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20/09 2012

"Microinform" Director General delivered certificates of passing courses to teachers of ORT network schools in Moscow

Director of Development of ORT Russia Mikhail Libkin and "Microinform" Director General Boris Fridman give certificate to Hebrew Teacher Ilya Lerer.

September 14, 2012 in Moscow ORT Technology School (Gymnasia # 1540) teachers from Moscow schools of ORT network were delivered with certificates of passing courses of "Microinform", aimed to improve the skills of secondary school teachers in ICT using.

The course took place from 17th to 29th of June, 2012, on the base of Moscow ORT Technology School (Gymnasia # 1540). Within 2 weeks 27 teachers from the Moscow ORT Technology School and Centre of Education # 1311 "Thiya" (ORT) were receiving knowledge of new methods of teaching, using modern information and communication technologies.

The organization of such courses became possible thanks to the cooperation of ORT and "Microinform" company. "Microinform" at no charge provided the ORT school teachers with the opportunity to improve skills in using software package Microsoft Office 2010 and new OS Windows 7 comfortably. Classes were conducted by one of Russia's best trainers of IT courses for users, leading "Microinform" teacher Olga Lazaricheva.
Certificates were presented to graduates of the course by "Microinform" Director General Boris Fridman.

In response, the Director of Development of ORT Russia Mikhail Libkin expressed gratitude to Mr. Friedman for his support in the teachers professional improvement.

Teachers - graduates of the course - also noted that the training was very effective, they learned a lot and are ready to apply this knowledge in their work this academic year.

In conclusion, for the guest had a little tour of the school.

Irina Silaeva, Program Manager, ANO "ORT"

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