

 Workshop was followed by entertaining activities and discussions on how technological solutions can be found for business problems. 14 workshop participants were invited to take a close look at MS Outlook program to solve information management tasks in business. Upon completion of the workshop, participants expressed satisfaction with participation in the workshop and noted relevance and convenience of the program.

During discussions on results of the workshop with Maxim Godovoy, director of the Department of Small and Medium Business, it was planned to have a meeting on future HP LIFE program perspectives in the Sverdlovsk region and partnerships with HP.

On the last day of the exhibition, which was dedicated to children, Innoprom-2010 welcomed almost 15,000 people. Children could see at "Innoprom-2010" real robots battle. Two intelligent Russian and German machines were fighting against each other. Each child could share his ideas with professional physicists; and show self-made mechanisms. At the same time adults had discussions and meetings on the theme "Childhood as a strategic and innovative potential of Russia". On this day Centre "ORT-Career" participated in organizing a game "Yekaterinburg - the starting point." The game was organized together with the Technological school "Legokomp" and Resource Center for development of art education. Children were building City of their dreams from Lego bricks, creating colored engravings of Yekaterinburg and were watching intelligent robots, made from Robolab construction sets.

Participation in this forum was a good end of the school year for the Centre "ORT-Career".



 Galina Brusnitsyna, director of "ORT-Carrier" Center in Yekaterinburg

HP GET-IT/MAP Master Training of Trainers in Kiev


On June, 21-25, 2010 . HP GET-IT/MAP Master Training of Trainers (MTOT) took place at ORT Technology Lyceum, Kiev.

Kiev MTOT welcomed ten GET-IT/MAP trainers from Russia (St. Petersburg, Yekaterinburg, Tambov, and Tula), Ukraine (Kiev, Lvov, Slavutich) and Serbia (Belgrade).

Master Training was conducted by Ana Barfield, Training Programs Specialist, Micro-Enterprise Acceleration Institute (MEA-I, Geneva). The high level of preparedness and professionalism of the participants which they demonstrated during presentations and sample topics on different modules and themes of GET-IT/MAP curricula has been highlighted.

When the main part of Master Training was over, Ana Barfield presented new HP LIFE program, a new educational on-line platform (LIFE Online Method), and a new course management system (SMART TOOL) which provoked interest of all participants and strengthened assurance in further cooperation with HP on social innovation programs.


Ana Barfield (MEA-I) and participants of Master Training of Trainers, Kiev


Tatiana Rempel, PA to ORT Russia Director

HP Learning Initiative for Entrepreneurs


HP Learning Initiative for Entrepreneurs (HP LIFE) is a global training program that builds IT and business skills among recent graduates, aspiring entrepreneurs and small business owners, helping them transform their lives and the lives of others in their communities. HP LIFE builds on our successful GET-IT, HELP, and MAP education and training programs. HP partners with more than 200 organizations worldwide to deliver training customized to address local conditions and challenges. The goal of the HP LIFE program is to reach more than 500,000 recent graduates and young entrepreneurs by the end of 2010. Read more...

Results of Multimedia Competition devoted to ORT 130th anniversary


This year students of the following ORT schools and lyceums in CIS and Baltic states participated in the competition: Moscow Gymnasium 1540 (Moscow ORT Technology School), Moscow Center of Education 1311 (ORT Techiya), Shalom Aleichem secondary school in Vilnius, ORT school 144 in Dnepropetrovsk, ORT Herzl Technology lyceum in Kishinev, ORT school 94 in Odessa, secondary school 274 ORT Yerushalaim (St. Petersburg).

The winners of the competition are:

Nomination Video:

1st prize Robert Adzhiashvili, Dmitry Mirzoev, Lev Arpishkin (students, involved into school TV activity), Moscow Center of Education 1311, tutor Rozenblat, A. Subject: Video-installation My School is the ORT school.

2nd prize Artem Shagan and Alexandra Zatejnaia, Odessa ORT School 94, tutor Lapinskaya, V. Subject: Happy Birthday, ORT

3rd prize Dmitry Savchenko, Odessa ORT School 94, tutor Lapinskaya, V. Subject: My school is the ORT school.

3rd prize Polina Avaliani, Alexandra Vaskan, Daniil Repin, Maria Fedotova, Moscow Gymnasium 1540 (Moscow ORT Technology School), tutor Pryahina, L. Subject: Video about "The Day of the Projects - 2010".

Nomination Photo, slideshow, collage:

1st prize Victoriya Khomyakova, Odessa ORT school 94, tutor Lapinskaya, V., Subject Children Drawing Exhibition "My ORT" 

2nd prize Sofia Doncheva, ORT Herzl Technology lyceum in Kishinev, tutor: Gromova, E.

3rd prize Stanislav Sinyagovsky, Odessa ORT school 94, tutor: Lapinskaya, V.

3rd prize Natasha Danchenko, Philippe Korzhavin, Darya Khmeleva, Sasha Agafonov, Anna Valickaya, Moscow Gymnasium 1540 (Moscow ORT Technology School), tutor: Pryahina, L.

Nomination Animation:

1st prize - Ilya Asafov, Richard Glyazman, Sasha Ionova, Ilya Matetov, Ilya Rogozhin, Dasha Rogozhina, Misha Rotenberg (2-5 grades students, involved into multi-studio activity), Moscow Center of Education 1311, tutor: Elshanskaya, I. Subject: Animated plasticine greeting film devoted to 130th anniversary of ORT.

2nd prize Alina Chibisova, ORT-School 144 of Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine, tutor: Goshkador, N. Subject: "Personalized Chronicle"

3rd prize Mariya Teplickaya, Odessa ORT School 94, tutor: Kot, O.


All the works-participants are presented at the ORT website

The winners and their tutors will be awarded diplomas and gifts. The best works will be presented at the ORT 130th anniversary celebration in St. Petersburg.


Ester Surikova, Head of PR Department, ORT Russia

ORT in Russia: Facilitating Technology in Education


Dan Brown praised ORT Russia activity on his E-Jewish Philanthropy blog, the most important and prestigious informational resource in Jewish philanthropy.

I recently wrote, Ive come to understand why ORT operates as a bridge to the world of high-tech for Russia. I see why both of these organizations [referring to Limmud FSU and World ORT], in their own way, are important for Russia, important for our Jewish world and important for Israel. After reading the post, a communal professional, for whom I have great regard, asked why I thought ORT was important for Russia. The answer is pretty simple: through their network of eighteen schools in the FSU they have become a technology facilitator.

Lets begin with the following; in Russia today, at all levels, students study what they need to, not what they want to. The emphasis is on teaching skills to help students succeed in life. This is why the over-emphasis on the sciences, technology and even English. And the measure of this success is the high aspirational level among the students to become professionals.

In the ORT affiliated schools, there is heavy use of computers in all teaching; from English and Hebrew language instruction, to computer assisted design (CAD). Whether in the science lab, or the music lab, from 1st grade on, technology is intertwined with education. In every school I visited, classrooms were equipped with the latest interactive whiteboards. So while the country itself remains pretty conservative, teaching methods are moving quickly from the traditional to the modern.

But the bridge is most clearly shown with the relationships that ORT schools have built with global technology powerhouses. ORTs De Gunzburg School (St. Petersburg) is the only school in Russia to be chosen as a Microsoft Pathfinder School a 10-year, $500 million commitment by Microsoft to help thirty schools and their teachers more effectively use technology to advance teaching and learning.

ORT high schools in Moscow, St Petersburg and Samara have also been awarded significant technology grants from Hewlett-Packard, allowing the respective schools to purchase the latest hardware and be in a position for students to enjoy a computer accessibility ratio of 1 to 2.5 compared to 1 to 15 for the country.

The cutting-edge technology has also provided a silver lining as it relates to Jewish education; Dr. Marina Moiseeva, principal of Moscows ORT Technology School, told me that due to the money, and partnerships, made available through ORT, those who teach Jewish subjects have become more motivated, the school is able to employ a higher caliber of teachers and is able to retain them longer. All this has certainly played a major part in this school being recognized by the government as one of the top in Moscow (and considering the hundreds of high schools serving the citys 10m+ population, this is no small achievement).


In order to read the article on the blog, click here.

First HP computer assembled in Russia was presented to ORT school


On April, 28 a groundbreaking ceremony of launching joint production of HP personal computers, first industrial project in Russia, implemented by foreign companies, took place. St. Petersburg governor Valentina Matvienko, St. Peterburg vice-governor Mihael Oseevsky, Hon Hai Precision Industry Corp. executive vice-president Jim Chang, the Personal System Group in EMEA senior vice-president Eric Kador, Foxconn RUS general director Andrew Korzhakov, HP-Russia general director Alexander Mikoyan were among the guests of the ceremony.

During the ceremony CEOs told about stages of the project and submitted a strategy of development in Russian Federation. HP will become the main Foxconn customer in Russia and will supply consumer and business desktop PC-models of Compaq, HP and HP Pro series to the Russian market. Executive vice-president Jim Chang pointed out that the total project cost is 50 million $, according to the prices of two years ago. Up to now the investment cycle is not completed, so the final investments value will be even higher.

On the photo: St. Petersburg ORT school (274) headmaster receives computer 1, signed by Valentina Matvienko.

According to the tradition first HP-computers are presented to educational institutions. For this once CEOs and Valentina Matvienko solemnly handed over to St. Petersburg high school 274 20 new personal computers, including just off conveyor computer 1. Holding a speech on the ceremony, headmaster Janna Kuzmina told that World ORT school 274 considers this gift as an investment in the future of the country.

ORT Russia Director Dr. Sergey Gorinskiy briefed that ORT an HP relations could be considered as a business and non-profit sector partnership example. It is mutually beneficial partnership of two competent teams. We unite HP knowledge and resources and 130 years of ORT experience in the educational field to reach the common goal to overcome the digital divide.


Ester Surikova, Head of PR Department, ORT Russia

Projects of ORT schools and educational centers are the winners of Open Competition Business of the Youth in MIRBIS Institute


Final of the first Open Competition of entrepreneurial projects Business of the youth organized by the Center of youth entrepreneurship, which has been operating in Moscow International Higher Business School (MIRBIS Institute), took place on April, 22. Students of Young entrepreneur school, Run your own business, Informational technologies in small business (GET-IT), students from partner ORT-Russia universities from Tambov and Kineshma were among the participants. Young entrepreneurs participants of the courses of ORT educational centers in Tambov and Kineshma (HP-ORT GET-IT) - won a landslide victory and took first and second places. Projects created by Sonia Moiseeva, Moscow ORT Technology School (gymnasium 1540) student were awarded first and second degree diplomas and special prize of Martha and Mary Convent of Mercy.


Purpose of the competition: to identify the most active, talented and motivated to innovative activity and entrepreneurship school students and students of the universities and colleges (15-25 years old).

The competition was hold in two age groups (school students and university students) in the following nominations:

1. Entrepreneurial idea of the future

2. Everything is possible right now! (competition of active business-projects)

3. Kindness way (best social project)

20 business projects from various cities, such as Moscow, Kineshma, Almaty, Tambov, took part in the first tour of the competition. Students from Tambov State University (HPORT GET-IT center) came to Moscow with their teacher Marina Blum to present their idea. The contestants presented challenging and professional projects, and 15 teams were invited for participation in the final.

On the results of the poll, business plan of the project Elder Brother (creator Sonia Moiseeva, Moscow ORT Technology School (gymnasium 1540) was awarded a first degree diploma. The project was aimed for creation of the system of teens integration in the labor activity as baby-sitters, tutors or consultants, for formation of social trust to the young people and to raising accountability among adolescents.

Project Healthy wealthy, a business-plan for creation of healthy food restaurants network (creators Sonia Moiseeva, Moscow ORT Technology school, and Nikita Melnichenko, gymnasium 1205) and project Paintball club creating from Kineshma (HP-ORT GET-IT center) (creators Anastasia Molodceva and Alexey Prusov) were awarded second degree diplomas.

Business plan of a project Clean water (developed by Valeria Aksenova, Artem Nenashev, Oxana Miheeva, Svetlana Starostina and Anna Sheremet, the students of Tambov State University (HP-ORT GET-IT center) was awarded third degree diploma.

Xenia Ovchinnikova, Moscow gymnasium 1526 student, presented business-plan of a Balloon dream company (decoration with balloons for holidays) and was awarded special prize for the best school project.

The largest and the most challenging project Bio-fuels industry (creators Bludova, Y., Skvorcova I., Ushakova, K. and Petrova, V., the students of Tambov State University) got audience award.

The project Healthy Wealthy (creators Sonia Moiseeva, Moscow ORT Technology School, and Nikita Melnichenko, gymnasium 1205, Moscow students) got award For the bright idea and good intentions, special prize of Martha and Mary Convent of Mercy, for developing the concept of ecologically clean and healthy food. Students were awarded Honor list of Convent and books of Martha and Mary Convent of Mercy publishing office.

ORT schools and centers participation in the Open Competition of entrepreneurial projects Business of the youth organized by the Center of youth entrepreneurship in MIRBIS Institute was a significant step towards integration of entrepreneurial aspects to technology education field.


Ester Surikova, Head of PR Department, ORT Russia

Team from Odessa is one of the winners of All-Ukraine Olympiad in Robotechnics


After convincing victory in the Olympiad in Robotechnics among ORT schools students, which took place on April, 18-20, 2010 in Dnepropetrovsk, ORT school team from Odessa participated in All-Ukraine Olympiad in Robotechnics and became one of middle league winners. Stanislav Sinyagovsky (13, 8th grade student) and Dmitry Kozachkov (14, 9th grade student) were members of the team coached by Igor Kot.

All-Ukraine Olympiad was organized with the support of Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv, Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine and company Prolego, official Lego Education representative in Ukraine. 62 teams, which competed in 3 age groups, participated in the Olympiad.

Our team and its 19 rivals in the middle league had the task to get the ball and to pass the trass with different obstacles. The competition was organized with accordance to the rules of International Olympiad in Robotechnics 2010.


Ester Surikova, Head of PR Department, ORT Russia

Project of ORT School Students from Samara was awarded Evarist Galua medal, the main award of "First Steps", the All-Russian open competition


The project Cartoon The tower of Babel by 1-4 form students of ORT School in Samara was awarded Evarist Galua medal in the nomination Inner world of a human. This is the main award of First Steps 2009-2010, the All-Russian open competition of research and creative projects of the students.

The project manager is Simona Fleisher, prior school teacher of ORT school in Samara.

Short description of a project.

Studying classic Jewish texts and heroes of the Torah is one of the main points of studying Jewish tradition and history. This material helps the students to get acquainted with basic Jewish values and concepts, literary sources and characters. Studying this subject helps to establish connection between Jewish tradition and history of Jewish people, literature, fine arts, music. Using material and informative technologies develops information competence and communication abilities of young and elder group students.

The importance of a chosen subject is obvious. However the practice demonstrates that the majority of elementary classes students have problems with learning the information about tradition if lectures are the only form of their studying. In such case knowledge of the students is chaotic and unperceived.

The subject of the work is educational process, during which the knowledge of biblical story of the Tower of Babel is being formed and its moral meaning is explained.

The purpose of the work is to systematize the course Culture and traditions of Jewish people according to the subject Texts and heroes of the Torah and to create a cartoon, which helps graphically and obviously combine informative and graphical methods of work with students during the lesson.

Purposes of creative work:

1) To justify the meaning of the subject the Tower of Babel, its role and place in the school course of Jewish tradition.

2) To organize groups to develop skills of work in group.

3) To write the scenario of a cartoon

4) To draw the shots (technique of drawing of white board by markers)

5) To provide technical support of the project by students of the hight school: one-shooting, computer design, sound support

6) To choose musical arrangement of the cartoon

7) To organize the presentation of the cartoon at school and to acquaint the students from other departments od school with traditions of Jewish people.

8) To use the cartoon as didactic material at the lessons of history and tradition of Jewish people and other integrated lessons.


Ester Surikova, Head of PR Department, ORT Russia

The festival-Olympiad in Robotechnics for students and teachers of ORT-schools in CIS-countries.


The second international Olympiad in Robotechnics for students of ORT-schools in CIS-countries was organized on 18-20 of April 2010 with the support of school 144 in Dnepropetrovsk and the ORT-center. For the first time award The Teacher of the Year 2010 took place contemporaneously with the competition between the students.

The main purposes of the festival-Olympiad were the following: improving of technological education level in ORT-centers, disclosure of the teachers and students creativity, increasing of the motivation while studying the course Basics of the Robotechnics.

15 teams from 10 ORT-centers from Russia, Ukraine, Moldova and Kirgizia  took part in the Olympiad, among them gymnasium 1540 (Moscow), ORT-Gunzburg School 550 (St. Petersburg), School 144 (Dnepropetrovsk), ORT-school Pri Etz Chaim (Bishkek), the technology lyceum (Kiev), ORT-school 94 (Odessa), gymnasium ORT Aleph (Zaporojie),  the technology lyceum 9 (Kharkov), Herzl ORT technical lyceum (Kishinev), school 12 (Kazan). The teams were divided for two age groups: young and elder leagues.

At the opening ceremony Sergey Gorinskiy, ORT-Russia director, presented Natalia Goshkador, the teacher of informatics and technology of school 144 in Dnepropetrovsk, with international Beatrice Van Pollack award.

The first creative competition Robot-artist was the most challenging and interesting. The competition was devoted to the celebration of 130 years of ORT this year. The students had to create and present the model of the robot that would be able to write ORT 130 years. The models were very complicated and different. The jury was amazed by the approach of the student. The team from Kishinev: Vladimir Gunevoy, Sergey Boldesku, Anton Schastlivy - won the competition. The robot created by this team wrote ORT 130 years in the most attractive way. Although there were a lot of other wonderful projects for example, Robot-scanner (Dnepropetrovsk, Odessa) and the robot, which was able to write on tennis ball (Odessa). The winners of the creative competition were awarded the prizes and diplomas.

Next day the main competition of the Olympiad among the students started. They were Robot-sumo, passing through a labyrinth, Tanki banki and Triathlon (competition in the trass passing).

The winner of the competition was selected according to the sum of the points in each type of the competition, in each age group. Thus the positions were divided in the following way.

Young league:

1st prize Vladimir Kozachkov, Dmitry Podolny (ORT-School 94, Odessa)

2nd prize Grigory Shubin, Klementy Shmelev (ORT-Gunzburg School 550 (St. Petersburg)

3rd prize Maksim Sennik, Robert Golda (ORT-gymnasium Aleph (Zaporojie)

Elder league:

1st prize Stanislav Sinyagovsky, Dmitry Kozachkov (ORT-school 94 (Odessa)

2nd prize Alexey Margolin, Leonid Shatunov (ORT-Gunzburg School 550 (St. Petersburg)

3rd prize Valeria Bokman, Alexander Moiseev (gymnasium 1540 (Moscow)

The teachers took part in the competition Festival of the art of teaching the Teacher of the year 2010. According to its results the best teacher of the year was selected. In the frameworks of the competition teachers demonstrated their professional experience, told about their participation in projects and Olympiads (in the form of presentation) and organized an open class in Robotechnics. Besides private points of the teacher, while determining the outcome of the competition, the results of school teams, trained by that teacher, were taken into account.

The absolute winner of the award Teacher of the Year was Igor Kot, teacher from Odessa. He got valuable prize net book Asus. The laureates were Olga Tuzova (St. Petersburg) and Marina Gezalova (Zaporoije).

All the participants of the Olympiad got valuable gifts and diplomas.

The participants also got the opportunity to make friends, to demonstrate their knowledge in the field of Robotechnics and to struggle with other  students from ORT schools.


Ester Surikova, Head of PR Department, ORT Russia


US ORT Operations fosters cooperation with ORT Russia


On March, 19 2010 Bramson ORT College (New York), Zarem/Golde Technical Institute (Chicago) and Institute of Economics, Management and Law (Kazan, Russian Federation) took part in video-conference.

Video-conference was run both in English and Russian. Students from Kazan, interested in studying abroad, posed questions on-line to the teachers and ORT representatives from NY and Chicago.

During the conference the main spheres of cooperation between ORT US Institutions and Institute of Economics, Managements and Law were underlined:

Enabling students of Bramson ORT College to study on-line at the Institute of Economics, Management and Law and students of Institute of Economics, Management and Law to study on-line at the ORT US Institutions in NY, Los-Angeles and Chicago

Short-term on-line courses for students and teachers of Institute of Economics, Management and Law and Bramson ORT College

Summer camps for students and teachers of Institute of Economics, Managements and Law in the US, assisted by US ORT Operations

US ORT Operations Director Dr. Ephraim Buhks and ORT Russia Director Dr. Sergey Gorinskiy are negotiating on new ways of cooperation between ORT US and ORT Russia.


Tatiana Rempel, PA to ORT Russia Director


Bar and Bat Mitzvah ceremony for students of ORT School Bialik in Minsk



On March, 7, 2010 students from Minsk school # 132 (ORT Bialik) took part in celebration of Bar and Bat Mitzvah in Jewish Community Centre.  At the ceremony 13 students of 7th grade became Bar and Bat Mitzvah; among the guests were their parents and relatives, friends, classmates, and school teachers. 

The ceremony was prepared and enacted by:

  • Rabbi Grisha Abramovich, World Union for Progressive Judaism
  • Lilia Einbinder, Hebrew teacher from Minsk school # 132 (ORT Bialik)
  • Anat Livshitz, Envoy of Israeli Ministry of Education

Among other guests of honour were:

  • Leonid Levin, Chairman of the Belarus Jewish Community,
  • Joni Leifer, Head of American Jewish Joint Distribution Committees Office in Belarus;
  • Olga Politschuk, Director of Israeli Cultural Center, Minsk;
  • Ilona Khilkovskaya, Director of Jewish Agency in Belarus;
  • Anatoly Grinberg, Director of ORTs Representative Office in Belarus;
  • Alla Garus, Principal of Minsk school # 132 (ORT Bialik).

Technical support for the ceremony as well as photo-, and video-filming was provided by Franz Korzuk and Pavel Semenov, staff members of ORT Technology Centre (named after M. Shagal) at Belarus State University.

Frants Korzjuk, ORT Chagall Technology Centre in BSU Director, Minsk 

World ORT 130 Anniversary: Robert Singer speaks to Leadel


In recognition of World ORTs 130th Anniversary, our Director General & CEO Robert Singer was interviewed by Leadel, a media hub showcasing a variety of contemporary Jewish voices and expressions.

Leadel was founded by the President of the European Jewish Congress, Moshe Kantor. What began as merely a journalistic approach with one-on-one interviews with prominent Jews such as Alan Dershowitz, Bernard Henry Levi and Dennis Ross led to an explosion of ideas, educational video series' and initiatives all launched under Leadel's brand and guidance.



World ORT

ORT Russia schools reach new peak at HP Summit


ORT Samara Technology Centre Director Alexander Fradkov presented the training project implemented at his school.


The integration of information technology in the education provided by the ORT Russia schools which last year won Hewlett-Packards Innovation in Education Grants has impressed participants at an international summit hosted by the multi-billion-dollar company in San Francisco.

Dr Alexander Fradkov, from ORT Gesher in Samara, and Dr Marina Moiseeva and Dr Pavel Yakushkin from the Moscow ORT Technology School, attended the HP Innovations in Education Worldwide Summit together with Tatyana Prokhorenko from the ORT de Gunzburg School in St Petersburg. They were among more than 100 higher education faculty and secondary education teachers from 23 countries at the Summit, which was hosted by the HP Office for Global Social Innovation in collaboration with the International Society for Technology in Education. The ORT schools represented one-third of Russias recipients of the grant, which comprised high-tech equipment, cash and a seat at the Summit.

Through a comprehensive schedule of inspiring keynote speakers, expert panels, interactive workshops, poster sessions and professional networking opportunities, the participants all of whom had received funding to attend as part of their respective institutions Innovation in Education Grants learned about developmental trends in technology and shared how technology was being used to re-imagine the classroom.

The aim, said an HP spokesman, was to accelerate the success of key projects and build a global community of educators who are using technology to provide innovative learning experiences for students.

Attending the summit has helped us to understand our place in the world, said ORT Russia National Director Dr Sergey Gorinskiy. An HP innovation grant places a recipient institution in an educational elite. At the summit it became clear to us that ORT Russias schools were among the best of the best.

Dr Moiseeva, the Principal of the Moscow ORT Technology School, added: Comparing our level of technological integration with the 70 or so schools and universities represented at the summit we were the strongest team. We use IT in the teaching of English, literature, science and mathematics, not only computer science.

The very good level of blended learning which we have achieved by combining face-to-face and distance learning technologies using different types of software was noticed by many other summit participants and they were asking us questions about how we did it. We were also leaders in providing sustainable teacher training systems, from individual consultations to long-term in-service training to upgrade our staffs knowledge parallel to their work in the classroom.

During the Summit, physical participants in California and virtual participants around the world voted on projects being implemented in different countries as described in posters produced by the organisations running them. The posters provided a starting point for more detailed discussion of the projects. ORT Geshers High Way to High Tech: School, University, Career project was placed in the top three out of some 70 entries with more than 700 votes.

It is the latest in a long list of ORT successes in contests staged by HP. Two years ago in Brussels it won $10,000 for the excellence with which it had implemented the Graduate Entrepreneurship Training through Information Technology (GET-IT) concept into its training programmes. Last year, the ORT Mishpateinu High School in Kazan and the HP-ORT Digital Community Centre in Slavutich, Ukraine won contests for the best project report at HP Digital Forums in Suzdal and Moscow. Days later the ORT-KesherNet Centre in Tambov won the HP GET-IT Impact Award at the HP GET-IT Annual Conference in Cairo for the success of its students in setting up their own businesses.

The High Way to High Tech project teaches students to use high technology to enhance maths, science, computer science and engineering courses as well as in everyday life and it increases awareness of, and interest in, high tech degrees and careers among teachers, administrators and students.

I was confident that our project was among the best but it was very satisfying that people around the world shared my opinion, said Dr Fradkov, Director of the ORT Technology Centre at the Samara school, who was presented with a photo printer as a prize.

He shared Dr Moiseevas opinion that the ORT schools were among the best.

It is not just a function of our having a lot of computers and other equipment, Mr Fradkov said. Computers by themselves cannot improve learning. The critical factor is that we have the necessary modern pedagogical techniques to be able to use the equipment we have effectively.

Dr Moiseeva said the Summit provided a useful departure from the routine of work and academic isolation to intensive communication and sharing of ideas, concerns, hopes and challenges.

The integration of new technologies into teaching and learning places considerable responsibility on the shoulders of those who decide upon innovative projects, she said. Participating in the Summit meant joining a community of professionals and getting answers for thousands of questions which challenge us every day. I enjoyed learning more about the future of distance learning and the ways of integrating Web 2.0 technologies to increase communication between teachers and learners.

Dr Fradkov said he also appreciated the opportunity the Summit provided to examine further the use of Virtual Learning Environments (VLEs) which had been explored in Januarys Wingate Seminar at ORT House, London.

I am interested in the use of web-based connections between students, teachers and parents, he said. We have done a lot of work to make these virtual environments a reality. The Wingate Seminar was very helpful but it was nice to be able to discuss it further at the Summit.

World ORTs collaboration with HP began in 2001 with the Digital Village programme in Dikhatole, near Johannesburg. In 2004, HP and ORT again joined forces to open Digital Community Centres in Slavutych, Ukraine and Tula, Russia, and within a year the Micro Enterprise Acceleration Centre was opened in Samara. In 2007, HP initiated GET-IT which seeds entrepreneurial energy and develops business and IT skills in young people and recent graduates. ORT Russia has established 16 GET-IT centres in Russia and Ukraine.

