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14/11 2012

Chernivtsi ORT students participated in the exhibition for the Day of Tolerance

12th and 13th, November, 2012 at the Museum of History and Culture of the Jews of Bukovina an exhibition "Together" devoted to the problem of multiculturalism in history and contemporary life of Chernivtsi and Ukraine in general. The exhibition was organized within the frames of the project "Overcoming stereotypes together", initiated by the Department of education of Chernivtsi City Council.

For the preparation of the exposition of the Jewish community attracted students of Chernivtsi ORT Specialized School # 41. Materials that are presented 11th grade students, make acquainted with the tradition of multiculturalism in their home town and in Ukraine, tell the history of the Jewish community and its prominent representatives, contribute interculture dalog, tolerance education, a sense of mutual respect and cooperation.

Ludwiga Tsurkan, Principal of the Chernivtsi ORT Specialized School # 41

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