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05/06 2012

Master-class on Robotics at the family event in the IBS office

June 1, 2011 in the office of IBS "Family Day" - a corporate event for employees and their families was held. There were a variety of activities and entertainment, including creative and scientific workshops organized.

One of the workshops was devoted to Robotics. Under the guidance of teachers of Moscow ORT Technology School Semen Ushkin and Ruslan Myronivsky, as well as the 10th year student Valerya Bockman, children collect robot models from Lego: senior group - a car that can change direction when encountering obstacles, kids - carousel able to move at different speeds. The building process provoked interest of both young and adult participants, and should be mentioned not only in order to help children, but completely independently.

In the Atrium of the office a demonstration of robots created by students of the Moscow ORT Technology School was conducted including cars that participated in the international competition "Robotraffic 2012"; robot artist, designed the for the ORT 130th Anniversary, and the robot-fireman, who had been taken part in competition in Israel.

During the demonstration Valeriya Bockman told about the Robotics study at Moscow ORT Technology School and her participation in various international competitions.

Irina Silaeva, Program Manager, ANO "ORT"

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