Stefan Bialoguski, Media and Public Relations International Liaison Department, World ORT


HP Innovation in Education Worldwide Summit 

ORT Geshers High Way to High Tech: School, University, Career project

Alex Veksler's lecture at the Moscow ORT Technology School


Students not only listened with interest, but asked Mr. Vexler many questions


On February, 8th, senior students of Gymnasia # 1540 (Moscow ORT Technology School) had a lecture-meeting of well-known political scientist and observer, Adviser of the Minister of Internal Security of Israel Mr. Alex Vexler on the topic Internal and international situation of Israel at the Schools assembly hall.

Throughout his political career Mr. Vexler was an Adviser of the Minister of Internal Security, Mayor of Kirjat-Gat, Head of Tel-Aviv District of the Ministry of Absorption, Consul and Member of Israel diplomatic representatives in Moscow, and also worked as the sociologist and the coordinator in the field of social adaptation.

During his lecture Mr. Vexler told about the most actual events of modern Israel in a very alive manner. Thanks to Mr.Vekslers profound knowledge about the countrys history and its present internal and international situation as well, lecture has turned into an exciting narration with set of bright examples and references to realities of political situation, elections, Arab-Israeli conflict, etc.

Pavel Yakushkin, Deputy Principal, Moscow ORT Technology School


ORT Moldova the key partner of reform of the state education system


President of ORT of Moldova Mr. Ilan Shor and Director of ORT Technology Centre Mr. Vitaly Kirillov


As President of ORT of Moldova Mr. Ilan Shor repeatedly underlines in his interviews: ORT-Moldovas doors are opened for realisation of various innovative projects. And ORT does its best for  implementing the programs of t state educational institutions, and various ministries and departments as well.

Already from the beginning of the new, 2010 year, there were 2 seminars of retraining  of educational workers of Moldova taking place on the basis of ORT Moldova and ORT technology Lyceum named by Herzel.

On January, 28th,   the seminar for young experts Information technology on Math lesson, organised by ORT Moldova in cooperation with the Municipal Government of Education of Kishinev was held in the ORT Technology Centre. The tutor for the group of young Math teachers of 12 lyceums of Kishinev was Director of ORT Technology Centre Mr. Vitaly Kirillov.

In a week, during the period from February, 3rd, till February, 5th, republican instructional seminar devoted to the issues of organisation of examinations on bachelor degree (bachelors in Moldova are graduates of lyceums) on the basis of ORT Technology Centre was conducted.

The seminar was prepared by the Agency on Testing and Examinations of the Ministry of Education of Moldova Republic. 50 representatives of regional managements of education, colleges and universities were participating in the seminar.

Vitaly Kirillov, Director of ORT Technology Centre, Kishinev 

Year 2010: the sessions of "Math Club World ORT are running


Since 2008 World ORT realizes the international project directed, first of all to increase students interest to Math studies. Club sessions pass in the form of videoconference in which at least 3 countries are taking part. Each session has separate topic. One is devoted to developing strategy with ordinary matches, during the other chessboards could be involved in solving some mathematical problems, etc. "Math Club leader is World ORT Research and Development Coordinator Dr Yakov Ronkin.

On January, 21, 2010 the "Math Club the session of with participation of Dnepropetrovsk, Kishinev and London took place.

In Dnepropetrovsk the session was organized in the conference hall of the Central Synagogue of Dnepropetrovsk Golden Rose with participation of the 5th grade students of 'Levi Yitzchak Schneerson' Ohr Avner School # 144 and students of the Chaia Mushka mahon. On the other side of videoconference the 5th grade students of the Kishinev ORT Technology Lyceum named by B.Z.Herzel were solving mathematical problems on chessboards. For them it was the second session in this academic year. In total it is planned about 5-6 sessions for this academic year. First three videoconferences are to be held between the following cities: London, Kishinev and Dnepropetrovsk, the next ones will be organised with the participation of Dnepropetrovsk, Moscow and Odessa.

Tatyana Ivashkova, Deputy Director of 'Levi Yitzchak Schneerson' Ohr Avner School # 144, underlines that she enjoys the first results of videoconferences: Students motivation for Math studies has increased, considerably; children wait for the next videoconference with impatience and prepare for each forthcoming session carefully during the optional school lessons of Math hobby group. If the first lesson had been a little bit unusual for them and children had tried not to miss every particular word of the leader of the videoconference, students had made their best to solve interesting and difficult for them logic strategic problems, already on the second session they were armed fully and everybody suggested variants of decision.

On February, 2nd, joint session of Math Club from Moscow, Odessa and London took place. 8th -9th grades students of Moscow Gymnasia # 1540 (Moscow ORT Technology School) and Odessa Secondary School # 94, ORT were participating there. The session was devoted to the introduction into the graph theory. Teachers noted that participation in club work allows children developing logic and spatial thinking, imagination, imparts their interest to math: children were active and sometimes they found even several various decisions of the problem.






Irina Silaeva (Shemyakina), Head of PR Department, ORT Russia

International Holocaust Remembrance Day ceremony in Minsk



On January, 21, 2010 teachers and students of Minsk school # 132 ORT "Bialik" took part in the action devoted to the International Holocaust Remembrance Day, the organised by the United Nations Representative Office in Byelorussia and Republican "Holocaust" Foundation.

There were in ceremony of mourning candles ignition participating:

  • United Nations Representative in Byelorussia Mr. Antonius Brook;
  • Ambassador of the State of Israel Mr. Eddi Shapira:
  • Ambassador of Ukraine in Byelorussia Mr. Igor Likhovoy;
  • Councellor-minister of the Embassy of the Lithuanian Republic in Belarus Republic Mr. Darius Vitkauskas;
  • Charge d'Affaires of the Embassy of Moldova Republic in Belarus Republic Mr. Grigore Sadovitch;
  • representatives of the public Jewish organisations of the city.

On January, 27 there was the action devoted to memory of victims of the Holocaust also taken place at the school assembly hall. There were verses and words by 10th grade students performed which should remind the audience about those terrible days and candles in memory of six millions victims of Catastrophe were lighted.


UN in Belarus web-site - photos 

UN in Belarus - news

Frants Korzjuk, ORT Chagall Technology Centre in BSU Director, Minsk 


South Africa looks to ORT for international expertise



A high-powered delegation from South Africa has toured ORT institutions in Paris and Moscow, its members seeing them as models of the quality vocational education they want to develop in their own country.

Senior representatives of government and business joined representatives of ORT South Africa on the four-day fact-finding mission, which took in the stunningly refurbished ORT Montreuil school in Paris and the ORT Technology College and ORT Technology School in Moscow.

Frank, professional discussions with local business people, educationalists and staff provided insights into the benefits of the ORT model as well as the challenges which must be overcome in order to attain the high standards on display.

In Moscow, the delegation were shown how ORT can provide a full range of vocational education services, from pre-vocational school level up to adult education and on-going career development, said ORT Russia National Director Dr Sergey Gorinskiy.

And during their visit to the ORT Technology College, the delegation participated in a round table discussion on the theme, Training Programs: Cooperation with State and Business. Also there were Dr Gorinskiy, the Colleges Director and Deputy Director, Dr Yuri Mironenko and Igor Pavlov, the First Deputy Director of the Federal Institute of Educational Development and General Director of the National Agency for Qualifications Development, Professor Alexander Leibovich, the Director of the SKOLKOVO Infrastructure Research Centre, Professor Alan Kantrow, the Vice President of the Federation of Restaurateurs and Hoteliers, Igor Karapetyan, and Vice President of the Moscow Union of Designers, Antonina Rudnitskaya taking part.

We enjoyed very professional discussions, Dr Gorinskiy said. It was very interesting for us that the delegates asked us some questions about the challenges we face that we had not asked ourselves. So having their observations from the outside has helped us to see things in a new way.

Stefan Bialoguski, World ORT News


Government ministers visit ORT school in Kishinev



Moldovas Education Minister, Leonid Bujor, and the Minister of Pre-University Education, Valentin Crudu, have become the highest-ranking dignitaries to visit the ORT Herzl Technology Lyceum in Kishinev.

The ministers visited several classes and paid particular attention to the superb facilities at the ORT Moldova Technology Centre, where there is one computer for every three students compared with a national average of more than 22 students per computer. And they discussed education issues with teaching staff and senior students in the school auditorium.

And the Director of the Lyceum, Svetlana Klimina, added: These facilities are used not only for computer lessons, but as a way of incorporating the latest technology in the teaching of subjects such as history, biology and mathematics. Lessons become more interesting and the children learn more.

Mr Shor and David Benish, World ORT Representative to the Countries of the Former Soviet Union, invited the Minister to the school earlier this month and it is testament to the warm relations between the government and ORT Moldova that he made time to take up the offer so quickly.

Such warm, high level contacts were established since 2003 when the Moldovan Government passed a resolution renaming the high school in Kishinev the ORT Herzl Technology Lyceum.

Since then, ORT Moldova has led the way in applying information technologies in education, said Mr Shor.

We support many initiatives including a number of training programmes in conjunction with the Moldovan Ministry of Education, he said. I believe that ORT should be involved in many social programmes of the state - in precisely those areas in which our expertise can contribute to finding the best forms and methods of teaching not only high school pupils but also mature students of all religions and ethnicities.

One such programme is the provision of training in the use of IT in education management for the heads of the regional educational departments. Others include vocational training for vulnerable women (a joint project with World Jewish Relief), and a research and analysis project to identify the most sought after skills in Moldova so that appropriate training can be made available.

Photo: ORT Moldova President Ilan Shor (centre) with the republics Education Minister, Leonid Bujor, and Svetlana Klimina, the Principal of ORT Herzl Technology Lyceum.

Vitaly Kirillov, Director of ORT Technology Centre, Kishinev

Kasperskys Laboratory leaders teach students of ORT school the anti-virus safety



On January, 18, the Day of anti-virus safety, organised together with Anti-Virus School of Kaspersky, took place at the Moscow ORT Technology School (Gymnasia # 1540).

Leaders of Anti-virus school of Kaspersky Mr. Stanislav Shevchenko and Mrs. Margarita Bakina told students of 8th -11th grades about Anti-Virus Schools activity and discussed some complex issues concerned information safety. They also congratulated two teams of Moscow ORT Schools on including into the first ten of autumn Computer Biathlon. More than 100 commands from different cities of Russia took part in this competition.

Especially interesting was the presentation of Maxim Dorofeyev's, Schools graduate, former teacher of school and specialist of ORT Technology Centre, the co-author of Digital Electronics for 8th class course who is one of leading experts of Kasperskys Laboratory now.

Active participants of Day of anti-virus safety received prizes and everybody, both adults and children has been handed over free three-monthly license on Kaspersky Internet Security 2010.

Pavel Yakushkin, Deputy Principal, Moscow ORT Technology School

Hannukah seminar in St.-Petersburg



On December, 11-13th, 2009 at the Art Centre "Theatrical" the fourth, final seminar for school students and parents of the Jewish schools of St.-Petersburg, organised within the frames of the program Jewish communities, financed by CAF, passed.  

Nearby 100 persons - students, their parents and teachers of three Jewish schools of St.-Petersburg (two schools of ORT network: Secondary School # 550, ORT de Gunzburg Shorashim and Secondary School # 274, ORT Yerushalaim and School "Adain Lo" # 374) took part in  three-day out-door seminar near Zelenogorsk.

Hanukah celebration became a theme of the seminar. Traditional Kaballat Shabat under the supervision of Mitya Fainerman and Mira Vitman was held on Friday evening. They lighted Hannukah and Saturday candles with the help of students of ORT de Gunzburg School who also sang some songs devoted to the holiday.

Having traditional entertainments old acquaintances shared impressions about lectures and thought out their suits for forthcoming performance.

All participants of the seminar are creative people and that is why they took part with a pleasure in the dramatized performance, staged under the direction of Evgeniya Sinelnik; painted and decorated plates and made traditional Hannukah tops-savivons.

Sunday has been devoted for Makkabiada. The light frost and the snow which had fallen out for night, frightened nobody - young sportsmen only ran on a football ground faster and participated in various competitions more actively.

Last joint Hanukah work was the hand-made newspaper in which each participant placed the responses, wishes and drawings. Before departure this newspaper was cut for some parts and was taken away for memory for each of the schools participated.

Elena Makarova, PR manager, ORT-St Petersburg

Hannukah at the Moscow ORT School



On December, 11th there was a celebratory concert devoted to a Hannukah holiday organized at the Moscow ORT Technology School (Gymnasia # 1540) for students and their parents. By tradition the concert began with the candles lightening.

The basis of the first act was the classical and variety music performed by students of ORT School, and in final the winner of the international competitions, the art director of chamber theatre "Ganzel-opera" singer Beata Ganzel (mezzo-soprano) acted.

Pavel Yakushkin, Deputy Principal, Moscow ORT Technology School

St.-Petersburg "ORT-areer Centre is the participant of the Youth Wave



On December, 4-6th, 2009 ORT St. Petersburg specialists took part in work of the third international youth forum the Youth Wave.

The forum annually passes in Lenexpo exhibition centre under aegis of St.-Petersburg Administration. In 2009 it became the central event of the Year of Youth.

It is already the second case of cooperation of ORT-St.-Petersburg and Lenexpo: in March, 2009 teachers of ORT gave master class on work with the computer for aged people, participants of the Senior Generation forum. 

Exhibition area the biggest stand of pavilion was provided to ORT free of charge as the Lenexpo administration had all bases to believe that a mobile computer class and performances of highly professional teachers will draw attention of visitors of the Forum.

ORT stand really became one of the most active the participant of the business program for 3 days experts of ORT have spent 13 various trainings and master classes. 


Master classes on work with the computer which were conducted by teachers of the Centre, psychological trainings and recommendations of the career adviser about resume drawing up caused a great interest of visitors and participants of the Forum. All planned educational actions were devoted to really actual questions for youth: how to make resume correctly; how to answer the artful questions of the employer during the interview; how to create the make business-cards and to advance a site in the Internet; how to conduct the budget by Excel program and to organise working hours by time-management technologies.

Some participants visited all master classes throughout three exhibition days, coming to visit lessons specially.

The special attention of participants of the Forum was paid to the with the project The School of Career, developed by experts of the Center specially for the young person doing the first steps in professional career.

Each visitor of the ORT stand could estimate advantages of participation in this educational program, after all master classes and trainings conducted there had been developed on materials of "Schools of Career.

Organizers of the Youth wave forum handed over to  ORT-St.-Petersburg Director Marina Sorokina the Diploma.

Elena Makarova, PR Manager, ORT-St. Petersburg 

We are among the CAF tender winners


On December, 10th, 2009 the results  of the open tender of projects Grassroots - 2010, carried out within the frames of the Jewish communities program  under the initiative and with financial support of UJA Federation of New York and Genesis Philanthropy Group (GPGhave been summed up).

On the basis of experts recommendations and  according the results of meetings  and interviews 20 winners, including  the  Board of Trustees of the Kazan Secondary School # 12 (ORT-Mishpahteinu) and the Centre "ORT-St. -Petersburg".

The project Mishpahteinu Club  of the Board of Trustees of the Kazan Secondary School # 12 (ORT-Mishpahteinu) is aimed for attracting graduates of different ages for  cooperation with school; for investigating the fundraising possibilities among the graduates  and parents; and for using  their professional possibilities for solving the problems facing to school.

Centre "ORT-SPb" project urged to stimulate youths interest to history of the Jewish community of Petersburg and its contemporary activity. Within the frames of that project not less than 40 persons senior school and universities students will familiarize and comprehend creatively all the accessible historical material and will receive new knowledge in the field of information technology for presentation and distribution of the information about the life of Jewish community of Petersburg. As a result participants should create the Internet resource and provide thematic tours for 200 school and universities students of the city on the routes developed by them.

Irina Silaeva (Shemyakina), Head of PR Department, ORT Russia

HP-ORT GET-IT Centre in Moscow Business School "MIRBIS" traines school students on entrepreneurship



On November, 25th, 2009 in HP-ORT GET-IT Centre on the basis of Youth Business Centre which operates at Moscow Business School "MIRBIS"  the training Own business establishing and what is  is necessary to know for beginning business owner (with the elements of GET-IT program) for students of two Moscow schools: Gymnaisa #1540 (the Moscow ORT Technology School) and the Secondary School # 2017 - began.

The centre was opened in September, 2009 within the frames of expansion of the joint program of YP and the World ORT "GET-IT" (Graduate Entrepreneurship Training through IT) in Russia and Ukraine. The purpose of the programme is to help potential entrepreneurs acquire IT skills with the aim of becoming better placed to create and run their own businesses

Elena Pereverzeva, Director of the  Youth Business Centre at the Moscow Business School "MIRBIS"

ORT Colleges cooperation is developed: Moscow -Strasburg videoconference






On December, 10th, 2009 the first videoconference of two leading ORT colleges ORT Strasbourg Lycée and Moscow ORT Technology College has taken place.

From Strasbourg side there were present: Mr Claude Sabbah, ORT Strasbourg Director, Design teachers and students. From Moscow side Mr Igor Pavlov, Deputy Director of Moscow ORT Technology College, teachers and students took part in videoconference/        

Technical support was provided by Vasily Meshcherjakov (Moscow) and Katya Skripnikova (Strasbourg). Katya Skripnikova also became the forum moderator and Franco-Russian interpreter.

After the general introduction, the sides told in detail about the colleges and answered the questions.

During conversation the particular interest was provoked by the fact that there are  Fashion Design specialty is taught in both colleges.

Considering that 2010 is declared by year of the French-Russian friendship, the sides decided to organize number of actions next year for strengthening the contacts between colleges.

The Strasbourg  Lycée  suggested to accept  a group of 10 persons, teachers and students of the Moscow Technology College. It is planned that Moscow students would present small fashion show, and teachers would conducted some thematic master classes of design.

 The sides also come to the agreement of a regular exchange of student's and teaching delegations, including these one in the form of interning.

Besides, the sides decided to carry out video conferences regularly and to devote the next such meeting to demonstrations of design works of teachers and students.

In the conclusion Mr Sabbah expressed gratitude to Moscow ORT Technology College for this initiative.

Igor Pavlov, Deputy Director, Moscow Technology College # 14 (Moscow ORT Technology College)


The Bronx Times about ORT news with photo and link to ORT site


On November, 23rd on the web-site of The Bronx Times news agency the article devoted to World ORT 130th Anniversary has been published.

The Bronx Times started and continues to deliver information as an online newspaper. It has been reaching locals and guests online through its flagstaff website since 2005. is up and running 24/7 and more than 80,000 unique visitors came to it last year, viewing 5 pages on average.

At the end of the article the link for World ORT web-site is given.



World ORT Administration


President of World ORT, speaks about the organization on Bloomberg radio


We are pleased to enclose a recorded clip from Bloomberg Radio, featuring our President, Dr. Jean de Gunzburg who was  interviewed by "Taking Stock" host Pimm Fox.

Bloomberg Radio provides live updates on world and national news as well as the latest in business news 24 hours a day. The network distributes news and information throughout North America. Bloomberg provides syndicated reports to more than 750 radio stations around the nation. Outside of the United States, the outlet delivers news in the local languages of the countries where it broadcasts.

 In order to listen to the interview, please click here.

World ORT Administration


United Nations Secretary General message to ORT on the occasion of its 130th Anniversary


On November 19th, 2009 ORT had an inspiring and sentimental reception at the United Nations building to celebrate its 130th Anniversary.

Please see United Nations Secretary General Message.

World ORT Administration


On-line voting for the prize of People's Choice Award


We invite all to take part in on-line voting on a People's Choice Award within the frames of annual competition of animation which is devoted this year to the Hanukah celebration.

All the works are placed here.

Here you can see and vote for work which will win a special prize then!

And our jury will estimate all  the works and will award the best of them in each nomination.

Results of competition will be published on December, 10th.

Anna Michurina, Senior Expert, R&D Department of ORT CIS, Ukraine

British teachers visit to the Moscow ORT Technology School



On October, 30th the Moscow Gymnasia # 1540 (Moscow ORT Technology School) was visited by delegation of British teachers.

During visit which proceeded more than 3 hours, the delegation of 9 teachers could not only have a tour on school, but communicate to teachers and students as well.

The meeting included presentation of the school, open lessons. During free dialogue of visitors with students and teachers the general and particular issues of various aspects of educational systems of two countries, elements of pedagogical technologies, using of ICT facilities at lessons etc. were discussed.  

During the story about school World ORT participation in school functioning at modern level was mentioned especially.

All participants of action had the most favorable impression about the meeting.

Marina Moiseeva, Principal of Moscow ORT Technology School; Pavel Yakushkin, Director of ORT Technology Centre at the Moscow ORT Tehcnology School



World ORT shows the future of Jewish education


In a display that would have been all but impossible before World ORT brought Interactive Whiteboards and videoconferencing technology to Israeli schools on a significant scale, some of the Jewish States top decision makers were treated to a glimpse of the future of Jewish education at the Israeli Presidential Conference in Jerusalem.

In less than 20 minutes, World ORT showed more than 120 politicians, industrialists, Jewish communal leaders and academics at a panel discussion on Judaism in the Internet Age the power of educational technology to transcend geographical and cultural barriers

Ours was very different from the other presentations which relied on PowerPoint; ours was interactive, it was like something from another world, said Kadima Mada Pedagogical Manager Dr Osnat Dagan. They gave us 15 minutes and it felt like only one minute because there was so much happening. After the session people were coming up to me asking me how we did it. They were fascinated.

Stefan Bialoguski, World ORT News

HP-ORT GET-IT Centre opening in Ukraine


On October, 23rd, 2009 together with World ORT opened GET-IT (Graduate Entrepreneurship Training through IT) entre on the basis of the Kiev ORT Technology Lyceum.

The purpose the developed by HP Company "GET-IT" program is supporting of graduates and active youth strived for opening their business. Training course specially developed for the program includes not only an information technology, but also business dealing bases, increasing, thus, efficiency of professional work of beginning businessmen.

As a result of "GET-IT" Centre opening one of Lyceums classes will be completely equipped by laptops and other equipment necessary for providing students with knowledge and skills which should allow them opening their own business after graduating.

At the opening ceremony there were:

  • Slobodan Radic, Regional Manager, Micro-Enterprise Acceleration Institute (MEA-I);
  • Karel Vavruska, HP Business Development Director; 
  • Sergey Savenko, Director HP Ukraine;
  • Igor Belousov, Manager on working with official bodies in Ukraine, CIS and the countries Central and the Eastern Europe;
  • Svetlana Levchuk, the Chief of Department of Education of Dneprovsky District of Kiev;
  • Sergey Gorinsky, the Head of development of programs of association "World ORT" in the CIS and Baltic countries;
  • Jury Vinogradov, Deputy Dean, Faculty of Computer Science and Computer Facilities, Head of the H Centre at the National Technical University of Ukraine KPI.
  • And also principals, teachers and student of Kiev ORT Technology Lyceum, the directors of HP-ORT GET-IT Centres in Ukraine participated at the ceremony.

Besides the centre in the Kiev ORT Technology Lyceum, also within the frames of G-IT program joint HP-ORT Centres will work in Ukraine territory in Slavutych and Lviv.

Irina Silaeva (Shemyakina), Head of PR Department, ORT Russia


ORT is the winner of two HP contests


During the period from October, 12 till October, 13th, 2009 in Suzdal (Russia) the HP Digital Forum took place. Within the frames of the Forum the contest on the best reports under corporate social responsibility programs was declared. More than 40 persons were present at the forum: representatives of the partner organisations and educational institutions participants of HP charitable programs.


According the organizers plan the report made under the special form of Power Point presentation, was to be added with video, photos, success stories. All materials were put on the blog of HP Digital Community for the voting.

Following the results of the voting which were declared on October, 14th, the best report was recognised this one of the school # 12 of Kazan, ORT "Mishpahteinu", where in February, 2009 the new multimedia class has been opened within the frames of educational program of  HP company for school students and teachers.

The award for the victory in contest of the best report was handed over to the Deputy Principal Viatcheslav Fiyalo.

Literally in 3 days, during the period from October, 16 till October, 17th, 2009 international HP GET-IT Annual Conference took place in Cairo on which, already traditionally, the GET-IT Recognition Award is handed over. Unlike the last year when the award was handed over for 1, 2 and 3 prize-winning places, this year 3 nominations have been founded:

∙           HP GET-IT Best Achiever;

∙           HP GET-IT Best Impact;

∙           HP GET-IT Implementation Project.


All the participants of the Contest should fill the application form and prepare a poster illustrating activity of their educational centre. Also it was possible to present various additional photos, video and information materials.

Images of the posters selected on contest were placed on the page of GET-IT program site where on October, 16th online voting took place.

17 educational centres working under GET-IT program took part at the contest. There were 4 posters presented from ORT: "ORT-career Centre in Ekaterinburg in nomination HP GET-IT Best Achiever; centre "ORT-KesherNet" in Tambov in a nomination HP GET-IT Best Impact, DCC HP-ORT Centre in a Slavutich and P-ORT GET-IT in MIRBIS in a nomination HP GET-IT Implementation Project.

By results of voting on October, 17th were declared:

Poster of "ORT-KesherNet" Centre in Tambov became the winner in nomination HP GET-IT Best Impact.

In nomination HP GET-IT Best Achiever the Centre for Skill Development and Training (aka), Centre for Small Industry Research and Training from Nigeria was recognized as the winner.

NGO from Southern Africa SLOT (School Leavers Opportunity Training) was awarded in nomination HP GET-IT Implementation Project.

It would be necessary to underline that last year the winner in contest of the best reports at the HP Digital Forum the report of educational centre DCC HP-ORT in a Slavutich had been recognised the best, and at the previous international HP GET-IT Conference in Brussels the poster of ORT Russia had taken the 2nd place.


"During certificate delivery I gave to representative of Hewlett Packard Company Mrs Gabriele Zedlmayer (VP Global Citizenship, HP) a brick with abbreviation, made bythe firm of Vadim Umanskiy, graduate of GET-IT program in Tambov".

Dina Brjuske, Director of "ORT-KesherNet" Centre in Tambov

Photos from Annual Conference HP GET-IT

ORT-KesherNet in Tambov poster

ORT-KesherNet in Tambov video

Irina Silaeva (Shemyakina), Head of PR Department, ORT Russia

Open Day passed at the "ORT-Career Centre in St.-Petersburg



On October, 8th in at the "ORT-Career Centre the Open Day passed. More than 70 persons participated in free seminars and the master classes conducted by teachers of the Centre.

The particular interest was provoked by master classes on photos processing by means of Adobe Photoshop program. The topic Family Album had been chosen specially, after all the teacher of the Centre Alexandra Kovaleva showed to participants of training how it is possible to correct flaws of old family pictures by means of the computer program. Such useful skills appeared to be interesting as for children so as for elderly - the age of fans of photos fluctuated from 11 till 70.

And in the next door the beginning entrepreneurs, decided to get acquainted with technologies of Internet advertising; the experts working with contextual advertising; specialists of PR-services of the city companies who had come on seminars on working in Internet blogs within the frames of the T-Tools program. On interesting examples from practice of successful business leaders, listeners were shown that the most simple and frequently free ways of Internet advancement appeared to be effective not only for individual entrepreneurs but for large corporations as well.

