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03/12 2015

New interactive facilities for teaching Hebrew and Traditions

In 2015, with generous support of Doris Pacey and Dr Michael and Anna Brynberg Charitable Foundations in seven ORT network schools, Labe for teaching Jewish studies subjects were equipped with the up-to-date interactive facilities.

Interactive whiteboards, projectors, cameras and microphones, as well as personal computers for teachers were established in the ORT network schools in Dnepropetrovsk (school #144 named after Levi Yitzchak Schneerson), Zaporozhe, Kazan, Kiev (at educational complex "Simcha") Odessa, Samara and Chernivtsi.

As far as equipment had been maintained teachers of Hebrew and of History and Traditions of Jewish people began to use it in their work.

Already now teachers noted that the motivation of students increased rapidly. Visualization of educational material allows making lessons more exciting and diversified. Interactive facilities are used for the demonstration educational presentations and multimedia products as well as for testing. Now teachers can use Internet resources directly in the classroom.

In addition, interactive facilities are actively used during training sessions and workshops, other teachers are increasingly mastering their skills in new technologies and begin to apply it in their work.

On behalf of the teachers, students and parents of schools of ORT network we would like to express our sincere gratitude to Doris Pacey and Dr Michael and Anna Brynberg Charitable Foundations for their assistance in providing schools of such useful equipment!




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