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15/11 2011

20th Anniversary of School # 1311 ORT "Techiya"


13.11 at the Concert Hall "Meridian" celebration of the 20th Anniversary of Moscow Centre of Education #1311 (ORT "Techiya") was taking place. The coincidence of dates and the Schools number is not an accident. As it is not a coincidence that in a large hall with 1200 seats, the audience sat even in the aisles. And there was no casual audience. They were students, teachers, alumni and parents - the guests and participants of the event.

The School was congratulated by the Head of the South-West Districts Board of Education, Mr. Alexey Alexandrov, Israeli Ambassador to Russia Ms. Dorit Golender, Director of ANO "ORT" Mr. Sergey Gorinsky. School were awarded by scrolls of the Prefect of the South-West District of Moscow, Mr. Alexey Chelyshev, Chairman of the Public Chamber of Russian Federation, Mr. Nikolay Svanidze, Executive Director of the Jewish Agency for Israel Mr. Nathan Scharansky, Head of the Israeli Liaison Office "Nativ" Mrs. Naomi Ben-Ami.

A hundred of graduates came at the Gala Evening: some of them were coming from other cities and even from abroad. And those who could not attend sent their video greetings. Guests and participants of the evening applauded the congratulations sent by partner schools of ORT network from St. Petersburg, Samara, Dnepropetrovsk and Vilnius.


Andrei Semenov, Director of ORT Technology Centre at Centre of Education # 1311, Moscow

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