In off-training time visitors could take part in on-line testing on English language and check their level, to communicate with the teacher of the course English language with computer support Nina Petrova, and also to receive recommendations about resume writing and about behaviour on interviews from the Career Adviser, professional Psychologist, Julia Shapiro.

Many participants decided to take part in new educational program of the Centre School of Career for students and graduates of High Schools and Universities of the city. All interested persons could participate in all-prize lottery and receive discounts for training at the Centre, some participants of master classes and seminars received the main prizes certificates on visiting any course of the Centre with 50 % discount and flesh-cards.

Elena Makarova, PR Manager, ORT-St Petersburg


ORT-KesherNet centres were opened in Georgia



On October, 6th and 7 the opening ceremonies of two ORT-KesherNet Centres in Tbilisi and in Gori were taking place. 

Project Kesher activists in Georgia, representatives of the various Jewish organizations and of local authorities who were present at opening ceremony, underlined the importance of the given project time and again: thanks to these centres establishing wider opportunities for receiving new knowledge and skills are opened for women of Georgia.

Among guests of honour there were the Representative of American "Joint" Committee in Georgia Mrs. Irina Lipski, Deputy Director of the Tbilisi Jewish Community Centre Mrs. Zaira Davarashvili, Director of Jewish Culture and Educational Foundation Mrs. Lena Berkovich, the Chairman of the Independent Society of Kurds-Ezid Women of Georgia Mrs. Lily Safarova, President of International Foundation LEA Mrs. Marina Solomonishvili in action at Tbilisi. Especially for participation in the opening ceremony delegation of Board of Directors of Project Kesher arrived from the USA to Georgia.

Besides representatives of the Jewish community and the heads of public organisations in opening ceremony of the ORT-KesherNet Centre in Gori there was a Representative of Department of Inter-Nationality Relations of Gori Municipality Mrs. Maja Surameli participated. There was the agreement with the city administration about the training on computer literacy for women-refugees signed.

Elena Feldman, Project coordinator  


The project of Dnepropetrovsk school was included into ten finalists of Intel contest


Heads of 'Levi Yitzchak Schneerson' Ohr Avner School # 144  and specialists of ORT Technology Centre prepared the project for participation in ' Intel ' corporation program "1 student - 1 computer" for secondary schools. The manager of the project Director of Studies of school Tatyana Ivashkova appointed.

On October, 3rd on the site the first results were published. Among the 102 projects of different schools of Ukraine the project  of school # 144 of Dnepropetrovsk was included into ten finalists of contest.

The school project "The Future in us - we in the future" is placed on site of contest. 

Syuzanna Khachatryan, ORT Technology Centre Director, Dnepropetrovsk


New stage of HP-ORT GET-IT program begins




Moscow, September 18,  2009    Today HP together with World ORT announced the opening of the HP-ORT GET-IT Centre at the Moscow Business School MIRBIS and expansion of the HP Graduate Entrepreneurship Training through IT programme (GET-IT) and the opening of six more training centres in Russia and three centres in Ukraine.

The opening ceremony of the educational centre and presentation of the new phase of the GET-IT program took place in the Moscow Business School MIRBIS. A lot of honoured guests participated in the ceremony, among them there were Savin Stanislav Leonidovich, rector of MIRBIS, Owen Kemp, HP Vice-president and HP Russia managing director, Asmolov Alexander Grigorievich, President of ORT Russia, professor, academician of Russian Academy of Education.

HP-ORT GET-IT Training Centre has been opened on the basis of the Youth Business Centre which operates in Moscow Business School "MIRBIS" since May, 2008.

The main objective of the Center Youth Entrepreneurship is creation of practical component of the system training of entrepreneurs who will possess a set of personal qualities needed for work in modern business. The Center provides assistance to young people in starting a business and development of business-thinking skills. The center is also involved in creating an infrastructure to support youth entrepreneurship in Moscow; it realizes its own business projects, the social significance to the objectives of the preparation of the MBA and Executive MBA.

On conclusion of the opening ceremony Mr. Owen Kemp provided master-class for MIRBIS students on the topic The Future of IT, telling about technologies, devices and services that will be part of our everyday life in a few years or even decades as these projects are already being developed in HP today.

Photo: Asmolov Alexander Grigorievich, President of ORT Russia, professor, academician of Russian Academy of Education; Savin Stanislav Leonidovich, rector of MIRBIS; Owen Kemp, HP Vice-president and HP Russia managing director.

Irina Silaeva(Shemyakina), Head of PR Department, ORT Russia


ORT-St. Petersburg is one of organisers of Rosh-A-Shana celebration in the city



September, 13, families of Petersburgers sang and danced, participated in competitions and were treated with apples and fresh honey in Divo-Ostrov ("Miracle-island") park because of New Year according the Jewish calendar Rosh-A-Shana.

The actions devoted to this holiday are traditionally organised in the city by the Jewish community, and so great holiday of this year became possible thanks to active participation of all Jewish organisations of the city and financial support of American "Joint" Committee and the Jewish Agency.

Among other organisations presented on a holiday, ORT-SPb played one of the key roles.

Competition of children's drawings on the asphalt, thought up and conducted by ORT specialists, had involved big interest and spontaneously continued after the official conclusion of the competition so by the evening the main square of "Divo-Ostrov" was painted by all the colours of rainbow. Someone of children tried to paint a logo of ORT and it is necessary to tell, it was made not so bad.

This day was full of surprises. Two master classes thought up by ORT specialists: on computer drawing and origami was aimed for children of primary school age. But the holiday made the amendments:  nice origami baskets were concealed as by kids (with the help of the parents and ORT specialists), so be the more senior children and adult visitors of the action. And computer drawing provoked not only childrens interest.

Besides the direct participation in master classes carrying out, ORT represented itself as one of sponsors of the celebration: CDs "Jews of Petersburg. Three Centuries of History" were handed over to finalists of "Hidon-Peterburg" lottery devoted to history of the Petersburg Jewish community, and the certificate on free visiting of English language courses became the main prize.

Elena Makarova, PR Manager, ORT-St. Petersburg

First seminar on Microsoft Excel for accountants



On September, 9 the one-day seminar for nine accountants of the companies of St.-Petersburg was taken place in the St.-Petersburg "ORT-Career" Centre. Excel is daily used in accontants work, but there is no time to understand all subtleties independently. And any innovation becomes simple and accessible after teachers explanations.

The subjects of training were not a novelty for specialists and teachers of the Centre courses on work in Excel are conducted in the Center constantly. The pleasant surprise was an audience consisted of practically working accountants and economists who aspired to receive answers to absolutely concrete questions during the training. Working examples and cases from practice which were assorted by participants of training under the supervising of the Centres teacher Tatyana Vlasova have helped to approach such themes in details, for example how to use templates, to work with formulas, with sheets, tools of the analysis of the data, diagrams, macros and many other things.

By listeners reviews, such seminar became the convenient tool for improvement of professional skill for practically working accountants. Even those from them who considered themselves as assured and experienced users of the program could open some ways to simplify and accelerate work with this convenient program during training.

Listeners have highly appreciated the skill of the teacher. By words of Anastasiya Malekova: Tatyana Vlasova is a remarkable teacher who perfectly knows the program and is able to submit a material perfectly. I will attend the courses of profound studying of Excel under her tution.

Elena Makarova, PR Manager, ORT-St. Petersburg

American journalists are writing about ORT schools


American media delegation and World ORT Director General Mr Robert Singer at the Kishinev ORT Technology Lyceum named by Herzel 


During the period from August, 31st till September, 4th the visit of group of the American journalists to educational institutions of ORT network in Ukraine and Moldova took place.

For these five days Walter Ruby, Debra Rubin, Alan Goch and Laura Stampler could see a solemn ceremony of September, 1st at the Kiev ORT Technology Lyceum, visit ORT school in Odessa and ORT Technology Lycum named by Herzel in Kishinev, meet President of ORT Ukraine, the first pro-rector of National Technical University Kiev Polytechnical Institute, Professor Jury Yakimenko; the ORT Moldova President, public leader, President of Moldavian-Israeli Centre of  external economic relations, medicine and training, President of "ShorHolding", Mr. Ilan Shor, and well-known representatives of Jewish community and  Israeli diplomats.

Within the frames of visit on September, 3rd 2009 the meeting of journalists delegation, the World ORT Director General Mr. Robert Singer, ORT Moldova President Mr. Ilan Shor, World ORT Representative in the CIS and Baltic states Mr. David Benish with the President of Moldova Republic Mr. Vladimir Voronin in which the successful activity of ORT on training the population of Republic in knowledge and the skills necessary for overcoming of difficulties of a modern life was considered; for encouragement of their economic independence, professional and social mobility and the further prospects of ORT work in Republic were discussed also was taking place.

Following the results of delegation of the American press visit  on September, 8th, 2009 in The Jewish Week the article of Walter Ruby ORT Schools In FSU In Danger Of Collapse was published.

ORT Moldova impresses Head of State

Article in "The Jewish Week"

Irina Silaeva (Shemyakina), Head of PR Department, ORT Russia


Video conference with the new-elected Head of the Jewish Agency for Israel Mr. Natan Sharanskiy



There was a video conference organized for students of ORT Schools with the new-elected Head of the Jewish Agency for Israel Mr. Natan Sharanskiy at the Moscow Centre of Education no. 1311 (ORT Techiya).  

Born on 20 January 1948 Mr. Sharanskiy is a former Soviet dissident, human rights activist, former prisoner of Zion, Israeli politician and author. Had been a Israel's Minister, a member of Knesset of the Likud Party, a Chairman of the Adelson Institute for Strategic Studies  and Chairman of the Board of Beit Hatefutsot, since June 25,  2009 he was unanimously elected as a  Chairman of the Executive of the Jewish Agency for Israel.

Undoubtedly it was very interesting and exciting for students of four ORT schools: Moscow Centre of Education no. 1311 (ORT Techiya), Moscow Gymnasia no. 1540 (Moscow ORT Technology School), St Petersbrug School no. 550 (ORT de Gunzburg Shorashim) and Vilnius ORT Shalom Aleichemo Jewish School to have a conversation with such an unordinary person.

Mr. Sharanskiy told about his life and his participation in fighting for human rights during the Soviet era. His speech was devoted to those not numerous activists who had organized actions for leaving for Israel at the Moscow streets, about their striving for freedom, and about abusing and victimization they had suffered from. And, of course, Mr. Sharanskiy said many important things about modern life in Israel and about the future and prospects of Israeli youth.

Students were immersed in conversation very much and asked many questions.

In conclusion Mr. Sharanskiy said that he is very glad that now ORT schools provided their students with an opportunity to study Hebrew, Jewish Culture and Traditions and Israeli history and political structure so that they could make successful aliya, continue their education in Israel and have a good professional and life prospects. 

Irina Silaeva (Shemyakina), Head of PR Department, ORT Russia


ORT school is in Lithuanias top 10


Open lesson at the Vilnius Jewish ORT School

A survey published in Lithuanias equivalent of Newsweek magazine has placed the Vilnius ORT Shalom Aleichem School among the Baltic states top 10 high schools.

But the schools increasing popularity means it is now operating at maximum capacity and an increasing number of Jewish children face having to be educated elsewhere unless the money is found for a new building.

The school was ranked ninth in the survey of Lithuanias top 500 schools by Veidas magazine and was ranked third amongst the capitals schools.

Since then, World ORTs continued support, culminating in last years introduction of Nova5000 date loggers and sensors to create intelligent laboratories together with teacher training to ensure the equipments effective use had contributed to Shalom Aleichems steady rise up the ranks. Shalom Aleichem is the only school in Lithuania to have such state-of-the-art teaching tools.

In 2004, the school was placed 108th in the magazines national rankings but by 2007 it was 46th and up to 27th last year. The fact that Shalom Aleichem qualified for the survey is in itself a sign of the schools superior standards given that almost all the other schools listed are gymnasia the education systems top band of high schools.

Misha Jakobas, Vilnius ORT Salom Aleichemo Jewish School


Moscow College wins first public tender for training


Adult students at the Moscow ORT Technology College



In its first participation in an open public government tender to supply design training courses for small and medium businesses, the Moscow ORT Technology College applied to run two courses one on application programmes of industrial design, the other on application programmes on design development, computer, interior and landscape design and won the rights for both.

It  confirms the Colleges reputation as one of Russias leading centres for vocational training in design, advertising, economy and technology.

The Colleges success rested significantly on its recent certification by the Commercial and Industrial Chamber of Commerce of the Russian Federation. Until now, such certification has only been granted to Russias leading universities and is seen as the first step on the Colleges journey to be recognised officially as a university.

The courses fall under the aegis of the Moscow Training Foundations City Programme for Small Business Development and Support, which has seen more than 30,000 specialists raise their professional skills over the past two years.

Igor Pavlov, Deputy Director, Moscow ORT Technology College 

Teachers train for GET-IT



A group of 11 ICT teachers has undergone training in World ORTs award-winning Graduate Entrepreneurship Training through IT (GET-IT) programme, the first such seminar since World ORT and Hewlett-Packard (HP) announced a massive increase in their GET-IT partnership.

The teachers from Kiev, Lvov, Murmansk, Rybinsk, St Petersburg, Slavutych and Tula were brought together at the ORT-KesherNet ICT training centre for women in Tula, which has a new computer class thanks to HPs increased investment.

The GET-IT programme focuses on the need to encourage job creation and entrepreneurship among people below the age of 25. Its training courses deal with practical IT solutions for daily business challenges faced in areas such as finance, human resources, marketing, communications and technology management.

The four-day seminar raised the teachers skills in the use of ICT for business; another seminar is due to be held next month. The training, which was provided in this instance by Ana Barfield and Munir Ahmad of the Micro-Enterprise Acceleration Institute, is required by HP for all teachers at its GET-IT centres in 25 countries in Europe, the Middle East and Africa.

One day of the seminar was held at another HP-ORT GET-IT centre at the Tula Vocational Boarding School for Deaf and Hard of Hearing Children.

Seminar participants became acquainted with the use of ICT for the vocational training of disabled children and they viewed some of the films made by students with a digital camera given to the school by World ORT, said Dr Sergey Gorinskiy, Deputy Director of the World ORT Representative Office in Moscow.

World ORT and HP announced last month that they are more than doubling the size of their GET-IT partnership with the opening of 10 new training centres in Russia and Ukraine. Once the new centres in Moscow, Tula, Kineshma, Rybinsk, Saransk, Murmansk, Slavutich, Kiev and Lviv are operational, World ORT will be involved in half of the GET-IT centres situated in Russia, Ukraine, Azerbaijan, Belarus and Kazakhstan.

News of the partnership expansion came just six months after ORT won a prize at the HP GET-IT Annual Conference in Brussels for the project it has implemented at its six initial centres in Moscow, Ekaterinburg, Tambov, Volgograd and Tula Breaking the Digital Divide: Business and IT Skills for Underserved Population Groups.

This programme has been particularly useful in helping women and deaf and hard-of-hearing students and is the model for four of the new centres which cater for these population groups.

ORT-KesherNet is a joint project of World ORT and Project Kesher, a coalition of more than 200 Jewish and non-Jewish womens groups in the Former Soviet Union, to provide computer training and job skills to women especially those in vulnerable circumstances such as single mothers, the unemployed and refugees. It operates at 15 computer centres in Russia, Ukraine and Belarus and a new centre is due to open in Tbilisi, Georgia this year.


Stefan Bialoguski, World ORT


International Hebrew and Jewish History and Traditions Teachers Seminar named after Miron Shor



Hebrew and Jewish Traditions Teachers Seminar started on the 28th of June 2008 in Kishinev (Chisinau) capital of Moldova on the site of the ORT Technology Lyceum named after B. Herzel.

Forty one teachers from Moldova (15 pers), Russia (11 pers), Ukraine (10 pers), Estonia (1 pers), Latvia (2 pers), Belarus (2 pers) arrived to Kishinev on the 28 of June (Sunday) to start the seminar on the Monday, 29th of June 2009.

The topic of the seminar was: Modern Teaching Tools and Educational Technologies in Teaching

Hebrew and Jewish History and Traditions.

The preparation for the seminar started two months before the opening day. A special Internet forum was initiated where participants introduced themselves to their colleagues, suggested and discussed the topics and themes for the Agenda of the seminar, offered and got advice and consultation on logistics.

During their first class the participants were greeted by the Director of ORT-Technology center Vitaly Kirrilov, the Princiapl of the ORT Lyceum Svetlana Klimina and World ORT President

 Jean de Gunzburg in his video greeting from London, UK. Dr.Gunzburg pointed out that similar

 seminars were taking place at the same time in Rome (Italy) and Rio (de) Janeiro (Brazil).


The first day of the seminar was dedicated to the testing procedure for those who didnt manage to do it distantly in forum. Three groups (A, B ,C) were formed depending on the level of ICT competency and will of each individual. The topics were similar in every group but the level of instructions delivered was to be chosen by teacher depending on the ICT competency of the group.

At the end of the day the participants took part in a sharing practical experience session where teachers shared their classroom experience with their peers. I.Lerer presented his course book and DVD-disk as multimedia support for it, M.Lifshits talked about the NETA Program (NETA is an innovative Hebrew language curriculum designed for students in grades 7-12), M.Fridman (in the left picture) shared her experience in teaching young students in Tal Am program (Hebrew and Heritage Curricula for Jewish Schools).

The official ceremony of opening and press-conference took place on the 30 of June. Deputy Minister (Ministry of Youth and Education) Mrs. Galina Bulat, World ORT Representative David Benish, the President of ORT-Moldova Ilan Shor, Vice Chairman of National Trade Union confederation Oleg Budza honoured the ceremony with their presence.

International ORT-Moldova Seminar named after Miron Shor held in Kishinev helps dozens of teachers in CIS and Baltic States not only share their practical experience but also be exposed to the up-to-date instructions and new educational technologies,- said Mrs. Bulat at the opening ceremony.

The second and the third days were dedicated to mostly practical works and workshops: participants surfed Internet, scanned images, learnt to process video, created animated pictures, developed lesson plans with Lesson Constructor, looked for better ways to apply multimedia in class.

Dr. Marina Buharkina, Senior Expert, R&D Department of ORT CIS 



An ace of computer modeling from Samara ORT School


The 11th grade student of Samara school #42 ORT "Gesher" Ivan Voronovsky  won the special diploma at the 7th  International Contest Future ACes of COMputer 3D-modelling 2009 (Ascon KOMPAS 3-D Best Models Contest for Educational Institutions). 

The projects supervisor Irina Pogodina, ICT and Computer science teacher of  school #42, underlines: This year we for the first time participated in the International Contest Future ACes of COMputer 3D-modelling 2009, declared by ASCON company. It was a great honor and huge responsibility for us. Students of our school study computer three-dimensional designing and manufacturing of products (3D modelling and manufacturing of products) within the frames of an elective course for 10th -11th grades. We already had an experience of participation in the Russian competition Kompas-2004 where the team of our school had won the 3rd place. But we for the first time participated in the International competition on computer 3D-modelling and in spite of the fact that we had not won the 1st place (competition is declared mostly for the Universities and Colleges students and works were very serious), we are very glad that the Contests Jury had estimated our work by the special diploma.

There were 147 projects had submitted for contest, and only 23, among with was the project of the student of Samara ORT school, were awarded by diplomas.

Using KOMPAS program Ivan Voronovsky created assembled three-dimensional model of an ancient iron which was an exhibit of the virtual technical museum. Besides this he made a parts of this model using CNC machine. Among all works presented for contest, only Ivan's one was not only designed, but also made. That is, the whole cycle of computer designing and product manufacturing process (CAD/CAM technologies) had been run.


Links for project:;

Alexander Fradkov, ORT Technology Centre Director, Samara



World ORT together with HP launches new GET-IT training centres in Russia and Ukraine


HP facilities' delivering in Tula


World ORT together with HP announced the expansion of the HP GET-IT (Graduate Entrepreneurship Training through IT) programme with the opening of ten new training centres in Russia and Ukraine.


The following ten institutions have most recently joined the network of GET-IT centres in Russia and Ukraine:


   Moscow International Higher Business School MIRBIS (Institute)

   Moscow, Secondary School #1257

   Tula, ORT-KesherNet Training Centre For Women

   Kineshma, ORT- KesherNet Training Centre For Women

   Rybinsk, ORT- KesherNet Training Centre For Women

   Saransk, Vocational Lyceum #36, ORT Technology Centre

   Murmansk, Murmansk Regional Small & Medium Support Business Agency


   Slavutich, HP-ORT Digital Community Centre

   Kiev, ORT-Technology Lyceum

   Lviv, ORT-Career Centre


Irina Silaeva, Head of PR Department, ORT Russia


Threefold victory in Regional Contest of Cinema-Photo-Video Creativity


Students working at School's Video Studio 

At once 3 films of students of the Samara school # 42 ORT Gesher won Regional Contest of Cinema-Photo-Video Creativity Volshebnyi Lutch (Magic beam).


The founder of this contest is Ministry of Science and Education of Samara region and its organizer is Regional Centre of Aesthetical Education at the Centre of Youth Socialization.


Students of Samara school # 42 ORT Gesher suggested three films at the 2nd age category (14-17 years old) and received 3 diplomas in different nomination.

These projects were made by 11th grade students (graduates of the previous two years) with the participation of the other school students of different age.


1st Degree Diploma in video-clip nomination was delivered to Valeria Pogodina for the comic video about school on the soundtrack The Song of the Underachiever Student


2nd Degree Diploma in social advertisement nomination to Vladimir Sysoev for the advertising video The Last Day in Your Life aimed to promote licensing software purchasing.


3rd Degree Diploma in documentary nomination to Vladislav Koryagin for the video That is Our School in which the school viewed by newcomer primary school student was presented.  

Supervisor of the projects suggested by Samara school # 42 ORT Gesher   is Computer Science and ICT teacher Irina Pogodina.

Films have been made within the frames of school optional course "Video Technology" which is also conducted by Irina Pogodina.

Irina said: This victory means a prestige for our school. And a possibility of sharing experience with other schools studios as well. It is also an independent high estimation of our activity. We are always trying to present our students works for various contests. And our victories are stimulated other students for better work. They ask:"Would you suggest our works for this contest or that? Would they be demonstrated in some schools action? It is a great thing for students motivation".  

Alexander Fradkov, ORT Technology Centre Director, Samara

Ace ORT student


Ruslan Aiginin is a graduate of

Kazan secondary school # 12

ORT "Mishpahteinu"



Vladislav Kaganov is a graduate of

Moscow Gymnasia # 1540

Moscow ORT Technology School



An ORT student has his home town of Kazan abuzz with news that he scored a perfect 100 in his computer science high school graduation examination.


ORT Mishpahteinu student Ruslan Aiginins stunning achievement as Tatarstans only perfect scorer in the exam prompted the republics Deputy Minister of Science and Education, Ludmila Nugumanova, to congratulate the schools teachers on television for their commitment and skill in nurturing such a fine student.

Ruslan,18, is one of only 61 of the 67,504 students who passed the Russia-wide computer science exam to do so without a single mistake. In the predominantly Muslim autonomous Republic of Tatarstan, 1,252 people passed the exam with an average mark of 57 per cent. But Ruslans result is just the tip of the iceberg of ORTs achievement in teaching technology to teenagers.

Most ORT Russia students scored more than 80 per cent in the computer science exam, placing them in the top seven per cent of graduates; among them was Vladislav Kaganov, a student at Moscow ORT Technology School, who was one of only 197 students across the country to score 99 per cent.


Irina Silaeva, Head of PR Department, ORT Russia


The student of the Samara school # 42 ORT "Gesher won the International Contest of Genealogical Trees



Just the fourteenth year international contest of family trees is conducted at the Museum of the Jewish Diaspora (Beit a-tfutsot) and under the aegis of "NADAV" foundation. It is aimed to support the initiative of students to study history of their families more deeply and gives the chance to include their genealogical trees into the database of the Jewish genealogical centre and to guarantee by that that this important information will be kept for the next generations and will facilitate the communications with other families.

This year more than 20,000 students took part in the contest.

Among participants from the CIS countries the students of the Samara school # 42 ORT Gesher Yana Levitan became the winner of competition "History of my family". Her supervisor is a teacher of the Jewish history and tradition Simona Fleisher.

Introduction of Yanas presentation is: My name is Yana Levitan. I am the student of the 7th grade of the Jewish school of Samara. I decided to take part in this project because it is important for me and my family to continue the work of my grandfather Pavel Finkelstein. Many years ago he had become interested in history of our big amicable family and had written and published the book And keeping treasured light . Having read this book I understood, that its me who should study our family tree further. And I decided to investigate my branch of our big family tree.


Simona Fleisher said:Contest organizers let participants choose the form of suggesting materials by themselves. We decided to make computer presentation that allows us to present the great amount of materials, documents, photos and memoirs, in aesthetical and at the same time readable form, to trace internal connection between the history of country, history of Jewish people and defined family history. The problem is that child at the age as Yana is, usually does not interested in family history very much, and doesnt understand precisely the great value of possibility to see grandma and grandpa and to speak with them. Such projects motivate children to know the history of their families, to be proud of their ancestors and their roots.

Great events of human history, for example as II World War, are rather far past for contemporary children. But through the studying of family history they understand the history as a whole and the history of Jewish people especially more deeply.

Victory is always stimulated. Last year we received the encouragement prize but this year it was a victory. To win in the international contest is a great prestige for our school. And besides this it is an experience of international cooperation. I am as a teacher interested in such work very much. Such projects motivate students for independent researches and investigations. And supervising these projects teacher learns to motivate students for independent thinking.

It is a great pity that because of economic crisis and lack of money Yana and her parents could not go to Israel and to receive the prize personally. Of course it disappointed Yana very much.

We are going to prepare another student to participate in this contest next year but we do not know what to do with the out of possibility to get prize in Israel as a motivation.

I also should say that during the last 5 years we realizing the project My family for the 4th grade students at our school. At the end of the academic year they have a great holiday with their parents and defend there their projects. When Yana was primary student she participated in this project.



Alexander Fradkov, ORT Technology Centre, Samara


Three schools of ORT Russia received the Hewlett-Packard grant



Three schools of ORT Russia have been selected for funding of the 2009 HP Innovation in Education Grant award.  Among the several proposals submitted from the secondary schools of the Russian Federation there were 9 schools selected including those ORT ones as Gymnasia # 1540 (former Secondary School # 1299), School # 550 in St Petersburg  and Samara Secondary School # 42.

The grant includes several HP technology solutions (22 HP Tablet PCs, 2 HP wide screen LCD Monitors, 2 HP Office jet All-in-one and 2 HP Wireless Access Points) and some cash grant for the principal investigator to use to support the work of the project.

On behalf of the Managing Director HP Russia, VP HP, Mr Owen Kemp the congratulation letters were sent for the administration of ORT Schools in Moscow, St Petersburg and Samara, in which he said: With only 50 selected proposals in Europe, the Middle East and Africa, your educational institution is part of an elite cohort dedicated to enhancing degree programs in engineering, computer science, information systems, and information technology the innovations that are possible at the intersection of teaching, learning, and technology. We are very excited to have the opportunity to partner with you and your institution as you implement your project and develop your institution's technology capacity for the benefit of your students. Congratulations again. Thank you for your commitment to education and for seeking new ways to transform the learning environment in ways that positively affect student achievement.

