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20/09 2012

Moscow School ORT became TOP ranking Cisco academies in Russia

Moscow ORT Technology School (Gymnasia # 1540) took fourth place in the ranking of the all-Russian school Cisco Networking Academy.

Cisco has decided to reward its best school Academies in Russia in 2011/2012 academic year. Selection committee takes into account such factors as: the number of registered students, passed training and making tests; the number of students, had been completing the feedback form (Course Feedback) and have the successful mark of the passing the course (PASS), the average score of the student during the period of training, dynamics growth in the number of students from the previous school year.

The three best schools receive a full set of network equipment Linksys by Cisco. The next five schools receive one wireless router Cisco Linksys E1200.

Fourth in the ranking of schools is Moscow ORT Technology School (Gymnasia # 1540), which only in the middle of the last academic year joined the Cisco and managed in a short time to prepare more than 30 graduates of the academy with a very high rating.

Mikhail Libkin, Head of IT Department, Director of Development, ANO "ORT"

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