Information on Hewlett-Packard web-site


Irina Silaeva, Head of PR Department, ORT Russia

Results of ORT CIS Photo Competition are summarized


At the beginning of June the results of ORT CIS photo competition was summarized.  The main objectives of this action were integration of the Jewish and Technology education in ORT Schools and Centres; developing of students creative ability; increasing their motivation, especially those who had been the participants of educational programs "The March of the Living" and "Masa Shorashim".

This year students of the following schools and lyceums took part in competition: the Moscow Gymnasia # 1540 (Moscow ORT Technology School), the Samara school # 42 (ORT Gesher),  ORT Technology Centre at the 'Levi Yitzchak Schneerson' Ohr Avner School # 144,  Kiev ORT technology Lyceum, Odessa ORT school # 94 and St.-Petersburg school # 274 (ORT Yerushalaim) and Zaporoije Jewish Gymnasium ORT "Aleph".

Works of the students


Anna Michurina, Senior expert of R&D Department of ORT CIS


ORT-St Peterrsburg won the grant of "Charities Aid Foundation"





On May, 27th the Expert Council of the third open tender of social projects within the frames of the program The World That Is Opened For All of charity organisation CAF (Charities Aid Foundation) included the educational project of ORT-SPb The Dialogue without Borders in the list of grant winners in direction of the social aid for aged people.

The project The Dialogue without Borders, offered by ORT-Spb will allow 120 aged Petersburgers being trained on work with PC.

Timeline of the project realisation is from September 2009 till May, 2010. During this time in computer classes of ORT St Petersburg 12 groups of pensioners will be trained. They should get acquainted with computer techniques and get skills of using modern computer technologies and of working in Internet and Skype program and other communication programs.

The project aim is not simply to train pensioners in working with PC. New knowledge should help aged people to communicate with relatives, to realize their creative ideas and may be for someone to find new job.


Information about tender's results

Elena Makarova, PR Manager, ORT-St Petersburg 


The unusual surprise for veterans was prepared by ORT specialists in St Petersburg


Alexander Leonidovich Ioffe communicates with his friend with the help of Skype program


On May, 8th the aged people, trained on ORT computer courses, had an opportunity to congratulate their messmates and friends by means of Skype program.

Alexander Leonidovich Ioffe (the knight of the Award of Patriotic War of the 1st degree) made the first call to Chelyabinsk, to his messmate on Academy of Communication. With him we had started to study together, in 1938. Then war began and we did not communicate with each other for a long time . The possibility to see the friend, to congratulate with a holiday so sacred for them by means of the Internet was not a novelty for Alexander Leonidovich he is already the advanced user, within an inch of becoming the graduate of ORT computer courses. I speak with you on the Internet. On Skype! And dont you have such program? It is a pity, so it is so convenient to communicate  

Almost free calls to different cities of Russia, in far and near abroad give huge pleasure to pensioners. And is it possible to call to America? Yes but not just now, it is night there, I dont want awake them. One of the student has shown the successes to her grandson living in other city proudly there are no secrets for her in the Internet web and  it will be possible to communicate more often.

Elena Makariva, PR Manager, ORT-St Petersburg


Animation films of students of the Samara ORT School won the Diploma of the All-Russia Contest "First steps"



Animation films of "Jonah" and The Flood", made by students of the Samara school 42, ORT "Geser",  won the 1st degree Diploma of winners of  the All-Russia Open Contest of Research, Design and Creative Works of Students "First Steps" 2008-2009.

Several years during the classes of Tradition children create animation films on the theme Torah Stories. This work allows acquainting children with the basic Jewish values and concepts, references and characters more deeply. The project supervisor the teacher of History and Traditions of the Jewish People of Simona Fleisher purpose the following objects for herself:



  • To use animation films as a didactic material at the lessons of History and Tradition of Jewish people and other integrated lessons;
  • To develop humanitarian culture of school students, to aggregate them into the values of national and world culture, to bring up tolerance and respect for history, culture, traditions of their and other people.

  Alexander Fradkov, Director of the ORT Technology Centre, Samara


Festival of Martial Song had passed at the School no 550, ORT Gunzburg "Shorashim



On May, 8th on the threshold of Victory Day celebrating students of the School no 550, ORT Gunzburg "Shorashim invited members of the Society of the Great Patriotic War Veterans, Schools administration and parents for a concert. 

School students prepared 19 numbers which touched souls of all who was sitting in the Assembly Hall deeply. The concert was unordinary, and what is the most important thing, it was unforgettable. Students of the senior classes had thought up the small musical-literary sketches on a theme of the Great Patriotic War, and teachers had helped children to make the suits. Younger children were awarded with applauses for the song Let a sun will be always there. With special enthusiasm and with active support of auditorium children sang a hymn of Jewish guerrilla in 3 languages Russian, Yiddish and Hebrew. Teachers of the Branch of Jewish subjects had helped students to learn it.


Elena Makarova, PR manaer, ORT-St Petersburg 

Teacher of the Samara ORT School is awarded by the Diploma of the All-Russia Festival of Pedagogical Ideas



Teacher of Computer Science and ICT of the Samara School no 42, ORT "Gesher", Natalia Fomenko is awarded by the Diploma of the All-Russia Festival of Pedagogical Ideas Open Lesson 2008/2009. Natalia has presented at the festival her development Training Materials Pack on Computer Science on the Theme Symbolical variables.

Alexander Fradkov, Director of the ORT Technology Centre, Samara

Moscow ORT Technology School received the government status of Gymnasia



During the several months the staff and audience of the Moscow ORT Technology School strived for passing the licensing process for getting the status of Grammar School.

The experts of Board of accreditation were working at the School and there was the Meeting of the City Committee of the Schools Accreditation.

All was successful and on April, 17th, 2009 the Moscow Department of Education issued the order about the accreditation of the Secondary School no 1299 with profound study of Technology (Moscow ORT Technology School) as a Gymnasia no 1540.

As the Schools Principal Dr Marina Moiseeva stated that is a sign of a high estimation given by the government educational authorities for the quality of work of the Schools staff.

It means the increasing of the number of hours for additional and optional courses and hobby circles  within the Schools official curriculum; very high official status of the Hebrew and subjects of Jewish cycle  as a leading subjects of Liberal Arts; changing  the rates of teachers salary. 

Model of Gymnasia that is to be realized in Moscow ORT Technology School supposed the providing students with the profound academic knowledge by the means of up-to-date ICT environment and using all the possible technology facilities for developing creative abilities and academic level of students. 

Dr Moiseeva said: "We will start to change the school curriculum and settle new terms with staff. However, because of the economic crisis, we may not receive the additional funds before the start of the next school year so we have adopted a slower, step-by-step approach than we would otherwise have done".

Irina Silaeva, Head of PR Deaprtment, ORT Russia; Marina Moiseeva, Principal, Gymnasia # 1540 (Moscow ORT Technology School)

The victory of Samara Secondary School no 42 ORT Geser in All-Russia Contest First Steps


The teacher of the Primary grades of  Samara school no 42, ORT "", Marina Strygina and the graduate of the  2008 Roman Meerson were included into the number of medal winners of the All-Russia Open Contest of Research, Design and Creative Works of Students "FIRST STEPS" 2008-2009 in nominations "History of times and people" with animation "Chocolate bar" (stories about the Holocaust). Work was conducted together with the 6th grade during the classes of the History of  Jewish people.

In total 2442 works had been presented for contest, in the given nomination - 306 ones. 

To help students of the primary and middle school to feel and understand theme of Catastrophe of the European Jewry in the days of the II World war, - Marina Alekseevna considers, - it is necessary to create at the lessons the spiritual atmosphere causing their condolence and sympathy to victims. It is promoted also by the method of projects. Using it at cartoon film creation, students become the subjects of informative activity. This project allows not only to learn history of the Jewish people better, but also helps each student to generate the personal feeling to the Holocaust.

 Evariste Galois Medal - the main award of the contest

Alexander Fradkov,  ORT Technology Centre Director, Samara


Three teachers of ORT Schools in St Petersburg became the winners of the President of the Russian Federation Grant


Nadezhda Belova, History teacher of the school no. 550, ORT-Gunzburg "Shorashim", Vera Egorova, Biology teacher of the same school, and Irina Bobrova, Primary School teacher of the school no. 274, ORT "Yerushalaim" became the winners of the President grant in the contest organised within the frames of the Priority National Project "Education" in St.-Petersburg  .

Participants of the contest were estimated by the great jury who after long work chose representatives of ORT schools - according to experts and colleagues opinion they looked most professionally, convincingly and competently.



It is necessary to underline that the present victory is not the first in the history of school 550. Almost annually teachers of school 550, ORT-Gunzburg "Shorashim" received prize-winning places in the most prestigious competitions of pedagogical skill both city and federal levels, and in 2007 the School had received the prestigious award for introduction of innovative educational programs within the frames of the Priority Project "Education". Now we are waiting for autumn when the results of the contest Master Steps in Art of Education will be summed up in which three more teachers of the School are participating.


For the School no. 274, ORT "Yerushalaim" Irina Bobrova's success became a logic consequence of the victory of 2008 when it was included into number of the schools introducing innovative educational programs, became the winner of the National Priority Project "Education" and received the grant of 1 million roubles in 2008.

The victories in competition of this year became the next acknowledgement of high level of skill of teachers of ORT Schools.

Elena Makarova, PR Manager, ORT-St Petersburg


English Language with a Computer Support - the New Project of the St Petersburg Vocational Training Centre "ORT-Career"



On April, 21st, the first graduation of the course English language with a computer support was taking place. It is the new project of the Vocational Training Centre "ORT-Career" in St Petersburg, and the group which had finished its training is the first graduates.

The group of the next level will begin English language courses training on May, 5th, and its big part is consisted of the graduates of the first group, wishing to continue their learning. And there are the plans for  carrying out of an intensive language course in summer.

 Students' responces about the course

 Elena Makarova, PR manager, ORT-St.-Petersburg


Traditional Day of Projects passed at Secondary School 550, ORT-Gunzburg Shorashim



The 9th year Day of Projects was conducted at the School successively. On April, 9th since the early morning the work was humming in schools recreations and classes. Having forgotten about lessons, students of School no. 550 and their companions from one more ORT school in St Petersburg, School no. 274 "Yerushalaim, presented, compared and discussed results of their creative and scientific activity.


According to Grigory Vodopyan, Deputy Principal of School no. 550, ORT-Gunzburg Shorashim: The main task of such action as Day of Projects is independent creative activity of students of different classes and age on making new, actual scientific and creative works, best of which will be presented at the city and international conferences of school students.

Projects in the field of Foreign Languages, History and Traditions of Jewish people, Maths and Chemistry, History, Sports, Robotics and Design have been provided for indictment of competent and impartial jury. Younger school students prepared the small performances united by the general theme Hi, A Fairy Tale. This year the record was made: more than 60 school students united for work on the single project You, I, he and she are the new country together. Creation of the virtual country, having the alphabet, customs and culinary traditions became the result of amicable work. 

Certainly, such interesting day could not pass without mass-media support. Young reporters interviewed developers of projects, found out the most interesting details of work on new projects and recollected interesting stories of already last years, photographers clicked cameras non-stop, trying to embody interesting shots. Under the supervision of ORT-St Petersburg PR Manager they have thought up the names for nominations in which awarded winners.

The most innovative project, the best scientific exhibition of year, the best application of the theory in practice, the most useful project for health, the most independent, patriotic, resourceful, tolerant projects these and many other names sounded in assembly hall of the School during the rewarding of participants of Day of the Project by medals and the memorable prizes made in Schools Technology Lab.

And a finishing chord of the day became the photo-presentations prepared by young reporters and shown to all interested person on Conclusion of the 9th school Day of Projects of the School no. 550, ORT-Gunzburg Shorashim.

Elena Makarova, PR Manager, ORT-St Petersburg


Students and teachers of the Samara school no. 42 ORT "Geser" became the winners of Regional Open Contest of Engineering Graphics


Virtual museum creation: designing and manufacturing of three-dimensional computer model of an ancient iron

Students and teachers of the Samara school no. 42 ORT "Geser" became the winners of Regional Open Contest Engineering Graphics and Its Application for Manufacturing.


Internal round of this contest was on April, 16th 2009 in Tolyatti (it near to Samara).


Contest was though "regional", but "opened". Therefore as schools, and institutions of vocational training, and Universities not only from Samara and the Samara region, but so from the other regions of Russia participated in it.


Students and teachers of the Samara school no. 42 ORT "Geser" presented their works in the following nominations:

  • Modelling of three-dimensional objects in CAD and CAD/CAM systems;
  • Modelling and designing in CAD/CAM systems and manufacturing of products on machine tools with CNC.


Works were the following:

  1.      Reseda Ibyatullova and Ajgul Hajrullina, students of the 8th grade. The supervisor: O.A.Parodina, Technology teacher.The project The tablets for registration of racks in school library designing and manufacturing on the machine tool with CNC.
  2.      Ivan Voronovsky, the student of the 11th grade. The supervisor: I.V.Pogodina, the teacher of Computer Science.The project Virtual museum creation: designing and manufacturing of three-dimensional computer model of an ancient iron.
  3.     Ivan Didenko, the student of the 11th grade. The supervisor: I.V.Pogodina, the teacher of Computer Science.The project Designing and manufacturing of three-dimensional model of the laptop.
  4.     Michael Tyrants, the student of the 9th grade. The supervisor: I.V.Pogodina, the teacher of Computer Science.The project The Gift for the Winner of Contest of the Author's Songs: Designing and Manufacturing of Three-dimensional Model of a Guitar.
  5.     Xenia Garaeva, the student of the 9th grade. The supervisor: I.V.Pogodina, the teacher of Computer Science.The project The Gift for the Valentine's Day: Designing and Manufacturing of Three-dimensional Model of Pendant.
  6.      G.G.Pavkina, the Technology teacher.Instruction of teaching lesson Two Projections Construction of Three-dimensional Model of the Hollow Solid Truncated by a Plane.
  7.      A.B.Beilin, A.I.Fradkov, specialists of ORT Samara Technology Centre.Teaching package "CAD/CAM Technologies in Education".

All works provoked a great interest, as of external jury, so of the other participants of the contest.

Alexander Fradkov. ORT Technology Centre Director, Samara


The teacher of the Samara school 42, ORT "Geser", became the winner of the President of the Russian Federation award





Natalia Fomenko, the teacher of the Samara school 42, ORT "Geser", became the winner of the President of the Russian Federation award.

Natalia is a teacher of Computer Science and Information Technology of the Samara school 42, ORT "Geser" and she is a teacher of the highest category.

Contest was organized within the frames of the National Priority Project "Education" and as a result of the competitive selection Natalia Fomenko was included into the number of the best teachers of the Samara region in 2009.

Natalia Fomenko became the third teacher of the Samara school 42, ORT "Geser" who will receive this award.

In 2007, 2008 as one of the best teachers of the Samara region the following teachers were recognised:

  •             Irina Pogodina, the teacher of Computer Science and Information Technology, 2007;
  •             Simona Fleisher the teacher of the Jewish Culture and Traditions of the Jewish people, 2008.


Alexander Fradkov, ORT Technology Centre Director, Samara

Article about HP-ORT GET-IT Centre in Tula posted on GET-IT Website


On GET-IT Website the article about HP-ORT GET-IT  Centre activity in the Tula Boarding School for Deaf People was posted.

Sergey Gorinskiy, Deputy Director, ORT Russia 

Visit of the Public Affairs Officer of the USA Embassy in Belarus Republic in ORT Chagall Technology Centre in BSU



On April, 7th, 2009 the meeting of students and teachers of Department of Modern Foreign Languages and Cultural Science of Faculty of Foreign Affairs of BSU with the Public Affairs Officer of the Embassy of USA in Belarus Republic Mrs. Caroline Savage who presented the report on Higher Education System in USA was taking place.

Presentation provoked a great interest of audience and caused many questions answered by Mrs. Savage in details.

Mrs. Savage visited ORT Chagall Technology Centre in BSU and was amazed by the facilities of the centre and its work.

On the photo from left to right:Frants Korzjuk  ORT Chagall Technology Centre in BSU Director; Lydia Zhuk the Teacher of Computer Science who conducted the training with the group during the visit; Caroline Savage - the Public Affairs Officer of the Embassy of USA in Belarus Republic; Igor Markhasev  Head of the Chair of Foreign Languages of Department of Modern Foreign Languages  and Cultural Science of the Faculty of Foreign Affairs of BSU; Zelik Pinhasik  Head  of Department of Cultural Science and Modern Foreign Languages of Faculty of Foreign Affairs of BSU ; Igor Zjablitsev the employee of Embassy of the USA in Belarus Republic.

Frants Korzjuk, ORT Chagall Technology Centre in BSU Director, Minsk 

The Vocational Training Centre "ORT-Career" in Yekaterinburg participates in computer business game



The Vocational Training Centre "ORT-Career" in Yekaterinburg has taken part in carrying out of First City Championship on Computer Business Game "Maximum" within the frames of the project Startap A Small Business Forum.

On April, 4th-5th 9 teams of various business structures of Yekaterinburg on the laptops given by the ORT Center, simulated development of the virtual business. The business game, developed by experts of the Moscow State University by M.V.Lomonosov, represents a step-by-step business stimulator in which a team (or individual participant) manage the virtual enterprise working in the competitive environment.

Thus the computer gives the detailed information on results of enterprises activity of the each step of game, as data of book keeping, financial and tax reporting, a great number of administrative reports, including the rating report of teams-competitors. Distinctive feature of the program is that book keeping and taxation questions are strictly corresponding to the Russian legislation.

ORT team consisted of listeners of GET-IT program Information Technology for Beginning Entrepreneurs, developed by Hewlett-Packard Corporation,. Organizers and participants of the championship estimate the experience received of game as very interesting and useful as for operating so for beginning entrepreneurs.


Galina Brusnitsyna, ORT VTC Director, Yekaterinburg


Minister of Education of Lithuania, Mr. Gintaras Steponavichius visited ORT Vilnius school





On March 30, 2009 Minister of Education of Lithuania, Mr. Gintaras Steponavichius visited ORT Vilnius school named after Sholom-Aleichem.

He got to know school, its history, activities and future plans, he also had a tour over facility, classes an laboratories. In Physics class students demonstrated him how do they work with the system NOVA 5000 and train for the last tour of contest Young scientists of European Union.

Teachers and students told Minister about IT using for educational process and the multimedia boards were shown to Minister. At ORT Center Minister met with all school staff, discussed with teachers school problems, such as lack of facilities and Gym, also slides about school work days have been shown to Minister.

Mr. Steponavicjius was deeply impressed and didnt scrimp on compliments to the school and its teachers. The meeting was at warm and friendly atmosphere.


Misa Jakobas, Principal of Vilnius ORT Shalom Aleichemo Jewish School

ORT Photo Contest begins its work


On April, 1, 2009, ORT Photo Contest begins its work.  It has the following nominations: the photo, the slide show and the poster.

Preparatory stage of the contest is to be conducted by teachers of ORT Centre from April, 1, till May, 22, 2009.

At this time participants are offered to prepare photowork based on the materials collected during the trips till 2009, and also to collect and to process the new material on the trip to Belarus on April, 19-27, 2009.

All works of participants should be presented for Jury till May, 22, 2009 and be sent to (with a subject "photo contest").

Contests results will be published till June, 1, 2009. Winners and the teachers supervising their work, will be awarded by the diplomas and the gifts from ORT in the CIS and Baltic States. The best works will be presented on a site of ORT in CIS.

Anna Michurina (Pakhomova), Senior Expert, R&D Department of ORT in the CIS, Ukraine


Leading Moldova mass-media: World ORT projects promote education of Moldovas youth



Article devoted to activity of ORT Moldova has been published in leading Russian-speaking mass-media of Moldova Republic on March, 24th, 2009.


There the positive assessment of ORT work on promotion and popularisation of technology education not only in ORT educational institutions, but also in in educational system of Moldova as a whole and positive responses from the side the Head of Central Administrative Board of Education, Youth and Sports of Kishinev and the Adviser of the Kishinev Municipal Council are given.

As a subject caused the publication was the Kishinev City Olympic Games of Computer Science "INFO_OFIS" which is traditionally takes place at the ORT Lyceum named by B.Z.Gertzel.

The Olympic Games are organised by the Public Institution "Educational Resources and Technology Training" in oldova Republic (ORT Moldova) and passes under the aegis and with the financial support of Miron Shor Foundation.


On the photo: President of ORT Moldova Mr Ilan Shor, Director of ORT Technology Centre in Kishinev Mr Vitaly Kirillov,  Chief Expert in Computer Science of Central Department of Education of Kishinev Mrs Svetlana Golubeva and  Director General  of of Central Department of Education of Kishinev Mrs Tatyana Nagnibeda-Tverdohleb hand over the Olympic Games diplomas

Links for publications:

"Nezavisimaya Moldova" newspaper ("Independent Moldova")

RIA "Novosti"

Article was also published in the printed version of "Nezavisimaya Moldova" (Circulation 11 200 )

 Irina Silaeva, Head of PR Department, and Vitaly Kirillov, ORT Technology Centre Director, Kishinev  


ORT-St.-Petersburg participated at the International Forum The Senior Generation


During the period March, 19-22, 2009, ORT-St.-Petersburg participated at the International Forum The Senior Generation which annually took place in Lenexpo under support of St.-Petersburg Administration.

ORT participated in such event for the first time. The training course Personal Computer for Aged People which is the authorial development of "ORT-St.-Petersburg experts, was submitted to consideration of visitors of an exhibition.

Actuality of this course was estimated by organisers of the forum  in the full extent: despite high prices of exhibition places at a forum, the biggest and the most convenient stand in the whole pavilion had been provided for ORT Computer Lab free of charge.

Workshop at the ORT Computer Class


Certainly, it is impossible to train the person being incompetent with the personal computer before during the one hour workshop. ORT experts put before themselves simpler, but no less important task: to show aged people that they can master their computer skills and use PC in their everyday life.

Really, diffidence stopped many of them just before the beginning of workshops: whether it will be possible to keep a mouse in the hands; whether they would be able to remember how to turn on the computer; whether they could understand what the teacher would say - all these questions often sounded near the ORT mount. Besides, many of those coming to the exhibition had a negative experience of explanations of bases of computer literacy by children, grandchildren and younger friends.

In interview given to correspondents of several TV channels and the radio stations accredited at the forum participants of workshops underlined with gratitude professional skills of ORT teachers, their ability to make simple and clear the facilities so difficult for pensioners, their willingness to inspire the audience self-assurance. The plot about what had happened at the ORT mount was shown on air of Vesti news program on "Russia" TV channel

Thus the pensioners who had come these days to ORT mount, really need computer: for working with memoirs, mailing with children living apart, for grandchildrens breeding, scientific and literary works formatting.


Despite the fact that organizers of an exhibition provided ORT with the biggest area, and teachers gave workshops one by one, all people interested could not get training. People specially came to exhibition to study, invited their acquaintances, stayed several hours behind the backs of more successful visitors, observing of their actions attentively and even summarising each word of teachers. Already at the first day of the forum almost all places for workshops had been enlisted. It is necessary to note that interest to ORT activity was demonstrated not only by aged people, many other came to Forum in order to see what the computer training was there, and registered for courses.

Vice-governor of St.-Petersburg Mrs Ludmila Kostkina at the ORT mount (ORT-St.-Petersburg Director Marina Sorokina on the right)

Workshops provoked interest not only by ordinary visitors of the exhibition, but by representatives of the official delegation participating in solemn opening ceremony of the forums well.

In her speech at ceremony of official opening of the Forum the Vice-governor of St.-Petersburg Mrs Ludmila Kostkina underlined that There is a new direction of work in the City: training programs for pensioners... The focus on the computer with all the possibilities which it gives could become one of new forms of leisure of aged persons...

During visiting of ORT mount Mrs Kostkina especially noted educational initiatives of experts of ORT-St.-Petersburg. Also she accepted with pleasure a computer album Jews of Petersburg. Three centuries of history as a gift from the ORT-St. Petersburg Director Mrs Marina Sorokina.

Forum organisers delivered to Marina Sorokina the Diploma of Participation and expressed the hope that ORT again will take part in the Forum next year. But the best award for ORT employees were the happy faces of pensioners who had understood that they can be successful with a difficult from their opinion facilities and hastened to register for the further training on ORT courses.

It is early to dismiss us, - one of the participants has told after the workshop.


Elena Makarova, PR manager, ORT- St.-Petersburg


The team of students of Odessa ORT School won the 1st place on the regional ICT Olympic Games



The team of students of Odessa ORT School no. 94 won the 1st  place on the regional ICT Olympic Games  

On March, 13 on the basis of the Odessa  ORT Technology Centre the annual ICT Olympic Games already become traditional among School students of Odessa and the Odessa region passed. This year there 12 teams arrived on the Olympic Games. Each of them had become the winner of the preliminary stage and had passed selection round before these competitions.

The best students of the senior grades  entered into a line-up of  ORT School no. 94: Bella Engonga (11 grade), Pavel Gelebjan (10 grade) and Sasha Brodsky (8 grade).

There was a challenge children faced on working out the documents of the certain travel company which employees they became for the period of the Olympic Games, including site creation, search of the ciphered information in the Internet, working out of logo and documentation preparation. It took 3 hours for students to make all tasks and to present and defence the work brightly.

We congratulate the students and their supervisor Mr Igor Kot with a victory!

Anna Michurina, Senior Expert of R&D Deprtment, ORT CIS, Ukraine

Bar-Mitzvah and Bat-Mitzvah ceremony for the students of Minsk ORT School


On March, 7, 2009 in the Centre of Education of the Jewish Agency for Israel in Belarus Republic celebrating Bath-Mitzvah and the Bar-Mitzvah celebration for 21 students of  7 Ż grade of  Secondary School no.132 in Minsk (ORT School named by Bialik) took place.

Director of ORT Russia presented CD-ROMs to children


There were present at the ceremony: Consul of the State Israel in Belarus Republic Mr Asaf Bracha; ORT Russia National Director Mr Viatcheslav Leshchiner; the Head of Representative of the Jewish Agency for Israel in Belarus Republic Mr. Igor Gitelman; the Israeli Envoy at ORT School named by Bialik Mrs. Miriam Milstein; Principal Mrs. Alla Garus; teachers, parents and relatives of students.

Also there were 6 representatives of the Jewish Community of Atlanta. The teacher of Atlantas Jewish school delivered a salutatory speech and gave to children the best respects from Atlantas students and presented the gifts, made by their hands.

Mr. Leshchiner also congratulated children with this significant day and has handed over them CD-ROMs Aleph-Beth about Israel, produced by the team of ORT-St.-Petersburg".

Visitors and parents said words of severance to children entering the adult life, wished them a health, success and good luck and lighted candles. Then the carrying out of a roll of a Torah followed and the Rabbi Grigory Abramowitz ran the ceremony. Students went to a roll of a Torah and read it under the supervision of Rabbi who finished his part of ceremony by blessing.

Children demonstrated the songs, dances and the small Purimspiel performance.

The atmosphere was solemn and easy at the same time. At the nearby room parents prepared sweet refreshments for children and visitors. The holiday provoked genuine interest and active participation of parents, relatives, teachers and guests.

Frants Korzjuk, ORT Chagall Technology Centre Director, Minsk


ORT-St.-Petersburg had taken part in annual District Fair of Vacancies


Flyer of the VTC "ORT-Career" in St.-Petersburg


On March, 3, 2009 ORT-St.-Petersburg took part in annual Fair of Vacancies of the enterprises of Petrogradskiy District of St.-Petersburg.

More than two hundred people visited the fair organised by the Centre of Employment for the population of Petrogradskiy District under support of Committee of Labour and Employment for the population of St.-Petersburg.

The presentation of syllabuses of ORT-St.-Petersburg was conducted during the fair operating time: courses of Computer Literacy, Web-design and English language. At the ORT mount specialists of the Centres acquainted visitors of fair with training conditions, carried out consultations under the programs content, schedule and prices.

Also new ORT projects were supposed to attention of fairs visitors such as School of Career for students and graduates of Universities and the program Information Technology for Beginning Entrepreneurs (GET-IT) carried out in cooperation with Hewlett-Packard corporation.

Besides this, ORT specialists discussed the possibility of joint projects with other fairs participants: representatives of the large enterprises of the District, Colleges and Universities of St.-Petersburg.

Elena Makarova, PR Manager, ORT-St.Petersburg


The seminar on site building for beginning entrepreneurs in VTC "ORT-Career" in St.-Petersburg


[Translate to en:]


In  Vocational Training Centre "ORT-Career" in St.-Petersburg practical seminar within the frames of the program on information technology for beginning entrepreneurs realised jointly with Hewlett-Packard (GET-IT) took place on February, 22, 2009.

The seminar was devoted to such actual issues for entrepreneurs like these: what is necessary for a successful site creation; how to raise its citation and rating; how to involve visitors and to analyse a site overall performance; how to create own site with the minimum financial expenses and span time.

The primary task which organizers set was to show the simple and accessible technologies, allowing creating web sites without special knowledge in the field of programming.

Despite the day off the theme, being interesting and demanded, and possibility to receive advices of experts and skilled specialists involved more than 20 persons to the Centres laboratory.

The audience was inhomogeneous both on age, and on an operational experience, also base knowledge of the seminars participants differed essentially: students and business persons, housewives and representatives of mass-media, beginners-users and skilled programmers. But during training each listener could find something new, interesting and useful.

The interactive mode of study when listeners were constantly involved in discussions, work in groups became one of distinctive features of the seminar. Practical tasks, joint discussion of their performance and results allowed participants exchanging experience, expressing opinions and finding independent solving of the problems set before them. That is the uniqueness of the program developed by Hewlett-Packard that students do not receive ready answers but independently pass their way of knowing and as a result find that decision that is appropriate to them in the their individual circumstances.

The first part of the seminar was devoted not only to fast and effective web sites building, but to the issues of branding and promotion as well. This theme appeared to be the most interesting to audience and caused many questions. Participants got acquainted with the basic tools of optimisation and site promotion, have learnt the principles of working of the basic search systems. Lecture on topic Ways of an Estimation of Efficiency of Sites by Means of the Analytical Program and Processing of the Statistical Data Received became a pleasant bonus.

At the end of training participants were handed over with the certificates.

Atmosphere of creativity, active interest which was promoted by tutors helped listeners to lick a problem and to take pleasure of interesting and fruitful work.

The next seminar of the program is to be at the end of March.

Elena Makarova, PR Manager, ORT-St Petersburg


Galleries of masters was trained at VTC ORT-Career in Yekaterinburg



From February, 24 till February, 27 on the basis of Vocational Training Centre "ORT-Career" in Yekaterinburg a design team Gallery of masters which had been organised by the Professionally Oriented Resource Centre of Development of Vocational Training of Sverdlovsk area in sphere of art producing (PRC AP) was trained.

During 4 days managers and teachers of educational institutions of initial and secondary vocational training developed business ideas of creation of units of professionally oriented business incubator on the basis of the educational institutions.

Nowadays when the number of students is reduced sharply, material resources of institutions became outdated, creation and development of business structures on the basis of initial and secondary vocational training will allow providing additional financial flows, organising business practice for students and preparing the future young experts for the organisation of their own business.

For training of design team the materials of the course Information Technology for Beginning Entrepreneurs (HP-MEA-I) been added with materials on business to planning and discussion of the purposes and content of Gallery of masters project were used.

Representatives of initial and secondary vocational training institutions and experts of PRC AP were trained by the specialists of Vocational Training Centre "ORT-Career" and advisers of Regional Foundation of Support of Women Business. According the results of courses the on-line questioning had been organised which demonstrated the high efficiency and actuality of the trainings.

 Galina Brusnitsyna, VTC "ORT-Career" Director, Yekaterinburg


Seminar on Robotics has begun its work in Dnepropetrovsk



Educational seminar Studying the Bases of  Robotics at ORT Schools for teachers of ORT schools and centres has begun its work on February, 23, 2009 on the basis of ORT Technology Centre in Dnepropetrovsk (Ukraine). Twenty two teachers from eleven cities of Moldova, Russia, Ukraine and Estonia take part in  the seminar.

Main objectives of the seminar are: studying and practical using of NXT construction sets (Lego MindStorms); development of the base technique of teaching Robotics; creation of preconditions for improvement of teaching of a course on bases of Robotics or its initial introduction into the training program (on the basis of using Lego Education); studying of experience of organisation and functioning of optional courses of Robotics; introduction of Olympic Games system on Robotics.

The seminar was opened by the Director of ORT Russia Dr Viatcheslav Leshchiner. Then within the limits of a round table participants of the seminar discussed the issues connected with teaching of the given course at  ORT schools. Among the topic for discussion the following should be underlined: deterioration and obsolescence of the available equipment ("Robolab", RCX); a lack of hours in curriculum; taking into account the age and gender features of students at the training organisation.

Seminar was visited by the representatives of the press centre of the site of Dnepropetrovsk Jewish Community who have told about seminar in their news.

Then there will be the workshops on studying the bases of design and construction for the set 
Lego Mindstorms(NXT); bases of programming on Robolab 2.9; mini-competitions "Robot-athlete. Sumo, tug-of-war", "Walking Robots", "Motion in Path", "Travelling in a Labirint".


 Anna Michurina, Senior Expert of R&D Department of ORT CIS


The session of Board of Prefecture of North-East Administrative District of Moscow at the new building of the Moscow Technology College no. 14 (Moscow ORT Technology College)


Prefect of North-Eastern Administrative District Mrs. raber wrote at Guestbook (on the left side - College's Director Dr. Mironenko)

On February, 13, 2009 the session of Board of Prefecture of North-East Administrative District of Moscow  About Work on Preparation of Highly-Skilled Personnel in North-East Administrative District was held at the new building of the Moscow Technology College no. 14 (Moscow ORT Technology College). Under the supervision of  Prefect of North-East Administrative District Mrs Irina Raber representatives of business community, heads of the industrial enterprises, colleges and officials of Department of Education of Moscow discussed the possibilities and conditions of effective and mutually advantageous cooperation in preparation of personnel for District.

Students welcomed all visitors and participants. "Design" Faculty has given visitors a surprise of Fashion Show.

Mrs Raber who had made efforts for the college would receive a new modern building throughout several years has acted with a salutatory word before the gathered. In her speech Mrs. Raber has noted statistics pleasant for college and for district equally - 67 % of studetns on release found their job in native district. Recently entered this position, the First Deputy of the Head of Department of Education of Moscow Mr Victor Ivanov presenting at the ceremony stated warm words to pedagogical staff and students audience: To Worthy Staff a Worthy Building.

The great interest of visitors and participants of Board was provoked by tour on a new building. Students with pleasure and pride demonstrated possibilities of audiences, laboratories, studios and the halls of college equipped wiht advanced interactive, multimedia and technology facilities were the real hosts of this holiday. Photosession has been made in photographic studios and visitors with pleasure received a photocollage for memory of this significant event. The greatest impression has been made by visiting of a multipurpose hall of the College created within the frames of the Program "Personnel" in which The City of Masters has been demonstrated. Students of Faculty of Restaurant business created surprising compositions from vegetables and fruit, chocolate and caramel just in visitors presence. Creation process was displayed on the demonstration screens. Young designers demonstrated the work  of  digital embroider device, and representatives of faculty of Commerce demonstrated the art of celebratory packing. There is a great work ahead:  start of all educational laboratories, connection the Internet and the Intranet, an accomplishment of premises  and, of course, the main hope is for extension building in which the necessary workshops and studios, laboratories and offices should take places.

are pilot colleges of the future was stated by many participants of the Board.

The first records in the new Guest Book were congratulation and wishes of good luck from representatives of three social spheres the government, education and business. Mrs Raber has written with satisfaction: Hurrah, we were building, building and, at last, have constructed our HOUSE!!! Let the love and pleasure of creativity always reign in it.  Mr Ivanov, in his turn, addressed: My congratulations! With time and patience the leaf of mulberry becomes satin! Good luck! The Head of Building Company no 212 Mr V.Pozdnyakov has written with warmth: I transfer you this vessel which you should fill with soul and sense. Good luck and successes for many years! ".

(According the College's newspaper "Telegraph", special issue, February 2009)

Irina Silaeva(Shemyakina), Head of PR Department, ORT Russia

Results of Hewlett-Packard and World ORT cooperation are highly estimated


During the period February, 12-13 at the Atlas-Park hotel in Moscow the Hp Digital Forum was organised where were 50 participants of the realised by Hewlett-Packard Corporation (HP) invited. Among them there were 10 managers and teachers of joint projects of HP and World ORT.

There were Vice-President of HP, Managing Director of HP Russia Mr Owen Kemp; HP Business Development Mr Karel Vavruska; HP Labs Open Innovation Office Mr Igor Belousov; Head of HP Learning Centre Mr Vladimir Overchenko and HP Corporate Marketing Mrs Irina Efremova presented. 

Within the frames of separate meetings Deputy Director of ORT in the CIS and Baltic States Mr Sergey Gorinskiy supervised the section devoted to the GET-IT program realisation.

Training at the HP-ORT DCC Centre in Slavutych 

Within the frames of the Forum preparing HP Corporation organised the contest of projects. According the reviewing of the reports for the 2008 Mrs Larisa Saliy, Director of the HP-ORT DCC Centre in Slavutych (Ukraine) was recognised as The Best Manager.  

Mrs Saliy described her impressions of the Forum: This meeting has gathered the considerable quantity of participants, among whom representatives of schools, hospitals, universities, charitable foundations from Yakutsk up to a small Ukrainian Slavutych. Participation in such action gives wonderful opportunity to meet colleagues and partners, to exchange news and to work in creative and inspiring atmosphere effectively again. My award is an appreciation of work of all the staff of the Centre. For 5 years of work much was completed, much of that even was completed very well. Our centre plays the important role in ordinary life of small Slavutych. And this award is a serious case for our townspeople - visitors and students of Digital Community Centre to be proud. Unfortunately, the project DCC HP-ORT is finished. All obligations are carried out by the participants of the project. But the Centre, I hope, will not stop its functioning. We will participate in other projects, in particular, in projects connected with a business education for youth. And, certainly, we will continue our nowadays educational activity, to solve the problems put before us and to aspire to new achievements!

Seminar on Transfer of Technology at the MAP HP-ORT Centre in Samara

The high appreciation from the side of the Ministry of Economic Development, Investment and Trade of the Samara region was received by activity of the HP-ORT MAP Centre. On February, 6th, 2009 on behalf of the Minister of Economic Development, Investment and Trade of the Samara region Mr. G.R.Hasaev to Managing Director Russia Mr Owen Kemp,  Director of ORT Russia  Mr. Viatcheslav Leshchiner and the Director of the ORT Centre in Samara Mr. Alexander Fradkov the official letter was sent in which it is told: Two-year experience of functioning of the -ORT MAP Centre on the basis of the Regional Centre of Innovations and Transfer of Technologies in Samara region has shown the efficiency of the chosen way. There were more than 500 students according the programs Commercialization of results of scientific and technical activity, Participant of youth innovative competition (CLEVER PERSON),Creation and development of the  Centres of Transfer of Technologies and Competence Points,"START",Training and retraining of the faculty in the field of innovative business and others trained there. The experience accumulated there was reflected in articles and theses stated in Russian and the foreign mass media, was represented at the Russian and foreign exhibitions, has been marked by diplomas and awards. On the basis of the above-stated, and considering the modern tendencies of economic development as well, I look forward for the further expansion of your cooperation with the Samara region in the field of preparation of entrepreneurs, increasing Centres activity on the basis of modern innovative technologies.

In December 2008 the new Mobile Multimedia Computer Lab was provided to ORT School Mishpahteinu in Kazan, which has won the Hewlett-Packard grant in terms of the program Transforming teaching and learning through technology. The cooperation of ORT and HP made this event happened.

In Bulletin of HP Global Citizenship (January-February 2009) the interview with the Deputy Director of ORT in the CIS and Baltic States was published  (Discovering the success of GET-IT technology, through first hand experience)


Irina Silaeva (Shemyakina), Head of PR Department. ORT Russia, Belarus and Central Asia


Ambassador of the State of Israel in Belarus Republic visited ORT Technology Centre at the BSU




February 12, 2009 Ambassador of the State of Israel in Belarus Republic Mr. Edward Shapiro visited Department of Cultural Studies and Modern Foreign Languages of Faculty of the International Relations of the Byelorussian State University (BSU) for acquaintance with the facilities of the above-mentioned department. Visit of the Ambassador run on more an hour. He was accompanied by the Head of Department  Mr Zelik Pinkhasik. During the visit Mr Shapiro was seeing the  ORT Technology Centre at BSU which is on the same floor as Department of Cultural Studies and Modern Foreign Languages is. The Director of ORT Representative Office Mr Anatoly Grinberg acquainted the honoured guest with the problems the centre facing and the difficulties of their solving. The Ambassador promised a longer visit in the future and wished to ORT staff  a success in their educational work with students of the Department.


On the photo: Head of Department of Cultural Studies and Modern Foreign Languages of Faculty of the International Relations of the Byelorussian State University Mr Zelik Pinkhasik, Ambassador of the State of Israel in Belarus Republic Mr. Edward Shapiro , Director of ORT Representative Office in Belarus Mr Anatoly Grinberg

Frants Korziuk, ORT Technology Centre Director, Minsk

TV studio of the Centre of Education no. 1311 ORT "Techiya" on air of the TVC channel



February, 8, 2009 on central Moscow TV channel the plot about School television studio at the Moscow Centre of Education no.1311 (ORT "Techiya") has been shown. The plot was rather short, only five minutes of broadcasting time. But as the Director of the ORT Technology Centre at the Centre of Education no. 1311 Andrey Semenov wrote: Whether you really know what such a standard five-minute documentary plot means? It means departure on object and the whole working day for a film team of three persons. It means the subsequent viewing of the whole material and drawing up of editorial script. It means computer editing, submitting a plot to editor and correction of errors. In general, it takes for a week of work almost . All these subtleties are well-known for the students of the Centre of Education no. 1311 who are studying at the TV Studio of the ORT Technology Centre under the supervision of professional director Leonid Glikin.

There are some times in a year television releases about thirty five minutes long devoted to the Jewish holidays, important events and school life in  school open air. These releases include creative projects of students as well. And that is the most important thing, these releases are thought up, played, filmed, sounded and edited by students themselves. The Head of Studio Leonid Glikin told: Our School TV is the indispensable participant of many festivals of children's and youthful creativity. For five years of its functioning the quantity of prizes of winners of various prestigious contests and competitions has exceeded two ten. And the quantity of laureate diplomas and certificates of honour is difficult for counting up. We hope that the School TV already became the first step on a way to awards of the most prestigious international festivals for some students of our school. Give a time to do it! For now, there are awards, maybe, not so prestigious, as "Oscar", but as not less significant for us. Sunday 5 minute plot in the program Moscow week on TVC channel became such "intermediate" award for the whole school and, of course, for School TV Studio participants. This plot became recognition of our activity. It is pleasant for us that our achievements had been noticed and had been somehow estimated in general. Especially pleasantly that we did not hear about allowances concerning young age in this plot. Phrase that our School TV works seriously and it would be desirable to tell adult-like run through the plot. It means that the right direction of work was chosen!

Andrey Semenov, Director of ORT Technology Centre, Moscow Centre of Education no. 1311 ORT "Techiya"


Banner of the ORT School in Kazan won the first place



On February, 6, 2009 the team of the Secondary School no. 12, ORT "Mishpahteinu" has won first place for the best banner at the District competition of Young Traffic Policemen. The banner has been made by students of the 6th grade the day before, at the Technology lesson.

Semen Vayner, ORT Technology Centre Director, Kazan


Kharkov ORT Technology Centre became one of organisers of the exhibition Never Again, devoted to the memory of Holocaust victims


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On January, 27th, 2009 the Israeli cultural centre at the Embassy of the State of Israel in Ukraine, International Solomon University and Kharkov ORT Technology Centre under patronage of the Kharkov Mayor presented an action-and-exhibition Never Again! in municipal gallery (authors of the exhibition Alexander Elkin and Alexander Vinokur). Solemn opening had taken place with the participation of the mayor, representatives of the Kharkov regional and city administration, consuls of Israel, Poland and Russia in Kharkov, heads of the Kharkov Jewish organisations.

The exhibition Never Again! is a non-standard attempt to come closer to comprehension and understanding of Catastrophe as an unprecedented Drama in the history of the Jewish people. Creative symbiosis of art tools:  the text, photos and graphics has allowed to recreate a tragical Album of Memory of the Polish Jewrys life, which was the most numerous Jewish community to the Second World War and the most suffered in days of the Holocaust. In each work presented the counterpoint of the dry historic facts and voices of eyewitnesses of these events, modern views of monuments of the Tragedy and emotional author's interpretation which supplements them is twisted. Last pages of an album remain empty and should not be filled Never Again!

The main aim of the exhibition is to remind, first of all, to young generation about the terrible moments of our history, about tragedy of the whole people, constantly.

We are obliged to make all the possible that the idea of this exhibition Never Again! has been realised. It is impossible to let one people to kill other ones again. It is impossible to let those terrible minutes, hours, days and weeks which were suffered by the same people as we are, the Mayor Michael Dobkin noted.

Authors of the project prepared the exposition in multimedia version on CD. Each interested person can copy electronic Album of Memory asking organisers of action.

This info is prepared on the basis of article: Never Again! (On official site of the Eastern-Ukrainian Branch of International Solomon University)

Internet publications:

Photos are here

Article is prepared by the Irina Silaeva, Head of PT Department on the basis of materials of official site of the Eastern-Ukrainian branch of International Slolmon University

UNESCO Department at the Moscow ORT Technology School



On January, 25, 2009, the memorandum of cooperation has been signed between Secondary School no. 1299 (Moscow ORT Technology School) and UNESCO Department Society of knowledge and new information technology. After signing the memorandum, the School has received the certificate, testifying that Departments branch is opened on the basis of the School. From the Departments side memorandum and the certificate has been signed by Prof. V.Kinelev, Former Minister of Education of the Russian Federation, Moscow-WAO Education Advisor and Director of the UNESCO IITE.

Marina Moiseeva. Principal of the Secondary School no. 1299 (Moscow ORT Technology School)

ORT Technology Centre in Kazan received the letter of gratitude



ORT Technology Centre at the Kazan Secondary School no. 12, ORT "Mishpahteinu" received the gratitude letter from the District Department of Education for its achievement in development innovative education and promotion IT competence among the teaching community of other schools.

Semen Vayner, ORT Technology Centre Director, Kazan


Hatter Seminar examines nanotechnology



Some of the worlds leading experts in nanotechnology have been brought to London for the seventh annual World ORT Hatter Technology Seminar Nanotechnology and Material Science: From Research to Classroom.

The Hatter Seminars 18 participants science and technology teachers and other educators from Israel, Italy, South Africa, Lithuania, Russia, the Czech Republic, Mexico, Argentina, USA, France and Ukraine experienced  lectures, master-classes and presentations.  

During the period January 12-16, 2009 academics from the USA, Israel and United Kingdom are coming to ORT House to share their formidable knowledge of the engineering of functional systems at the molecular scale where the technology is now, how it is expected to develop, what coming generations will need to know to be able to ride the wave and how to teach it to them.

 Irina Silaeva (Shemyakina), Head of PR Department, ORT Russia, Belarus and Central Asia


ORT School in Odessa is a flagship of contemporary Ukrainian education


Sign of Honour


Odessa Specialised General ORT School no. 94 was awarded by the Sign of Honour For the valuable contribution to Ukrainian science and education development within the frames of public action Flagship of Contemporary Ukrainian Education organised by the Ministry of Science and Education of Ukraine.

According the results of the action the colourful photo album in Ukrainian and English described the best Ukrainian schools was published.

School in Odessa is the only ORT School in Ukraine that received this award. 



Anna Michurina (Pakhomova), Senior Expert of R&D Department of ORT CIS, Ukraine, Odessa 


Students of the Boarding School for Deaf Children will study new technologies actively


Children presented to the guests their handmade works.


Every December before the winter holidays office employees of different companies and organisations have to think about the gifts for business partners. As usual the choice is not wide and original.

This year ORT Russia decided not to present standard gifts and to give to all their friends the possibility to make a miracle, act of kindness.  

December 12, 2008 jointly with Vice-president HP, Managing director of HP Russia Mr Owen Kemp and HP Business Development Director Mr Karel Vavruska, Deputy Director of ORT Russia Sergey Gorinskiy and 8 teachers of HP-ORT GET-IT Centres visited Boarding School for Deaf Children no. 2 in Tula.   

December 13, 2007, a year ago, HP and ORT Russia opened HP-ORT GET-IT Centre at this School. GET-IT is one of HPs flagship social investment initiatives and helps young unemployed people and graduates aged 16 to 25 acquire the business and IT skills to enter professional life or to create their own businesses. GET-IT helps young graduates to find or create a job thanks to a new kind of know-how business IT skills that combine the basics of entrepreneurship with practical, hands-on experience in technology.  ORT actively participates at this program and now 6 centres are opened (Volgograd, Yekaterinburg, Moscow, Tambov, Tula and St Petersburg).

During this year teachers and students of the Boarding School made great success in study GET-IT program, but they want to achieve much. Besides this many of them have special needs that allow them to work with computer only with using some additional high-tech equipment.

Representatives of HP Company presented to Boarding School the equipment that allows working with computer without using hands.  

ORT Russia decided to spend its gift budget for video camera, tripod and cassettes for these children. During the visit ORT delegation got acquainted with the special features of realisation the projects for the children with special needs and presented the gifts on behalf of ORT Russia.

New equipment will allow these children to study modern video technology and to use them in their future professional activity, and so it will provide them with more wide choice of their future specialty and improve their social adaptation possibilities. 

Irina Silaeva (Shemyakina), Head of PR Department, ORT Russia


Working seminar for teachers of HP-ORT GET-IT project was organised in Tula


Seminars participants have a conversation with Director of Boarding School Mr Alexander Ustinov


During the period December, 11-13, 2008 on the base of Tula ORT-Keshernet Centre working seminar for teachers of HP-ORT GET-IT project was organised. There were 9 representative from Moscow, St Petersburg, Yekaterinburg, Tula, Tambov and Kineshma participated.  

Seminars program included as detailed analysis of the content of T-Tools program so the discussion of the future prospects of project. There were the representative of HP company participated: Vice-president of HP, Managing Director of HP Russia Mr Owen Christopher Kemp and Director of Business Development of HP Mr Karel Vavruska.

Within the frames of seminar its participants visited Tula Boarding School for Deaf Children where the GET-IT project is been implementing since 2007, and got acquainted with the distinctive features of the project realisation for training children with special needs. On behalf of ORT they gave to the students of Boarding School the present: video camera, tripod and cassettes.

Representatives of HP Company presented to Boarding School the equipment that allows working with computer without using hands. 

Irina Silaeva (Shemyakina), Head of PR Department, ORT Russia


Student of ORT Odessa School received the Major's award


Student of 8th grade Dmitriy Kozachkov


8th grade student of Odessa Specialised General ORT School no. 94 Dmitriy Kozachkov received the Odessa Majors award for high achievement in education and participation in various contests and Olympiads.

Among other Odessa school students he was invited to the City Duma (municipal authorities) house. Award was given by the Head of Department of Education of Primorskiy District Mr V.N.Arvat and Deputy Major Mrs. I.V. Kobylyanskaya. There were also journalists from newspapers and TV presented.

Besides the financial premium bet students were awarded by sweet gifts.    

Anna Michurina (Pakhomova), Senior Expert of R&D Department of ORT CIS, Ukraine, Odessa 


Kazan Secondary School no. 12 ORT "Mishpahteinu" won HP Grant



The new Mobile Multimedia Computer Lab was provided to ORT School in Kazan, which has won the Hewlett-Packard grant in terms of the program Transforming teaching and learning through technology. The cooperation of ORT and HP made this event happened. The lab consists of 10 laptops, multimedia projector, multi-functional device, 4 PDA HP iPAQ, Wi-Fi access point and a software.  In December 2008 the equipment was delivered. It is planning to organize the official inauguration ceremony at the beginning of the 2009.

Irina Silaeva (Shemyakina), Head of PR Department, ORT Russia 

Secondary school no. 274 ORT "Yerushalaim" became the winner of District stage of children and youth festival of tolerance



Secondary school no. 274 ORT "Yerushalaim" became the winner of District stage of Festival For Cultural Capital the Culture the World, devoted to ideas and principles of tolerance which was held on November, 19.

Students were preparing for festival since May. Free trainings, lectures, excursions were carried out for them. Preparation was organised by the International Centre of Promotion of Arts and the St.-Petersburg House of Nationalities. School ORT "Yerushalaim" prepared for competition actively. From November, 1st  till November, 10th  the tour of contest of drawings within the frames of preparation for festival "Tolerance" devoted to the 130 years from the date of a birth of Janosh Korchak among the students of  5-9 grades was organised at school. At the District stage of the Festival the vocal ensemble of school has acted with a fine Jewish song and won the 1st place.

Two articles appeared in the St.-Petersburg mass-media: the Municipal bulletin of the Kirovskiy District and the Petrovsky Courier on 8.12.2008.


Irina Silaeva (Shemyakina), Head of PR Department, ORT Russia


All-Russia Project Presentation at the ORT-Career VTC in Yekaterinburg



On November, 11th on the basis of the Yekaterinburg Vocational Training Centre "ORT-Career" and with active participation of its specialists the presentation of the All-Russia project Creation and Development of Socially-Pedagogical Communities in Internet (project resources are placed and

Teachers of high schools, school psychologists, teachers of additional education, social teachers from different educational institutions of Sverdlovsk area got acquainted with network resources of the project, mastered social services and shared ideas of real and network interaction within the community. According to experts of the ORT-Career VTC, teachers of ORT schools can participate in this interesting project or having analysed its experience and idea to make network interactions of ORT centres more active.

Galina Brusnitsyna, ORT VTC Director, Yekaterinburg

ORT Moscow and Strasbourg have designs on the future


Two of the ORT familys leading colleges have signed an agreement tailor made to ensure that the best education and training is available to ORT students regardless of national borders.

The agreement between ORT Strasbourg and the Moscow ORT Technology College is a demonstration of the benefits of belonging to an international organisation in a period of globalisation.

Under this preliminary agreement, Moscow ORT Technology College will share its considerable expertise in teaching fashion design with ORT Strasbourg, which has just started a BTS diploma course in the subject that allows graduates to continue their studies at a Masters level in university. The diploma builds on the success of the one-year foundation course in design launched by ORT Strasbourg two years ago.

Twelve years after joining the ORT network, Moscow ORT Technology College is recognised as offering the best vocational training in fashion design in Russia.


I am very happy to sign this agreement and look forward to hosting teachers from Moscow at Strasbourg and sending our teachers to Moscow to learn their techniques, said ORT Strasbourg Principal Claude Sabbah (pictured second from left with, from left, ORT Lyon Director Michel Benoilid, Moscow ORT Technology College Director Dr Yuriy Mironenko and ORT Russia Director Dr Slava Leschiner).

ORT Russia Director Dr Slava Leschiner said that ORT Strasbourgs dormitory facilities meant that Russian students will have the opportunity of staying there for a semester or even a year.

We have also discussed the possibility of undertaking joint projects using distance learning technology because the Moscow college hosts the ORT Lawson Vocational Training Centre, which has a lot of experience in setting up distance learning projects, Dr Leschiner said.

To start with, the two colleges are looking at short term student and staff exchanges and the cultivation of professional contacts in areas such as curriculum design and training programmes.

I am delighted with this development, Dr Leschiner said. The Moscow ORT Technology College is at the stage in its development where it has a lot of experience that it can share with the whole ORT network throughout the world. And in return, the direct contacts which the College makes with other ORT institutions enrich it very much.

The agreement was signed last week when Mr Sabbah and his then deputy Michel Benoilid visited Moscow. During their brief stay in the Russian capital, they toured the College, spoke to students and staff, and experienced a student fashion show.

Mr Sabbah was impressed by what he saw and noted that the teaching, classes, workshops and equipment were the same as in Strasbourg a compatibility which should facilitate the development of closer ties.

The new design courses at Strasbourg are expected to double their enrolment over the next year or so and linking with Moscow will further enhance their attractiveness to potential students, Mr Sabbah said.

The Moscow ORT Technology Colleges students regularly win city- and nationwide fashion contests and enjoy master classes with internationally renowned Russian couturiers including Viatcheslav Zaitsev and Valentin Yudashkin.

Couturier students not only learn the basics of making and modelling of clothes, textiles, drawing and graphics they can also pursue higher level qualifications in Computer Aided Design (CAD), textile drawing and painting.

The College has 1,400 full time students enrolled in five faculties: advertising technology, fashion design, economics, hospitality and marketing.

ORT Strasbourg has 450 students at school and university level. Post high school courses offered include international trade and commerce, computer sciences and a special two-year course to prepare students for Frances top engineering schools. It is also the first private college in France to offer a three-year bachelor degree course in collaboration with a university the Licence Professionel des Metiers de lOptique et de la Vision for opticians.

Stefan Bialoguski, Public and Media Relation, World ORT


Festival of Excellence in Teaching ICT and Technology


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Festival of Excellence in Teaching ICT and Technology started on the 3rd of November 2008 in Slavutych (Ukraine) on the site of the HP-ORT Digital Community Centre. Representatives of the 11 schools from Russia, Ukraine, Moldova and Lithuania participated their.  The Festival was opened by Dr. Leschiner (ORT Russia) with handing over the first prize to T. Ivashkova,   the 2008 year Beatrice Wand-Polak Foundation winner. Tatiana Ivaskova, a Math teacher from 'Levi Yitzchak Schneerson' Ohr Avner School # 144 in Dnipropetrovsk, was nominated to Beatrice Wand-Polak Award as the best teacher, the winner of Year Teacher 2007 in ORT CIS and Baltic States. The Festival activities included greetings of David Benish, the head of ORT CIS.

Festival of Excellence in Teaching ICT and Technology is one of the three major events of the year 2008 in terms of Teacher Training Project - 2.  According to the project 3 events are organized annually, up to this year one of which was traditional contest ORT Year Teacher.   

This year this contest was a part of Festival of Excellence in Teaching ICT and Technology.

The Festival activities included

  • Deputy ORT Russia S.Gorinsky's  speaking on International Cooperation Projects of  ORT CIS;
  • Director of ORT Technology Centre at the Moscow ORT Technology School P.Yakushkin's presentation of the new educational software Chronoliner;
  • Senior Expert of R&D Department A.Pakhomova shared with the present her personal experience of participating in the All-Ukrainian Year Teacher 2007;
  • Senior Experts of R&D M.Buharkina and A.Pakhomova presented The Digital Library on Instructions of ICT Teaching and provided a short master-class on its usage;
  • Senior Expert of R&D M.Bukharkina spoke about the Teacher Training Program, its goals and strategies.

The Festival implied presentations, master-classes, sharing experiences, round tables and the contest which consisted of two parts:

  • Power Point  presentation of a class;
  • Demonstration of this class real time.

List of Jury members:

  • Marina Bukharkina, Senior Expert of R&D, Moscow, Russia
  • Tatyana Ivashkova,  Maths Teacher, winner of the last year contest, Dnipropetrovsk, Ukraine
  • Anna Pakhomova, Senior Expert of R&D, Odessa, Ukraine

Jury estimated the participants work academically. As different from the last years others participants made the rating of the presentations and classes as well.   

The Contest Jury chose 6 candidates:

Anatoly Shperkh (ORT Technology Centre at the Secondary School Beit-Sefer Menachem, St. Petersburg), Alena Belomenova (ORT Technology Lyceum by B. Herzel, Chisinau), Nataliya Goshkador (The ORT Technology Centre at the 'Levi Yitzchak Schneerson' Ohr Avner School no. 144, Dnipropetrovsk), Yuriy Peresyolkov (ORT Technology Centre at the Kharkov Technological Lyceum no. 9),  Igor Kot (Secondary School no. 94, ORT, Odessa), Nataliya Fomenko (Secondary School no. 42, ORT Geser, Samara).

The work of the Jury was to define three best performances and rate them from 1-3. It was not easy because of different teaching styles and variety of methods applied. Finally the Jury announced the winners. They are:

  • 1 place Nataliya Goshkador (The ORT Technology Centre at the 'Levi Yitzchak Schneerson' Ohr Avner School no. 144, Dnipropetrovsk);
  • 2 place Nataliya Fomenko (Secondary School no. 42, ORT Geser, Samara).
  • 3 place Anatoly Shperkh (ORT Technology Centre at the Secondary School Beit-Sefer Menachem, St. Petersburg).

All winners got presents: a notebook (first prize), and digital photo frame (second and third).

Marina Buharkina, ORT CIS and Baltic States Research and Development Department Senior Expert


Resource Centre "ORT-SPb participated at the city's NGO Fair


Project Manager Tatyana Smurova at the ORT-Spb stand


From October, 30th to November, 1st, 2008, Resource Centre "ORT-St.-Petersburg" took part in Fair of social projects and programs of the non-profit (non-government) organisations (NGO) of the city named Petersburgers to Petersburg. Fair has been organised by Open Company RESTEC Events Management and the Centre of Development of Non-profit Organisations (Centre RNO) under support of Committee of the Youth Policy and Interaction with Public Associations and Committee of Labour and Social Protection of the Population of the Government of St.-Petersburg. The given action continues tradition of the large city ones, aimed to show the contribution of organisations of the voluntary sector to public life and social policy of Petersburg, which are organised by Centre RNO annually since 2001.

At 100 stands of the most active Petersburg NGO the visitors of the exhibition colleagues from others NGO, representatives of business and local authorities, Petersburg citizens had an opportunity to get acquainted with services and projects of these organisations. At Centre "ORT-St.-Petersburg" stand new educational projects of the Centre (computer courses for aged persons, the project "School of Career", and others) were presented. Besides, possibility to receive consultation and to discuss possibility of joint projects was provided. Specialists of the Centre took part in round tables and discussions as well.

Tatyana Smurova, Project Manager, ORT-St. Petersburg 

ORT VTC in Yekaterinburg participated in the Forum of a micro-enterprise of Sverdlovsk area STARTUP-2008


On October, 24th, 2008   ORT Vocational Training Centre in Yekaterinburg has taken part in the Forum of a micro-enterprise of Sverdlovsk area STARTUP-2008. The forum was organised in Yekaterinburg for the first time and its main objective were providing people of Sverdlovsk area by assistance in establishing and development of their business, access to the useful practical information, necessary knowledge and contacts.

Forum participants at the ORT stand


Within the frames of the Forum STARTUP-2008 exhibitions Infrastructure of Development of Business of Sverdlovsk area and Services for Micro Enterprise , seminars, consultations, master classes and many other actions were organised, the program of establishing of business contacts Business Network Event was presented also.

ORT team working at the stand

Director of the ORT VTC Mrs. Galina Brusnitsina, Director of Regional Foundation of Women Entrepreneurship Support Mrs. Valentina Samsonova and the students of Ural State Pedagogical University, the partner of the Centre within the frames of project HP GET-IT realisation, presented the main directions of the Centres activity, program GET-IT in particular, and Club for Beginning Entrepreneurs which is to be opened on the basis of the Centre in November.

Galina Btusnitsyna, ORT VTC Director, Yekaterinburg


ORT VTC in Yekaterinburg the first time participated at the the regional project Day of Career


The ORT Vocational Training Centre (ORT VTC) in Yekaterinburg the first time became for the participant of the regional project Day of Career taken place in Yekaterinburg on October, 23rd, 2008


Day of Career is the project widely known in all regions, cities and high schools in the Russian Federation and abroad as well. Since 1995 it is annually organised in Yekaterinburg and every year thousand young people receive the information on working conditions in the companies and tens companies could take on highly skilled employees and young experts.

ORT VTC became the organiser of work of the information kiosk where the laptops had been received by the Centre within the frames of the joint project with Hewlett Packard were established. Computers worked during all action, providing visitors access to the information on employers of the region, recommendations on resume writing, job interview passing and other useful information.

Besides it, volunteers of the ORT Centre - partners of the project from the Ural State Pedagogical University - acquainted visitors with the program Graduate Entrepreneurship Training through Information Technologies (GET-IT) and suggested to become listeners of HP-ORT GET-IT Centre.

Galina Brusnitsyna, ORT VTC Director, Yekaterinburg 

Israels Kadima Mada principals forge links for the future


The strides made by the ORT educational network in the Former Soviet Union over the past 18 years provide a taste of things to come for Israeli schools participating in World ORTs Kadima Mada (Science Journey) programme.

A group of 28 Kadima Mada school principals savoured the prospect of further technological leaps and educational bounds during a weekend spent at the award winning ORT de Gunzburg School in St Petersburg.

They had gathered for the second World ORT seminar for Kadima Mada principals, an opportunity for participants to deepen their appreciation for the pedagogical potential of the advanced technology which World ORT has been providing them as well as to create stronger bonds with each other and with ORT professionals internationally.

This seminar has made new connections between the Israeli and Russian principals which I hope will lead to a greater sense of partnership and the instituting of joint projects between their respective school especially student exchanges, said Avi Ganon, who is currently Deputy Head of the World ORT Representative Office in Israel as well as World ORT Representative in Russia, Belarus and Central Asia.

World ORTs Kadima Mada programme has already seen significant investments made in providing more than 30 high school campuses in underprivileged communities with, among other things, high-tech science laboratories, state-of-the-art facilities for teachers, smart classes with interactive whiteboards and teacher training. The schools are now among the best equipped in Israel and the morale among both teachers and students has risen accordingly.

The improvements World ORT has been able to make in the Israeli schools in partnership with the Ministry of Education and local municipalities have been extraordinary, Mr Ganon said. But the Kadima Mada schools are catching up with our schools in Russia. The Israeli principals were surprised by the level of technology and technological expertise they found in Russia. The fact that ORT Russia schools have gone through this process of modernisation in recent years means that the Israelis can learn from their experience and see how they can implement that model in their own country.

Last weekends seminar featured special presentations designed to help the Israelis gain insight into what the Russian model consists of. ORT Russia National Director Dr Slava Leshchiner and ORT de Gunzburg Deputy Principal Gregory Vodopyan discussed with the visitors the modern school ICT environment in Russia using ORT de Gunzburg as a case study.

Together with Marina Sorokina, they also each led a study group three of which the Israelis had been divided into exploring how ORT de Gunzburg uses modern teaching technologies in general studies, Jewish studies and science and technology.

The Israelis were also divided into two groups for panel discussions with four principals from ORT CIS schools Svetlana Klimina of the ORT Herzl Technology Lyceum in Kishinev, Moldova; Yuri Kinkov of the ORT Kiev Technology Lyceum, Ukraine; Dr Marina Moiseeva of the ORT Moscow Technology School; and Janna Kuzmina of the ORT Jerusalem School in St Petersburg on exploring partnership in Jewish education between Israel and the diaspora. 

The seminar also offered insights into St Petersburgs education system by Elena Spasskaya, Deputy Director of the citys Academy of Post-Diploma Education for Teachers; an analysis of Russian education reform by Professor Yefim Kogan, a former Minister of Education of the Samara Region and now a member of the ORT Russia Board of Directors; overviews of World ORT activities past, present and projected in Israel and around the world; and a workshop on educational leadership and initiating change led by the Head of the World ORT Representative Office in Israel, Rony Kalinsky, and Hillel Hilman, Principal of the Kadoorie Youth Village in the Lower Galilee.

Together with stimulating leisure activities, it was a busy weekend which made a deep impression on participants.

I saw in the de Gunzburg School educational methods of the future, said Itay Levi, of the Rodman High School in Kiryat Yam. I was highly impressed by what I learned of World ORT, by the dreams that have come true. The seminar has energised me.

Dr Shoshana Morchnik, of the Shikma High School in Yad Mordechai, said: The seminar highlighted once again the complexity and flexibility of World ORT activities. Our goals in Israel differ from those of our colleagues in Russia but we must think together about mutual goals and ways in which we can develop programmes.

Rajah Gadban, Principal of the high school in the Druze town of Horfesh, said: In 35 years teaching I have never been involved in such a pleasant experience brining together Jewish and non-Jewish head teachers. World ORT managed to organise a great group and this seminar expressed the power of World ORT which is seen every day in our school. I hope that these seminars continue.

Concluding the seminar, World ORT Director General Robert Singer emphasised that the most important people in the room were the principals and that it was World ORTs privilege to help them.

Stefan Bialoguski, Media and Public Relations, World ORT



HP-ORT GET-IT Centre was opened in St Petersburg


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October, 14, 2008 Hewlett-Packard (HP) and ORT Russia opened -ORT GET-IT Centre for beginning entrepreneurs on the base of Vocational Training Centre ORT-Career in St. Petersburg. Instructional basis for its activity became the unique GET-IT (Graduate Entrepreneurship Training through IT) Program developed by HP.

GET-IT is one of HPs flagship social investment initiatives and helps young unemployed people and graduates aged 16 to 25 acquire the business and IT skills to enter professional life or to create their own businesses. GET-IT helps young graduates to find or create a job thanks to a new kind of know-how business IT skills that combine the basics of entrepreneurship with practical, hands-on experience in technology.  Centres capacity is up to 250 students per year. Lessons are conducted in computer labs of Resource Centre of ICT ORT-SPb. Mobile class provided by HP allows organising out-of-door trainings.    

There were Vice-president of HP and HP Russia Managing Director Mr. Owen Kemp, HP Business Development Director Mr. Karel Vavruska and ORT Russia National Director Mr. Viatcheslav Leshchiner welcomed the guests. Also there were Executive Director of St. Petersburg Foundation for SME Development Mr. Maxim Balanev, Honorary Chief of the International Youth Diplomacy League Mr. Babek Asadov, representatives of Employment Centre, City Labour Registry Office, St. Petersburg  Institute of Social and Community Workers, teachers of economical and technological colleges of the city, presented.

From the ORT side there were: Deputy Director of ORT Russia Mr. Sergey Gorinskiy, Director of -ORT GET-IT Centre in Yekaterinburg Mrs. Galina Brusnitsyna, Director of Resource Centre of IT ORT-SPb Mrs. Marina Sorokina, Manager of ORT-Career Project in St. Petersburg Mrs. Anna Hodorovskaya, Teacher of ORT Technology Centre at the Secondary School Beit-Sefer Menakhem Mr. Anatoly Shperh.

After the tour of the Centre and presentation of the current educational programs guests participated at the open lesson and discussed the issues of development and using of modern educational technologies of business and IT training.

Irina Silaeva (Shamyakina), Head of PR Department, ORT Russia


ORT-Russia has become HP GET-IT RECOGNITION AWARD 2008 laureate


In 2007 the new microenterprise acceleration program was started by the HP Corporation.

The aim of the GET-IT program (Graduate Entrepreneurship Training through IT) is the expanding of new technologies among the graduates and unemployed youth in order to promote their future professional effectiveness.

ORT Russia actively participated at this program. In 2007-2008 academic year ORT began realization of the program in Moscow, Yekaterinburg, Volgograd, Tula and Tambov. The 6th centre in St.Petersburg is to be opened.  

The main feature of the ORT participation in this program is the high attention paid to such groups of population that have difficulties at the labor market.

So in Volgograd, Yekaterinburg and Tambov GET-IT program was included in to the ORT-Career and ORT-KesheNet Projects that already provided thousands of women with the basic IT knowledge. Moscow ORT Technology College accumulated the great experience in vocational training of IT using for deaf children. This experience is very useful for teachers of Tula Boarding School for Deaf Children.    

These unique developments of cooperation between HP Corporation and ORT had been presented at the contest for HP Award 2008.

In order to promote youth entrepreneurship amongst HP GET-IT partners, HP offered the HP GET-IT Award to be launched first time at the HP GET-IT Annual Conference taking place in Brussels, on the 18th to the 19th of September 2008.

HP constituted an evaluation committee responsible to review the applications.  Candidates filled-in an application form and prepared a poster. The HP evaluation committee shortlisted the most successful candidates. Shortlisted candidates were informed of their selection, directly by HP. They were required to present their application during the HP GET-IT Annual Conference, on the 18th of September 2008.After the shortlisted candidates presentation on the 18th of September 2008, each person presented at the HP GET-IT Annual Conference was invited to vote (one vote per person). The HP evaluation committee was responsible to count the votes.

The successful candidates were announced on the 19th of September 2008.


ORT Russia poster

The first prize was awarded to the Network For Training Entrepreneurship NFTE Belgium.  


During the academic year there were 450 young people trained the most part of those had not been able to graduate the school before. 92% of them finished their secondary education, 7% opened their own business, 42% found new job and 23% decided to continue their education.   Teachers from NFTE Belgium had a brilliant opportunity to invite their graduates and to make wonderfully emotional presentation of their project.  

First prize awarding

ORT Russias Project, presented at the conference by Deputy Director of ORT Russia Sergey Gorinskiy and Head of IT Department Mikhail Libkin. On the base of reporting materials from Volgograd, Yekaterinburg, Moscow, Tambov and Tula the poster, presentation and handouts full of the real life success stories had been demonstrated and provoked the great interest of all the participants of the conference. ORT Russia project Breaking Digital Divide: Business and IT skills for underserved groups of population was awarded by the second prize.     

At the ORT Russia poster

Jeanette Weisschuh, Head of Global Citizenship, Europe, the Middle East and Africa Hewlett-Packard Corporation (left), Sergey Gorinskiy, Deputy Director of ORT Russia (centre), Daniela Opp, Manager, Social Investment and Economic Development, Europe, the Middle East and Africa Hewlett-Packard Corporation (right).

Sergey Gorinskiy, Deputy Director of ORT Russia


Director-General of Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the State of Israel visited Moscow ORT Centre of Education



September 9, 2008, the visit of Director-General of Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the State of Israel visited Moscow ORT Centre of Education (Centre of Education no. 1311 "Techiya). He had a tour on school while visited Museum of Jewish Family, ORT Science and Technology Centre. In Media hall of ORT Centre he could see a video film made by students: animated cartoon King Solomon and the Bee and educational film Jewish Calendar. During the visit distinguished guest was speaking with students and teachers. He was enjoyed by the visit and said that he would like to provide support to this school. He is to tell about this visit on the next meeting at the Israel Government and to give the warm assessment to the results of the Heftsiba project and to ORT activity in the CIS countries.

Irina Silaeva, Head of PR Department, ORT Russia 

Vice-President HP of Corporate Marketing and Global Citizenship in Europe, Middle East and Africa Mrs. Gaby Zedlmayer visited Technology College no. 14 (Moscow ORT Technology College)


On July, 9th, 2008 Vice-President HP of Corporate Marketing and Global Citizenship in Europe, Middle East and Africa Mrs. Gaby Zedlmayer and Manager of Corporate Marketing in Russia Irina Efremova visited Technology College no. 14 (Moscow ORT Technology College). 

Visit has been devoted to investigation of the process of realization HP program "GET-IT (Graduate Entrepreneurship Training through IT) which provides training for emergent entrepreneurs on IT. GET-IT (Graduate Entrepreneurship Training on IT) is part of HP´s global Microenterprise Development Program and is a training initiative for young or unemployed or graduates between the age of 16 and 25 in underserved communities with good economic growth potential.

On March, 4, 2008 within the frames of project realized by Hewlett Packard jointly with World ORT the Opening Ceremony of the HP-ORT "GET-IT" Centre on the basis of Moscow ORT Technology College took place. Its objective is to advance the use of technology, to increase its access, to build the capacity for the use of information and communications technologies within the College students community and to promote the development of their Entrepreneurship and Microenterprise skills.

At a meeting the Deputy Director General of ORT CIS Mr.Sergey Gorinsky, Director of Technology College Mr. Yury Mironenko, Director of the VTC ORT Mr. Igor Pavlov, Chair of Economic Department of College Mrs. Tamara Levykina and the Head of PR Department of ORT Russia Mrs. Irina Silaeva also were present.

Mr. Jury Mironenko told about the achievements reached by college during the period of realization of GET-IT program. This academic year the course as an obligatory component has been introduced in the curriculum of training of students of Economic Faculty. 31 this year graduates used the received knowledge in preparation of their degree works, many of them already could begin their own business. It is planned, that next academic year this course will be adapted for students of Faculty of Restaurant Business, however, as an optional course for persons interested in own small enterprise opening after the finishing College. Besides next year teachers of economic disciplines of vocational training schools of Moscow will be trained on the base of College.

Chair of Economic Department of College Mrs.Tamara Levykina has acquainted guests with the students works made with use of those knowledge and skills they had received during training on the GET-IT program. The 3rd year student of Economic Faculty assisting at the presentation Andrey Sivbo presented his own development of advertising products and also those ones prepared by other students such as business-plans of the organization of the small business enterprise.

Visitors highly estimated students achievements and expressed gratitude for Colleges administrations and staff for their contribution of program GET-IT realization.

In conclusion of visit VTC ORT Director Mr.Igor Pavlov  presented the project of distance vocational training for children of special needs (with problems of hearing) carried out by ORT, and outlined possible prospects of cooperation between ORT and in the field of distance training for children with special needs (seriously ill patients and invalids). During the conversation Mrs. Gaby Zedlmayer and Mr. Sergey Gorinsky discussed the further possible directions of joint work of ORT and .

Irina Silaeva (Shemyakina), Head of PR Department, ORT Russia 

Computer Literacy classes for aged people began at the ORT VTC Lawson ORT-Career Programme in St.Peteresburg


ORT Vocational Training Centre Lawson ORT-Career Programme in St. Petersburg develops ints activity successfully. 


On July, 1, 2008, within the frames of joint project of ORT-St. Petersburg and charity organization Hesed Abraham the  Computer Literacy classes for aged people began at the ORT-Career VTC. For 3-weeks courses 8 students are to get knowledge about the PC, to learn how to work with Windows, create text files, use flash, CD and DVD and communicate by Skype and e-mail.

In July, 1, 2008 HP Business Development Director Karel Vavruska visited ORT-Career VTC in St. Petersburg and discussed with its Director Marina Sorokina future prospects of possible cooperation. Mr. Vavruska expressed his admiration to professional level of teaching provided by ORT specialists and noted, that Hewlett Packard Company pleased by the results of cooperation with ORT and is looking for expand the future cooperation.

Anna Feldman(Dashevskaya), PR Manager, ORT-St.Petersburg

Estonian school is last piece in World ORTs FSU mosaic


Estonias only Jewish school has formally affiliated with World ORT. The Tallinn Jewish Schools signing of the memorandum of partnership means that every non-religious Jewish school in the Former Soviet Union is now part of the World ORT network.

World ORTs Representative in Russia, Belarus and Central Asia, Avi Ganon (pictured, left), signed the document with the schools principal, Mikhail Beilinson (pictured, right), and the citys Director of Education Services, Meelis Kond (pictured, centre), June 17, 2008.

The success of our schools in other parts of the Former Soviet Union persuaded Mr Beilinson that his 200 students would benefit by his school joining the network, Mr Ganon said. Naturally, we agree. And we are very happy to welcome the school into the World ORT family.

World ORT schools across the FSU are reporting increases in student enrolments this year as their high standards become better known. Recently, for example, ORT Moscow Technology School won a $1 million grant from the local education authority which is financing renovations and its students have performed well in linguistic and computer design competitions; the Moscow ORT Technology College won a highly competitive tender to provide innovative vocational training programmes; and teachers at various World ORT schools in Russia have won prestigious education awards year after year.

Three-quarters of Estonias Jewish community live in the capital, Tallinn, comprising a tightly-knit population of 3,000.

The Chairman of the Jewish Community of Tallinn, Alla Jacobson, is one of the countrys most respected lawyers, Mr Ganon said. She knows a lot about World ORT and is happy to organise an ORT Estonia committee. Mrs Jacobson will be very effective in developing joint projects between World ORT and the local Jewish community.

The citys education chief, Mr Kond, was also happy to welcome World ORT, Mr Ganon said, opening up the prospect of projects to help the wider community.

We will hold more talks with the Ministry of Education to see how we can help, Mr Ganon said. We may, for example, extend teacher training programmes to non-Jewish schools part of World ORTs tried and tested formula of sharing the benefits we bring to Jewish communities with non-Jewish neighbours.

The Tallinn Jewish School can trace its roots back to 1919. After the war, the school building was nationalised and it was not until the collapse of the Soviet Union that the school was re-established with the help of the Israeli Government.

Teachers at the Tallinn Jewish School will now be able to participate in World ORT training programmes and international seminars as well as have access to information sharing facilities on the Internet.

Students will be integrated into World ORT activities in the countries of the Former Soviet Union, including videoconferencing, summer schools, on-line competitions and telecommunication projects.

World ORT will also aim to help the school with social support such as transport, lunches and salaries.

It is a good school but there is room to raise its technological level, Mr Ganon said. The ICT equipment is dated and we should be able to remedy this and raise the level of technology education as we have done in other schools.

World ORT Director General Robert Singer said he was extremely happy that the Tallinn Jewish School has joined the World ORT network.

This is another sign of World ORTs success in this region and of the success of our system in general, Mr Singer said. Most of the credit goes to the outstanding World ORT professionals who do a brilliant job.

You could see the information about Tallinn Jewish School here:

Stefan Bialoguski, Media and Public Relations, World ORT


Official opening the of the ORT Vocational Training Centre



On June, 16, 2008 the official opening the of the ORT Vocational Training Centre

Lawson ORT-Career Programme took place in St.-Petersburg. The Centre was opened at the St. Petersburg Jewish Community House (YESOD).

There were the Heads of the Jewish Organisations of the city and representatives of the city public presented.

Director of ORT Russia, Belarus and Central Asia Avi Ganon and Director of ORT St. Petersburg Marina Sorokina solemnly cut the honourable ribbon and have opened the plague at the input in the Centre. Avi Ganon has hung up the mezuzah.

The basic directions of the Centres activity were described. Visitors could see the open lesson for the first students of the Centre. The presentation of the ORT - St. Petersburg project "Aleph-Bet About Israel" devoted to the 60-th Anniversary of the State of Israel also took place.

At the end of ceremony the first students of the Centre were handed over with the ORT certificates, beta-version of the disk "Aleph-Bet About Israel" and leaflets about activity and projects of the Centre.

Afternoon presentations of the programs of the Centre for all comers, courses listing and consultations were organised.  

Ann Feldman (Dashevskaya), PR manager, ORT - St.Petersburg



Victory of students of the Moscow Technology College no. 14 (ORT Technology College) at the 19th Festival of Children's Creativity Nadejda ("Hope")



Students of the Moscow Technology College no. 14 (ORT Technology College) Maxim Katush and Artem Goroshko became winners in nomination "Photo" of at the 19th Festival of Children's Creativity Nadejda ("Hope") of students of educational establishments of the City of Moscow.

On May, 5, 2008 in Concert Hall "Russia" in "Luzniki" the Final Gala Concert of winners of the 19th Festival of Children's Creativity Nadejda ("Hope") took place.

Annually the Department of Education under the auspices of the Government of Moscow organises the 19th Festival of Children's Creativity Nadejda ("Hope") of students of educational establishments of the city of Moscow purposed for creativity development and its role in is art and aesthetic education of persons with the limited opportunities of health increasing.

Over 10 thousand children took part in reviews and competitions of the 19th Festival of Children's Creativity.

By results of the District selective tours there were children's teams and individuals from 250 educational establishments with total 2.893 persons declared on the City stage of competition.

Students of the Moscow Technology College no. 14 (ORT Technology College) Maxim Katush and Artem Goroshko became winners in nomination Photo.

The victory of children is especially pleasant because before entering the College they studied in the Boarding School no. 52 for children with problems of hearing and they passed Distance learning courses of Computer Graphics, Animation, Photo and Design under supervision of ORT-VTC specialists Valentin Kotz and Natalia Ilicheva. These courses defined their choice and after school they entered ORT Technology College and now they study in general groups!

Igor Pavlov, ORT VTC Director at the Moscow Technology College no. 14 (ORT Technology College) 

ORT Memorial plaque opening in Odessa


On May 22, 2008 Memorial plaque devoted to first ORT school in the city was opened. The plaque is installed on the building where school was located from 1896 until 1917. Jewish vocational school Trud was established by ORT in 1882, it was the first vocational school in the whole South of Russian Empire.

The installation of the plaque was a result of joint project of ORT Ukraine and Israeli Cultural Center in Odessa. Center has a program of commemoration important for Jewish history places in the city. The first plaque was installed several years ago in the building where the first mayor of Tel Aviv Meir Dizengoff was born. ORT plaque is the sixth in the city Jewish memorial plaque.

On the ceremony of plaque opening First Secretary of Israeli Embassy in Ukraine Mrs. Alla Oshmiansky, Head of the Odessa regional administration Mr. Nikolay Skorik, Deputy Major of Odessa Mr. Alexander Prokopenko , JAFI representative in Odessa Mrs. Jaffiq Zarko and ORT Ukraine director Dr. Slava Leshchiner spoke. It was a big audience of former and current ORT Odessa students, representatives of Odessa Jewish community, employees of National Savings bank which is located in this building now, neighbors. The event was filmed by 3 local TV stations and covered by city press.

The building is located on Basarnaja st, 17. Just around the corner of it on Marazlievskaya st ,60 current ORT Odessa school is located. School was opened in 1995 and now provides high class Jewish and General education for 400 students of age 6-17. For junior high and high school students ORT Odessa provides wide selection of Technology and Vocational courses focused on modern Information and Communication Technologies and robotics.

Slava Leschiner, Director of ORT Ukraine, Moldova and Baltic States 

ORT participated in BAMA Congress


29 teachers and experts have taken part in International Congress "BAMA" on the topic "Jewish Education in Russian-Speaking Communities of the World which took place from May, 5th till May, 7th, 2008 in Jerusalem. The congress has been devoted to 40th anniversary of the beginning of struggle of Jews of Soviet Union for repatriation and to the 60th anniversary of Independence of the State of Israel.


At plenary sessions of the Congress Deputies of the Knesset July Edelstein and Zeev Elkin, the Representative of the Ministry of Education of the State of Israel Johanan Ben Jaakov, Minister of Finance of the State of Israel Meshulam Naari and the Director of the Institute "Yad Ben Tsvi" Ilan Ezrahi, the Director General of Jewish Agency Moshe Vigdor and the Chairman of the Jewish Agency for Israel Zeev Belsky and others acted. Participants of the Congress took part in Official Ceremony in Givat ha-Tahmoshet, devoted to Day of Killed in Wars of Israel.

On sections within the frames of the program of the Congress problems and tasks of the modern Jewish education in Russian-speaking communities of the countries of former Soviet Union, USA and Germany were discussed.

On section "Jewish School" (the supervisor was Grigory Lipman, Principal of the Centre of Education no. 1311 ORT "Techiya") the issues connected with the organisation of teaching of subjects of the Jewish cycle at the Jewish schools of the CIS and the Baltics, the maintenance of curriculum and techniques of teaching were discussed. Within the frames of work of this section the Project Manager of the Centre "ORT-St.Petersburg" Tatyana Smurova has made presentation of the multimedia educational programs developed last years of ORT Russia. The presentation has provoked interest from principals and teachers of the Jewish schools, discussion of opportunities of implementation of ORT developments at the lessons of history and tradition of Jewish people was conducted. The new training program Aleph-Bet about Israel creation of which now comes to the end in the Centre "ORT-St.Petersburg" has caused participants especial interest.

Irina Silaeva, Head of PR Department, ORT Russia; Tatyana Smurova, Project Manager, ORT-St.Petersburg


Celebrating of the 60th Anniversary of Independence of the State of Israel in Park Ostankino


On May, 18th, 2008 (3 p.m. - 10 p.m.) the festival on open air under the name Travel to Israel", dated by Day of Independence of the State Israel, took place in park Ostankino.


This action has been organized at support of the City Government and the Embassy of the State of Israel in the Russian Federation. As organizers of action the World Congress of Russian-speaking Jewry and the Jewish Culture Centre on Nikitskaya acted. World ORT alongside with American Jewish Distributive Committee "Joint", Federation of the Jewish Communities of Russia and the Student's Jewish Organization of Gilel-Russia was the official partner of action.

More than five thousand moscovites and the visitors of the City participated in the celebration.

Well-known Russian singers and actors and the Israeli stars took part in the concert.

Guests of the festival could see the dramatized show on open air Travel to Israel directed by the Art Director of theatre U Nikitskikh Vorot, the National Actor of Russia Mark Rozovskiy.

At the Parks territory the conceptual platforms, presented culture and history of Israel, were established. The game children's zone of the festival worked here, moscovites could test Israeli meals.

Near to a concert platform the exhibition hall devoted to the Jewish organizations of Moscow was established. The World ORT stand has provoked the great interest of guests of festival; special attention was paid to the information about ORTs role in establishing and development of the State of Israel, and to those parts of the stand which described the activity of ORT educational establishments in Moscow.

Many questions were asked by those visitors of the exhibition who went to the celebration together with children. Young visitors were interested with photos of students of ORT schools, especially by those of them which are devoted to Technology lessons and to the Jewish holidays.

ORT specialists provided the technical assistance and support in carrying out the press conference of the Ambassador and other officials who were present on action.

Irina Silaeva, Head of  PR Department, ORT Russia


The Centre "ORT de Gunzburg, St. Petersburg Celebrated the 60th Anniversary of Independence of the State of Israel


The Centre "ORT de Gunzburg, St. Petersburg" participated in the city actions, devoted to the celebrating of the 60th Anniversary of Independence of the State of Israel.

Thanks to four Jewish organisations of city: the Centre "ORT de Gunzburg, St. Petersburg ", the Jewish Agency, the Israeli Cultural Centre in St. Petersburg, the Russian Jewish Congress the actions dated for celebrating of the 60th  Anniversary of Independence of the State of Israel had been organised, such as:


  • Exhibition of works of the Petersburg artists Jerusalem is the Sacred Earth (Centre "ORT-St.-Petersburg" prepared the illustrated catalogue of works of the artists presented at an exhibition);

  • Photo contest "Israel by my eyes". Exhibition of the best works in the Russian Ethnographic museum is ahead;

  • Competition of children's creativity Israel by eyes of children ";

  • Creation of the interactive multimedia program "The Aleph-Bet about Israel" is in the final stage. The project was initiated by the Centre "ORT de Gunzburg, St. Petersburg ", and realized at financial and expert support of ORT, ICC in St. Petersburg and the Jewish Agency. The program acquaints with the Hebrew alphabet, with symbolic of the State of Israel and with the major concepts and outstanding persons of history of establishing the country.

  • The celebratory Gala-Concert devoted the 60th Anniversary of Independence of the State of Israel which has passed on May, 15th, 2008 on one of the largest concert hall of the city "The Ice Palace".

Before the beginning of the concert in the hall of The Ice Palace" the Centre "ORT-St. Petersburg" took part in the exhibition of the Jewish organisations of the city. At specially equipped stand the PR-materials showing basic directions of ORT activity and projects in St.Petersburg were presented. This concert was the one of the most mass actions, devoted to the 60th Anniversary of Israel, in Russia. About 8 thousand people come there. Israel and Russian stars acted on the stage of The Ice Palace.

From the stage of the huge "The Ice Palace words of gratitude to "ORT-St. Petersburg" for the help in organisation of days of Israel in the city sounded for so great audience.

Anna Dashevskaya, PR Manager, ORT-St.Petersburg 

Ceremony of the 10th Anniversary of the Secondary School no. 12 ORT "Mishpahteinu"


On May, 14th, 2008 in the cultural-entertaining center "Pyramid" the celebratory ceremony dated for the 10th anniversary of the Kazan secondary school no. 12 ORT Mishpahteinu" took place.

There are 431 students trained at the School with ethnocultural classes (with Jewish component of education). Besides subjects of the state curriculum, they study Hebrew, and Traditions and History of Jewish people as well.


According to Schools Principal Olga Trupp few official ceremonies which are ever passed in Kazan, could brag of the similar high level of representation. As Guests of honour of the celebration there were: the Plenipotentiary Ambassador of the State Israel in Russia Mrs. Anna Azari; the Adviser of the President of Tatarstan Republic, Director of Department of External Relations of the President of Tatarstan Republic Mr.Timur Akulov; Mayor of Kazan Mr.Ilsur Metshin; the Deputy Minister of Education of Tatarstan Republic Mrs.Ludmila Ngumanova; Head  of the Jewish Agency for Israel in Russia Mr. Chaim Ben-Yakov; the Head of Department of Education of Kazan Mr. Ilsur Hadiullin; Head of Administration of Vahitovskiy Distirct Mr. Ruslan Shakirov; the Deputy Head of Administration of Vahitovskiy Distirct  Mrs. Alsu Asadullina; Head of  Department of Education of the Vahitovskiy District Mrs. Minzailya Zakirova; Director of  ORT Russia Mr. Avi Ganon; President of the Tatarstan Jewish Community Mr. Mikhail Skoblionok; Director of the Moscow Center of  Education no. 1311 ORT "Techia" Mr. Grigory Lipman and others.

For visitors the concert in which more than 300 participants had been involved was prepared. Program includes the State Orchestra of Ethnic Musical Instruments of Tatarstan Republic, and Music Group "Simkha", Music Group "Shtrikh", a Military Orchestra of Tank School and many other leading creative collectives of the Republic.

As Deputy Minister of Education of Tatarstan Republic Mrs.Ludmila Nugumanova has noticed: "Each student of this School is talented", and a distinctive feature of the concert, accounted for 2 hours, was a participation of the student of school in each professional performance. So, for example, the trumpeter has been involved in performance of a military orchestra of tank school - the grant-aided student of Mayor of Kazan and the student of the School. Not only students, but also members of their families and graduates of school took part in the concert.

There many warm words to school staff have been told. Mayor of Kazan Mr. Ilsur Metshin has emphasized, that for 10 years of the existence the school has deserved reputation of one of the best in Republic and the City: "Within the premises of your school the spirit of family atmosphere and aura of friendship, kindness, mutual respect between teachers, students and parents are created".

In honour of the anniversary the School has received the gifts:

  • the mobile class and Wi-Fi from Mayor of the City
  • the equipment for one lab of the School from the Head of Vahitovskiy District of Kazan
  • Notebook from the Ministry of Education of Tatarstan Republic
  • Furniture for one lab of school from the City Department of Educaiotn
  • the School bus will be paid on equal by World ORT and the Tatarstan Jewish Community on behalf of its President Mr. Mikhail Skoblionok.


Mayor of Kazan Mr. Ilsur Metshin has assured, that in coming summer the design documentation for new building of the School that in ecologically pure area of the city will be constructed.

In her interview Principal Olga Troupe has thanked Administration of the City for their regardful and sensitive attitude for School staff, for their help and support, and has expressed the gratitude to World ORT and Tatarstan Jewish Community.

Celebratory ceremony became significant event in the city. In the evening on May, 14th, 2008 in the popular program "City" of local TV the big plot, devoted to this event has been shown.

 On the 15th of May  the Plenipotentiary Ambassador of the State Israel in Russia Mrs. Anna Azari, Director of  ORT Russia Mr. Avi Ganon; President of the Tatarstan Jewish Community Mr. Mikhail Skoblionok met with the President of Tatarstan Republic Mr. Mintimer Shaimiev. There were several interesting issuers conserning culture, business and scientific relationship. Mrs. Azari highlighted that one of the reason for her visit to Tatarstan was the anniversary of ORT "Mishpahteinu" School.

After that Mrs. Azari participated at the live TV program "Tatarinform" where she spoke about the School's anniversary as one reason of her visit as well.

News about the visit of Plenipotentiary Ambassador of the State Israel in Russia Mrs. Anna Azari to Tatrstan Republic and about her meeting wiht the President of Tatarstan Republic was published on the official web-site of President.

Olga Troupp, ORT "Mishpahteinu" School Principal; semen Vainer, Director of ORT Technology Centre; Irina Silaeva (Shemyakina), Head of PR Department, ORT Russia 


Teachers of ORT schools became winners of the grant of President of the Russian Federation within the frames of the Priority National Project "Education"


Teachers of ORT schools became winners of the grant of President of the Russian Federation within the frames of the Priority National Project "Education"

The premium of the President of the Russian Federation of 100 000 roubles will be received by Simona Fleisher, the teacher of the Secondary School no. 42, ORT "Geser" (Samara). Simona is a teacher of initial grades, the Children's Jewish Literature, Culture and Traditions of Jewish people, the teacher-organizer of the Jewish Sunday school in Secondary School no. 42, ORT "Geser" (Samara).

As a result of competitive tendering Simona was included into the list of the best teachers of the Samara area in 2008. Simona is already the second teacher of the Secondary School no. 42, ORT "Geser who has received this premium. In 2007 Irina Pogodina, the teacher of Computer Science and Information Technologies, also had been recognized by one of the best teachers of the Samara area.

Thus, there are in two basic directions - information technologies and culture and traditions of Jewish people the best teachers of the Samara area work at the School.

Grigory Vodopyan, the Deputy Director of School no. 550 (the project "ORT de Gunzburg", "Shorashim") and the Centre " ORT de Gunzburg" (St.Petersburg) was included into the number of the best teachers of general educational establishments of the city and also has received the premium of the President of the Russian Federation in 100 000 roubles within the frames of the Priority National Project "Education".

In 2006 teacher of Information Technologies of School no. 550 (the project "ORT de Gunzburg", "Shorashim") Olga Tuzova became the owner of this premium, and in 2007 the Deputy Director of School no. 550 (the project "ORT de Gunzburg", "Shorashim") and a teacher of Foreign Languages Irina Lukina did.

Also the teacher of Chemistry of School no. 12 "ORT-Mishpahteinu (Kazan) Valentina Grigorieva will receive the premium of the President of the Russian Federation of 100 000 roubles. Last academic year the Chemistry Lab supervised by Valentine had won the first place in the city competition.

In 2006 this premium was received by the teacher of Technology Tatyana Kornishina, and in 2007 by the teacher of initial grades Marina Cheremisova.

Irina Silaeva (Shemyakina), Head of PR Department, ORT Russia


St. Petersburg School no. 274 (ORT "Yerushalaim") has won the grant in 1 million roubles within the frames of the National Priority Project "Education"


St. Petersburg School no. 274 (ORT "Yerushalaim") was included into the number of the winners among the schools introducing innovative educational programs within the frames of the National Priority Project "Education" and received the grant in 1 million roubles.


" Last year we so were close to a victory, but we hadnt just the 100-th parts of marks to enter into number of those schools which have received 1 million roubles within the frames of the National Project "Education " - the Principal of School no. 274 Jeanne Kuzmina said, - " but we did not despair, and, taking into consideration all the mistakes and defects at submission of documents and this year we have won all!!!!.

"It is very pleasant to realize, that the School no. 274 is one of the best innovative schools not only in district, but in the city as well, thanks to our long cooperation with ORT. It would be desirable to tell, - Jeanne Kuzmina continued, - that in the documents submitted on competition of this grant in full reflected the ORTs experience of introduction of Information Technologies, victories of our pupils on ORT contests, participation of our teachers in ORT seminars of various levels, and all the ORT does for our School. So it is possible to say that this victory is our common of School no. 274 and ORT ".

Since 2003 ORT cooperates with School no. 274 ("Yerushalaim") within the frames of the project "Heftsiba" and in 2005 ORT Technology Centre within the frames of the project Regeneration 2004 was opened at school.

In 2007 St. Petersburg School no. 550 (the project "ORT de Gunzburg", Shorashim) had won this prestigious grant for introduction of innovative educational programs.

Anna Dashevskaya, PR Manager, Centre ORT de Gunzburg, St. Petersburg

Olympiad-Contest on the Bases of Robotics among the students of ORT Schools and Lyceums of Ukraine and Moldova


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April, 13-14, in Dnipropetrovsk (Ukraine) on the base of ORT Technology Centre at the ORT Technology Centre at the 'Levi Yitzchak Schneerson' Ohr Avner School no. 144 Olympiad-Contest on the Bases of Robotics among the students of ORT Schools and Lyceums of Ukraine and Moldova was held. Teams of 5 schools participated there:

  •  Jewish Gymnasium ORT "Aleph" (Zaporojie, Ukraine)
  • ORT Technology Centre at the 'Levi Yitzchak Schneerson' Ohr Avner School no. 144 (Dnipropetrovsk, Ukraine)
  • Secondary School no. 94, ORT (Odessa, Ukraine)
  • ORT Technology Centre at the Kharkov Technological Lyceum no. 9 (Kharkov, Ukraine)
  • ORT Technology Lyceum by B. Herzel (Chisinau, Moldova)

Teams were formed according the results of intra-school competitions. The panel of judges included Viatcheslav Leschiner, Director of ORT Ukraine, Leonid Ganapolskiy, Principal of   the 'Levi Yitzchak Schneerson' Ohr Avner School no. 144 (Dnipropetrovsk, Ukraine), Anna Pakhomova, Senior Expert of R&D Department of ORT CIS, Natalia Gashkador, Technology teacher of 'Levi Yitzchak Schneerson' Ohr Avner School no. 144 (Dnipropetrovsk, Ukraine).

Preparation of tasks for a final phase of competitions, assessment criteria and technical support of Olympiad was carried out by employees of the Dnipropetrovsk ORT Technology Centre.

In the first day of competitions (on April, 13th) 2 test tasks have been offered to participants. 1st test round of Olympiad "Abrupt road" are the competitions on passage of lines. Participants had brought ready models on competitions. During competition the model should for the shortest time, moving on a black line of a trajectory (not crossed width 1.8 sm), and reach from start point to finish one. Each command had 2 test attempts. Time, quantity of passed turns and effectiveness were considered.

2nd test round was "Guide": for the shortest time the model, operated by the participant by means of the gauge of contact, should pass on a line, limited by two black lines.

Then the creative task "Traffic controller" was offered to participants of Olympiad: they should design the working model of the traffic controller who is carrying out various functions.

The task was estimated separately. The most interesting model was constructed by students from Zaporojie and they had received the first prize Encyclopaedia "Techniques" of publishing houses "Avanta".

At the end of the long day of competitions there was the surprise for children - visiting 4D cinema.

The second day of Olympiad (on April, 14th) has begun with the 3rd test round of Olympiad "Railway crossing": participants faced the problem of creation the traffic light with a barrier which rises with the certain interval. Thus if the barrier was lowered, 2 bulbs burned and the musical signal sounded, and if it was lifted bulbs did not burn. There were 6 seconds given for each condition. Besides it was necessary to design the moving model equipped by the gauge of light exposure. The model stopped if the barrier was lowered and started to move if it was lifted.

In the 4th task under the name "Dump" the model which was being outside foam plate, should deliver the can to the aperture cut out in a plate and to dump it down.

In the 5th task "Pure road" it was necessary for 1 minute to push out for the limited area chess pieces as much as possible. The model began movement, being forward wheels on white area, and back ones on outside area and moved, reacting on gauges of light exposure only. All tasks of Olympiad have been incorporated by a united topic "Safety of traffic".

The 1st place was won by the team from Dnipropetrovsk which was leaders during all stages. Winners have received a gift a designer Pervorobot NXT (9797-Base set). The team from Zaporojie received the 2nd one. The 3rd one was won by the team from Chisinau. A prize for 2nd and 3rd places were the designers Pervorobot NXT (9648 Resource set).

All participants of Olympiad received diplomas and personal prizes (USB for 1 GB). Both participants of competitions and judges had a great pleasure from bright and dynamical competitions, shared valuable practical experience and hoped that this Olympiad will become annual for ORT schools.

Photos are here.

Video is here.



World ORT brings Diaspora teams to Weizmann safecracking tournament


World ORT brought teams from ORT schools in Rome, Kishinev and Minsk to Israel this week where they pitted their physics skills and technical expertise against 40 other teams from Israeli, American, Canadian and British schools in the Shalheveth Freier Physics Tournament.

The students, aged 17 and 18, were excited by the challenge to design and build a locking system for a safe that operates according to the principles of physics. The rules of the competition, which is held annually at the Weizmann Institute of Science, require that locks can be opened within five minutes but also be able to withstand opponents attempts to open them for at least 10 minutes.

Carlo Santini, a physics teacher at ORT Renzo Levi School in Rome, said it had been an exhilarating experience for all involved.

 They have had a lot of fun, Mr Santini said. And they have told me that they feel that they have learned as much physics in this competition as they have in the whole school year. They are very proud of their performance and are looking forward to being advisors to the team that will compete next year.

With typical Italian style, the Roman team scored particularly well for the aesthetics of their design, which relied on the principle of resonance to operate.

All the teams had to present their designs to a panel of judges and explain the physics involved, which required considerable preparation in their Hebrew and English language skills.

Until now I preferred maths to physics, said ORT Renzo Levi team member Giulia Raccah (pictured with her team mates). But this experience has made me realise that I really like to learn about the practical application of physics more than the theoretical side. In Italy, we are required to focus on theory.

Dr Sergey Gorinskiy, Deputy Director of the World ORT Representative Office for the CIS and Baltic States, said that participating in the safecracking competition had been a very important experience for the teams from Belarus and Moldova.

In the Soviet era, education traditionally had no contacts with the outside world. Even today taking part in such international events is important for students as well as for teachers, Dr Gorinskiy said. Its also very interesting for the students because in this region its not typical to study a subject like physics in a humorous way, such as using safecracking as a theme.

The Director of ORT Moldova, Vitaly Kirrilov, said the Kishinev team was very excited about taking part in the two-day competition.

This has greatly increased their motivation to study generally, not just in physics or technology, Mr Kirrilov said. When they returned they were full of superlatives about their experience. Just being in Israel made a great impression on them.

In addition to taking part in the competition, the ORT teams enjoyed cultural tours of Israel, were exposed to some of the world-beating research conducted at the Weizmann Institute and spent Shabbat with peers at schools which are part of World ORTs Kadima Mada (Science Journey) programme.

World ORTs Research and Development Coordinator, Dr Yakov Ronkin, who coordinated World ORTs involvement in the competition, said there were strong pedagogical reasons for taking part.

Project-based learning provides a strong focus for students, Dr Ronkin said. And the team work required to realise the project is a valuable life skill. Not only that, the competitive element creates a strong motivation to learn and their learning is made more interesting because they are active rather than just solving exercises in a text book.

Stefan Bialoguski, Media and Public Relations, World ORT

Teacher Training Seminar in Slavutych


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Seminar of IT teachers of ORT Schools began its work in March, 23, 2008 on the base of HP-ORT DCC in Slavutych (Director Larisa Saliy). 20 teachers and specialists from Russia, Ukraine, Moldova and Kyrgyzstan went to Slavutych for the 2nd Teacher Training Seminar devoted to the methods of teaching Informatics and IT.

In the day of the official opening seminars participants were greeted by a Major of Slavutych Mr. Vladimir Udovitchenko and a Member of Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine Mrs. Xenia Lyapina.

First day was devoted to the teaching practice in initial school. Ah the end of the day the round table was organised within the frames of which teachers had a chance to share their instructional findings.

The second day was devoted to the ICT using in another subject teaching such as Maths, Geography, out-of-class and project activity.  Tutor of the program Educating for Future Susanna Hachatryan (ORT Technology Centre at the Levi Yitzchak Schneerson Ohr Avner School no. 144) told  about the practice-oriented methods of teaching Computer Literacy used in tutors work on this program.

During the third day of the seminar participants got acquainted with the general issues of Informatics teaching: Andrey Michurin (ORT Technology Lyceum by B.Herzel) Recommendations on ICT using in teaching aids preparing, Alyona Belomenova NetMeeting on Informatics lessons (ORT Technology Lyceum by B.Herzel), etc.   Afternoon the city tour for Chernigov was organised for the seminars participants.

The topic of the fourth day was the Web-design and Computer Graphics teaching practice. The last day was devoted to the using of Moodle facilities in teaching process. 


.Buharkina (Senior Expert, R&D, ORT CIS)


Technology College no. 14, Moscow ORT Technology College won the competitive tendering for government grant


Technology College no. 14, Moscow ORT Technology College, became the winner of competitive tendering within the frames of the priority national project "Education". Since 2007 the national project "Education" included a new direction - annual government support on a base competitive tendering for preparing of employees and specialists for hi-tech industries in the state educational establishments of basic and initial vocational training, implementing innovative educational programs. Choice of establishments is conducted on a competitive basis. The College among the other 20 colleges will receive the grant of 58 million roubles.

Yuriy Mironenko, Director, Technology College no. 14, Moscow ORT Technology College



March 4, 2008, the opening ceremony of the ORT Technology Centres at the Jewish Agency for Israel in Belarus Republic took place.  

There were participated:

  • Igor Gitelman, Head of Jewish Agency for Israel in Belarus 
  • Gennady Akselrod, Envoy of Israel Ministry of Education
  • Avi Ganon, World ORT Representative in Russia, Belarus and Central Asia
  • Anatoly Greenberg, ORT Representative in Belarus
  •  Frants Karziuk, Director ORT Technology Centre

The honorary right to unveil the plague and to cut the ribbon was delivered to Igor Gitelman, Head of Jewish Agency for Israel in Belarus and to Avi Ganon, World ORT Representative in Russia, Belarus and Central Asia.

So within the frames of opening the partner organisations discussed the further directions of future cooperation.

Also March 4, 2008 the opening ceremony of ORT Technology Centre at the Israeli cultural Centre took place.  

There were participated: 

  •   Igal Koifman, First Secretary of the Embassy of the State of Israel in the Belarus Republic
  • Natalia Koifman, Director of Israeli Cultural Centre
  • Avi Ganon, World ORT Representative in Russia, Belarus and Central Asia
  • Anatoly Greenberg, ORT Representative in Belarus
  • Frants Karziuk, Director ORT Technology Centre

Igal Koifman, First Secretary of the Embassy of the State of Israel in the Belarus Republic and Avi Ganon, World ORT Representative in Russia, Belarus and Central Asia unveiled the plague.

The honour to cut the ribbon was delivered to Natalia Koifman, Director of Israeli Cultural Centre and to Avi Ganon, World ORT Representative in Russia, Belarus and Central Asia.


March 5, 2008 there was the opening ceremony of the ORT Technology Centre at the JCC Emunah.

There were presented:

  • Yoni Leifer, Head of American Jewish Distribution Committee Joint Representative Office in Belarus
  • Sofia Filkova, Director of JCC Emunah
  • Representative of Jewish Community of Atlanta
  • Avi Ganon, World ORT Representative in Russia, Belarus and Central Asia
  • Anatoly Greenberg, ORT Representative in Belarus
  • Frants Karziuk, Director ORT Technology Centre

There were Carol Cooper, representative of Jewish Community of Atlanta and Avi Ganon, World ORT Representative in Russia, Belarus and Central Asia cutting the ribbon.

The guests were surprised by the fact that Centre provides opportunity of ICT studying and using not for youth only but for people in old age as well.

Also the opening ceremony of ORT Technology Centre at the Secondary School # 132 (ORT Bialik School) was held.

There were participated:

  • Alla Garus, Principal of  the Secondary School # 132 (ORT Bialik School)
  • Avi Ganon, World ORT Representative in Russia, Belarus and Central Asia
  • Anatoly Greenberg, ORT Representative in Belarus
  •  Frants Karziuk, Director ORT Technology Centre
  • Miriam Milstein, Envoy of Israel Ministry of Education
  • Teachers of the Secondary School # 132 (ORT Bialik School)

Alla Garus, Principal of  the Secondary School # 132 (ORT Bialik School), Avi Ganon, World ORT Representative in Russia, Belarus and Central Asia and Anatoly Greenberg, ORT Representative in Belarus participated at the solemn unveiling the plague and cutting the ribbon.

Also the discussion about the Jewish cycle curriculum was organized at the school concerning the issues of the textbook providing and the popularization of the opportunities provided by the ORT Technology Centre.

 Irina Silaeva (Shemyakina), Head of PR Department


Hewlett-Packard and World ORT Opened HP-ORT GET-IT (Graduate Entrepreneurship Training Through IT) Centre in the Moscow ORT Technology College


On March, 4, 2008 the Opening Ceremony of the HP-ORT "GET-IT" Centre on the basis of Moscow ORT Technology College took place.

The project is realized by Hewlett Packard jointly with World ORT within the frames of global program GET-IT (Graduate Entrepreneurship Training through IT) which provides training for emergent entrepreneurs on IT.

GET-IT (Graduate Entrepreneurship Training on IT) is part of HP´s global Microenterprise Development Program and is a training initiative for young or unemployed or graduates between the age of 16 and 25 in underserved communities with good economic growth potential.

Participating organisations received a grant that comprises a guidance course for the trainers of the organisation, the curriculum materials to be able to deliver the courses, as well as the technological devices needed to carry out this business-related training.

The objective of the new program is to advance the use of technology, to increase its access, to build the capacity for the use of information and communications technologies in the communities and to promote the development of Entrepreneurship and Microenterprise skills within communities.

There were participating:

  • Owen Kemp, Vice President and Managing Director, HP Russia.
  • Karel Vavruska, Business Development Director, HP
  • Irina Efremova, Corporate Marketing Manager, HP Russia.
  • Marina Tyschenko, Director on State Authorities and Public Organisations Communications, HP Russia
  • Sergey Gorinskiy, Deputy Director of ORT CIS
  • Yuriy Mironenko, Director of Moscow ORT Technology College
  • Tamara Levykina,  Chair of Economic Department of Moscow ORT Technology College
  • Igor Pavlov, Director of ORT VTC, Moscow
  • Representatives of Ministry of Science and Education of Russian Federation and Department of Education of Moscow.
  • Journalists
  • Graduates of Moscow ORT Technology College
  • Specialists of Moscow ORT Technology College and ORT VTC, Moscow


After the solemn ceremony, where the honorary right to unveil the memory plague and to cut the ribbon had been given to the representatives of the partner organizations: to Owen Kemp, Vice-President and Managing Director Russia, and to Sergey Gorinskiy, Deputy Director of ORT CIS, visitors were shown the elements of open lesson on business-planning for students of Economic Department.

Under the guidance of Tamara Levykina, Chair of Economic Department of Moscow ORT Technology College and using the equipment had been given by Hewlett Packard students demonstrated the elements of business-plan of a small photo studio development.

In his complimentary speech addressed to students Owen Kemp, Vice-President and Managing Director Russia gave a very high assessment of their knowledge and skills on entrepreneurship.

Then the presentation of Moscow ORT Technology College took place in the Hall of Arts. Director of College Yuriy Mironenko acquainted visitors with various projects realized in college and has described the prospects of Colleges development for the nearest years.

Director of the ORT Vocational Training Centre Igor Pavlov presented the project of distance learning for partially deaf children on speciality "Advertising".

Also visitors could participate in a teleconference bridge with Restaurant Business Department and could get acquainted with the process of training of the future technologists of food manufacturing, speciality which is highly demanded in the field of small and medium business.

In the conclusion the tour on College for all the present was organised in the course of which they could personally observe the variety of opportunities for training given to Colleges students: to visit classes of painting, sewing, fashion history, to see perfectly equipped photo-and video-studios, to be presented with a special course on publishing, to communicate with the Colleges students, teachers and graduates.

 Irina Silaeva (Shemyakina), Head of PR Department of ORT Russia

Conference on Building of the Intercultural Competence of School Studetns took place at the "ORT-Mishpahteinu" Schhol in Kazan



On February, 19th, 2008 sessions of section "National Traditions in Education and Development" within the frames of Workshop Conference "Building of the Intercultural Competence of School Students in a Context of Historical Development" passed at the "ORT-Mishpahteinu" School in Kazan. Section was opened by the Head of "ORT-Mishpahteinu" Olga Trupp. Pop-group "Sevivon" sang Jewish songs on Hebrew. There were some presentations demonstrated to the participants of the Conference. They visited Hebrew lessons and lessons on Jewish History and Traditions as well.



Semen Vainer, Irina Silaeva (Shemyakina)



ORT Virtual School is creating new opportunities for disabled Jews in Minsk



In February, 2008 there was the presentation of the project of ORT Virtual School of Jewish education for disabled children organized at the Minsk ORT Technology Center for participants of the charitable program "Raduga" of Jewish Charity Organization "Hesed-Rachamim". Within the frames of demonstration of the provided by ORT Virtual School opportunities and first lessons of distance learning courses 18 more persons expressed their wish to take part in the project.

The project is carried out by ORT Russia in collaboration with State educational centre Training Technologies (under Moscow Department of Education) and non-commercial organization Regional Center for Modeling of Activity of Schools with Jewish Ethno-Cultural Component of Education.

For the moment 42 disabled children from Moscow (Russia) and Minsk (Byelorussia) are students of distance Jewish courses.

                                                  Irina Silaeva  (Shemyakina)

The Opening Ceremony of the Mobile Multimedia Computer Lab in Samara


Samara, Russia.  14th of December, 2007.


The new Mobile Computer Lab was officially opened in ORT Samara school#42, which has won the Hewlett-Packard grant in terms of the program Transforming teaching and learning through technology. The cooperation of ORT and HP made this event happened. The lab consists of 11 notebooks, switch and multimedia projector, Wi-Fi access point and a digital camera.  It takes 10 minutes to deliver the lab to the classroom from the Media Center, plug it into the local network and the lab is ready for use.  The opening ceremony provided:


  • Owen Kemp, vice-president of Hewlett-Packard, Director General of HP in Russia;
  • Karel Vavruska, Director of Business Development in HP;
  • Irina Efremova,  Corporate PR Manager of HP;
  • Igor Labanov, HP Representative in Volga Region; 
  • Avi Ganon, Director of World ORT Representation in CIS;
  • Alexander Fradkov, Director ORT Samara;
  • Svetlana Kosyreva, Principal, school #42;
  • Samara Region Ministry and Science representatives;
  • ORT Samara Center specialists, teachers and students of school #42.

After the ceremony guests visited ORT Samara Technology Center, classes in school #42. All present was fascinated by the use of just-presented notebooks  in the physics class.




Right after the ceremony the notebooks were delivered to the Physics classroom  and in five minutes they were being used for processing of the experiment data collected by students. At the end of the visit  school students presented guests with the small performance and small souvenirs among which was the HP computer made of wood with CAD/CAM technologies by 11-graders. Mr. Owen Kemp joked that it was actually the first HP computer produced in Russia.

 A.Fradkov, ORT-Samara.




Get-IT Program in Volgograd



ORT-KesherNet Computer Center in Volgograd was officially opened on the 29th of September 2002.

In 2007 in the Centre  started the second stage of the program for women on training computer literacy. In terms of this program the Center trained 570 individuals. Project ORT-Keshernet really helps middle-aged people to adjust to fluctuations of the labour market,  to become more independent in the financial  aspects of life. For women in their forties a program like KesherNet Project gives a chance to provide  essentials for their families.

In 2007 the ORT-KesherNet Centre has received additional development. Program GET-IT sponsored by Hewlett-Packard has started. This program is designed  for young people at  the age of up to 25. First students of the program young ladies from the private hairdressing saloon have successfully finished the course. The GET-IT program will help a lot of people to start and develop their own businesses.


New HP-ORT Computer Center in TULA



On the 13th of December a new HP-ORT Computer Center was opened in the premises of the Tula Vocational Boarding School for  Deaf Students and Students with Special Needs #2 the only educational institution of this kind in Russia.  New Center was started  in terms of the GET-IT Program designed  for new entrepreneurs. Cooperation between ORT,   Tula Vocational Boarding School for  Deaf Students #2 and Hewlett Packard Corporation brought this project to life. New set of notebooks and T-Tools courseware developed by HP expands the possibility of the Center giving students with special needs a possibility to obtain skills and knowledge for  finding jobs in small businesses. The opening ceremony was broadcast on local TV  "Vesti ula"

 Officials present at the ceremony:

      • Owen Kemp, vice-president of Hewlett-Packard, Director General of HP in Russia;
      • Karel Vavruska, Director of Business Development in HP;
      • Arkady Chmunevich, Vice Governor of Tula Region;
      • Sergey Gorinsky, Deputy Director of ORT-Russia;
      • Alexander Ustinov,  Principal, Tula Vocational Boarding School for  Deaf Students #2,
      • Irina Matyzhenkova, Head of the City Administration Deputy,
      • Nickolay Korpachev, Deputy Director of Social Development Department of Tula Region,
      • Dmitry Skrylkov, Director of HP-ORT DCC at school #55,
      • Faina Sanevich, Director of Tuka Department of Hasdey Neshama,
      • Journalists, Local TV
      • Students and teachers of the Tula Vocational Boarding School for  Deaf Students #2

Alexander Ustinov  gave a short tour to  all the present  around the school which was founded in 1948 to  provide people with hearing problems with trades and professions to give them a chance to earn their living.


 During  last 60 years  thousands of students graduated from  School. It used to have more than 400 students who lived and attended classes there but now School has the budget and can house only 130. Now it is the only educational institution in Russia focused on children with specials needs from low income socially underserved families.    Students are provided with free  meals, accommodation, medical service, psychological support. Experienced tutors train them carefully into the professions of metal workers, shoemakers, tailors. And now they will have a chance to become ICT specialists. "Kids who hear only silence deserve to communicate with their peers around the world", said A.Ustiniv.

Owen Kemp, vice-president of Hewlett-Packard, Director General of HP in Russia gave a short overview on HP-Corporation and GET-IT program (Graduate Entrepreneurship Training through IT). Hewlett Packard is a technology company that operates in more than 170 countries around the world. HP is a technology solutions provider  to consumers, businesses and institutions globally. The companys offerings span IT infrastructure, global services, business and home computing, and imaging & printing.



GET-IT is part of HP's global Microenterprise Development Program and is a training initiative for young or unemployed or graduates between the age of 16 and 25 in underserved communities with good economic growth potential.

Participating organizations receive a grant that comprises a guidance course for the trainers of the organization, the curriculum materials to be able to deliver the courses, as well as the technological devices needed to carry out this business-related training.  

The objective of the new program is to advance the use of technology, to increase its access, to build the capacity for the use of information and communications technologies in the communities and to promote the development of Entrepreneurship and Microenterprise skills within underserved communities.

Photo description: Sergey Gorinskiy, Owen Kemp, Alexander Ustinov are on tour in school museum. 

The MEA-I  is an international, non-profit organization that facilitates access and knowledge of IT by advancing the implementation of digital acceleration centres, student-centred teaching and learning programs through ubiquitous technology. The Microenterprise Acceleration Institute is sponsored by Hewlett-Packard.

HP is recognized as a philanthropic leader among global corporations. During fiscal year 2005, HP contributed more than $45 million in resources worldwide, helping students, teachers, community residents and nonprofits address some of their most fundamental challenges.

World ORT is a major international not-for-profit promoter of education and training, with some 200,000 beneficiaries every year. Since its foundation in 1880, World ORT has helped more than 3 million people through its global network of schools, colleges, training centres and programmes.

HP and World ORT have a long standing and productive relationship, including the setting up of Digital Community Centres in Slavutych (Ukraine), Tula (Russia), and Dikhatole (South Africa) as well as Microenterprise Acceleration Programme (MAP) centres in Samara (Russia).


Press release.

 "Vesti Tula" video clip is here.



ORT Students Success at the World Robot Olympiad




It was for the second year that students of ORT school #550 (ORT-Gunsburg Project) took part in  the World Robot Olympiad as a part of all-Russian team, which is already a success for the young students from middle school. During the period of 17-18 September  2007 four school mates Egor Suvorov, Sergey Vlasov, Bogdan Onischuk and Boris Sanin  headed by their Computer Science teacher  Sergey Filippov participated in the World Robot Olympiad that took place in Taipei of Taiwan this year. Our brave  teenagers competed with teams from 18 countries. 

The action took place on 12 battlegrounds. The total number of  contest participants  reached the figure of 116 people. All-Russian team participated in three categories:  primary, secondary and high school  divisions. 


   The most impressive  for ORT school team  was the achievements in the primary school division. The team presented the robot designed by Sergey Vlasov (ORT-Gunsburg school)  and programmed by Egor Suvorov (ORT-Gunsburg school)   in "Robo Rally" category. The participants were awarded with the Certificate of Excellence Award and the Cup.


ORT Saint-Petersburg


New Lawson ORT-Career centres spread around Moldova


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Opportunities are relatively thin on the ground in the small towns of Rybnitsa and Beltsy, less than two hours from the Moldovan capital of Kishinev.

Moldova is one of the poorest countries in Europe with a GDP per capita of $2,000 and nearly one-third of the population living below the poverty line. For the 3,000 Jews who live in and around Rybnitsa and Beltsy, it can be difficult to find decently paid, stable employment.


 However, hope has arrived with the opening of Lawson ORT-Career centres in the towns providing much needed ICT and business-related training.   Like the four Lawson ORT-Career centres already set up in Russia, Latvia, Ukraine and Moldova, the new centres are linked by cutting-edge distance learning technology to World ORTs Jack Lawson Vocational Training Centre (VTC) in Moscow.

The communities in Rybnitsa and Beltsy asked to join this initiative, which shows what a successful model the Lawson ORT-Career Programme is, said Dr Slava Leshchiner, Director of the World ORT Representative Office in Ukraine and Moldova. We are committed to supporting small communities, where the need for this kind of training is even greater than in the big cities where there are more opportunities.

The Lawson ORT-Career Programme addresses the most serious employment problem facing members of the Jewish community in the Former Soviet Union: under-employment. The centres in Yekaterinburg, Riga, Kharkov and Kishinev and now Rybnitsa and Beltsy provide career-oriented training that helps ordinary members of Jewish communities to improve their financial situation, raise their standard of living and secure their future.

The two new centres have already started their first courses in basic computer literacy but future courses will encompass business and office skills, understanding business accounts, computer graphics, desktop publishing, marketing and publicity, Computer Aided Design (CAD) and computer programming and databases.

In addition, the trainees at Rybnitsa and Beltsy will have access to the careers advisor at the Kishinev centre, who can guide them throughout their course as well as give follow-up assistance. The careers advisor can also help trainees to find work locally or, for those wanting to make aliyah, in Israel.


Both Rybnitsa and Beltsy received computers from the JDC but did not have sufficient local expertise to exploit them fully. World ORT, which has unparalleled experience in delivering career-oriented training in the region, has, therefore, provided curricula and course materials as well as the vital link to the hub of the programme at the Jack Lawson VTC in Moscow.

Following completion of a course, trainees sit an on-line exam set by experts in Moscow, passing of which entitles graduates to a prestigious ORT Moldova certificate.


The training structure is modular which allows for flexibility in the set of courses delivered and relevance to the changing demands of the labour market, said Anna Teper-Baidina, project manager and IT teacher at the Lawson ORT-Career centre in Kishinev. Were confident that through these centres, local people will acquire the skills they need to overcome the ever-present threats of low income and job-insecurity.

The Director of ORT Moldova, Vitaly Kirillov, also welcomed the new centres.

The educational service which ORT provides to Jewish communities in Rybnitsa and Beltsy is important for promoting the competitiveness of Jewish youth in small cities where job placement is a serious problem. For me, this is a new and promising direction that ORT has taken in cooperation with local Jewish organisations.

The Jack Lawson VTC was set up at the Moscow ORT Technology College in 2001 thanks to funding by the Carole and Geoffrey Lawson Foundation. Further Lawson ORT-Career Centres are planned for the major Jewish communities of Odessa and St Petersburg.

After an enforced absence, World ORT returned to Russia in 1991. It now coordinates operations in Russia, Ukraine, Moldova, Belarus, Latvia, Lithuania and Kyrgyzstan 53 projects in 32 locations serving more than 26,000 people.

World ORT is the worlds largest Jewish education and vocational training non-government organisation and has benefited more than 3 million people Jewish and non-Jewish in 100 countries since its foundation in 1880.




New GET-IT Centre in Tambov




 On November 22, 2007 new GET-IT training centre was officially opened in Tambov, Russia. This is the result of cooperation between World ORT, Hewlett-Packard, Microenterprise Acceleration Institute and Project Kesher.

GET-IT (Graduate Entrepreneurship Training on IT) is part of HP´s global Microenterprise Development Program and is a training initiative for young or unemployed or graduates between the age of 16 and 25 in underserved communities with good economic growth potential. Participating organisations will receive a grant that comprises a guidance course for the trainers of the organisation, the curriculum materials to be able to deliver the courses, as well as the technological devices needed to carry out this business-related training.   


The objective of the new program is to advance the use of technology, to increase its access, to build the capacity for the use of information and communications technologies in the communities and to promote the development of Entrepreneurship and Microenterprise skills within underserved communities.

The MEA-I  is an international, non-profit organization that facilitates access and knowledge of IT by advancing the implementation of digital acceleration centres, student-centred teaching and learning programs through ubiquitous technology. The Microenterprise Acceleration Institute is sponsored by Hewlett-Packard. 

 HP is recognized as a philanthropic leader among global corporations.  During fiscal year 2005, HP contributed more than $45 million in resources worldwide, helping students, teachers, community residents and nonprofits address some of their most fundamental challenges.

 World ORT is a major international not-for-profit promoter of education and training, with some 200,000 beneficiaries every year. Since its foundation in 1880, World ORT has helped more than 3 million people through its global network of schools, colleges, training centres and programmes.

HP and World ORT have a long standing and productive relationship, including the setting up of Digital Community Centres in Slavutych (Ukraine), Tula (Russia), and Dikhatole (South Africa) as well as Microenterprise Acceleration Programme (MAP) centres in  Samara (Russia).



 Founded in 1989, Project Kesher one of the fastest growing women's advocacy and human rights organizations in CIS.  Project Kesher in Russia, Ukraine, Moldova, Byelorussia and Kazakhstan currently has women's groups in 155+ communities and multi-faith/multi-national women's coalitions in 80+ of those communities.
ORT-KesherNet, a joint project of World ORT and Project Kesher is improving the economic conditions of its graduates. The project has established a network of 15 ORT-KesherNet computer centres to provide professional retraining in IT (information technology) with the aim of creating new employment opportunities for unemployed and underemployed women in the CIS. In addition to job skills, these centres provide women with personal support, introductory leadership trainings and job placement services.


 Within the frameworks of new program HP gives to each centre as a donation the products and goods described as follows:


    • 10 student laptops
    • 1 tablet PC for trainers
    • 1 HP digital camera
    • 1 printer
    • 6 print cartridges
    • 1 digital projector (external vendor)
    • Net cart (external vendor)
    • 11 software licenses
    • T - Tools course materials
    • Participation in Guidance Course sessions for trainers  on T-Tools delivery

 ORT Russia opens 5 GET-IT centres in following locations:

    • 1. Moscow ORT Technology College #14
      2. Ekaterinburg, Vocational Training Centre "ORT-Career"
      3. Tambov, "ORT-KesherNet" training centre for women
      4. Volgograd, ORT-KesherNet training centre for women
      5. Tula, Vocational Training Boarding School #2 for deaf people

The new set of HP  notebooks and T-Tools course developed with the support of Hewlett-Packard  expands the capacity of the newly established  Center which is being used mostly by  women many of whom have succeeded in  a Micro enterprise  career thanks to the ICT skills  and knowledge received

Irina,  43 y.o.,  beginning enterpriser:
Irina came to Tambov to visit with her sister after very difficult divorce with her husband, loss of home and job and complications in  relationship with her son.  She seemed to be totally broken and there is nothing to hope for. Nevertheless her close and relatives helped her to overcome all the hardships and she tried herself in a completely different area design and tailoring of the curtains. Her curtains looked nice and people liked them. First clients showed up and many asked her to design the entire room. Irina realized that she needed the help of the software specialist.  But this service was too expensive for the business on a start-up and she decided to learn to use professional software for interior design herself.  She signed up to an ICT Literacy course and had bought a new PC. Irina plans to proceed with studying new software after she finished the course.

Press release.


Israel Science Journey - Kadima Mada


  Israel Science Journey - Kadima Mada

World ORT announces continued support for Israel

World ORT has launched a NIS 32 million ($7.4 million) Science and Technology programme in Israeli high schools to be run in conjunction with the countrys Ministry of Education.

Kadima Mada (Science Journey) is the name given to the programme, which encompasses hundreds of projects in more than 30 local authorities throughout Israel.

The programme marks a new phase in World ORTs 59-year-long commitment to bring the best practical education available to the Jewish State.

Science and Technology together form the foundation stone of the Israeli system of education, said World ORT President Sir Maurice Hatter. World ORT plans to commit these substantial funds to the advancement and encouragement of excellence in high schools and further education and training programmes throughout Israel. We intend to do all that is necessary to establish the programme, extend its activities and ensure its success in the coming years.

The Israeli Ministry of Education has praised World ORTs willingness to allocate funds in this area and be partners in this broad-ranging project.

Sir Maurice added: We are very pleased to be working so closely with the Ministry of Education and are delighted that the Ministry will work closely in partnership with World ORT to secure the highest level of educational activities for the children.

Kadima Mada marks an expansion of World ORTs already substantial activities in Israel.

Last year, World ORT raised nearly $3 million for the Israel Emergency Campaign, thanks to the UJC, American donors who generously participated through their local Jewish Federations, and ORT supporters who gave through their national ORT organisations. The money is helping children and families affected by Hezbollah aggression by funding extra tuition and post-trauma counselling as well as paying to improve the educational environment and for educational necessities such as text books.

In 2005, World ORT brought its long-standing cooperation with the Hewlett-Packard Corporation to Israel with the opening of a Micro-enterprise Acceleration Programme Centre in Kiryat Bialik. The centre provides training for Jewish and Arab women in the north of the country to enable them to develop new economic and cultural opportunities.

And it was a World ORT campaign, strongly supported by ORTs friends around the world, which led to the foundation in 1989 of the ORT Braude College of Engineering in Karmiel. The college is now one of northern Israels leading tertiary institutions offering a range of international standard technical and scientific degrees.

World ORT, founded in 1880, is the worlds largest Jewish education and vocational training non-government organisation with some 200,000 beneficiaries Jewish and non-Jewish in 58 countries.

ORT-KesherNet Centre in Kineshma is one of the organisers of the city contest of young specialists






Training of the first group on Get-IT program is coming to an end.

20 listeners of the Centre study Get - IT program (36 hours) successfully and have got skills of the themes: Operational management; financial management; Communications; Marketing; Technological management.

16 teachers of schools, kindergartens, colleges, vocational schools and institutes of additional education of the city took part in the contest.  

 Each participant submitted to advisory council portfolio with the information of professional experience, plus producing advertising poster about specialty and the trademark with presentation.

The first success and demonstration of new possibilities of our Centre took place on December, 13th when listeners had taken part in the Contest of Professional Skill among young specialists To Tops of Mastership, the city action organised by the Department of Youths Work of the City Administration and supported by ORT-KesherNet Centre actively.

On December, 13th at the city Art Centre the rewarding ceremony took place. The big merit in the organisation and carrying out of the contest belongs to ORT-KesherNet Centre teacher Sergey Fomin. On the basis of the centre, he together with the listeners developed and printed Diplomas for the winners. On the screen (provided by HP) and using the new projector (provided by HP as well) the works of the winners and solemn ceremony of rewarding were shown.

Now thanks to facilities and to the new GET - IT program Centre had received from HP and thanks to ORT support Centre is planning to promote themselves not only in the city, but in the regional and areal actions as well.

Tatyana Molodrtseva, administrator of ORT-Keshernet Centre (and HP-ORT GET-IT Centre) in Kineshma (Russia) Administrator

Top educators from the Former Soviet Union inspired by World ORT tour of Israel


18 September 2007

A group of 15 senior figures from the education systems of Ukraine, Moldova, Russia and Belarus are in Israel this week on a VIP mission organised by World ORT.

Accompanied by the Director of the World ORT Representative Office in Ukraine and Moldova, Dr Slava Leshchiner, and World ORTs Representative in Russia, Belarus and Central Asia, Avi Ganon, the group is visiting schools and tertiary institutions working with World ORT as well touring sites of cultural interest.

Speaking after a visit to Shaar HaNegev School, one of dozens of schools across the country benefiting from World ORTs $7.2 million Kadima Mada (Science Journey) programme to raise the standard of science and technology education, Mr Ganon said the mission participants had been inspired by what they had seen.

They thought it was a beautiful school. They were delighted to see that, in spite of rocket attacks from Gaza, the children there were smiling and, with World ORTs support, were able to continue learning like children around the world, Mr Ganon said.

In addition to a new, high-tech laboratory and a World ORT Teaching Empowerment Centre (WOTEC), World ORT has supplied Shaar HaNegev with a mobile computer laboratory comprising 30 laptops that allows students to continue with their work even in the bomb shelter.

Mission members were very impressed by the equipment that World ORT has provided and immediately started to think about how they could make such facilities available in their own schools, Mr Ganon said.

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