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05/03 2012

Results of the annual HP LIFE program centers reports evaluation were announced

Classes at the Tambov ORT-KesherNet Centre


We congratulate all the finalists and especially our Russian colleagues from "City Development Agency" (Cherepovets) and Tambov ORT-KesherNet Training Centre with a victory!

Assessment of HP LIFE program centers reports for 2011 was completed.

Every year, HP Learning Initiative for Entrepreneurs (HP LIFE), gathers information and feedback from its global network of partners and training centres to understand what works, what could be improved and what has been achieved. 

The 2011 Report confirms that the program currently operates through 340 Training Centres in 49 countries and has reached over 1.2 million people worldwide through training, access to IT, social media and online activities.

The criteria to determine the top performing Training Centers who completed the online survey was aligned to the HP OGSI Scorecard for the HP LIFE Program, with particular focus on social impact generated.

1. Number of people reached with the program (face-to-face trainings and access to HP technology)

2. Number of people experienced business growth as a result of the training

3. Number of new businesses started-up as a result of the training

4. Jobs generated as a result of the training

5. Number of people who gained employment as a result of the training

6. Number of success stories submitted to HP (to be verified by COEs)

7. Innovative ideas for the use of the $10,000 USD cash contribution and ideas contributing to the sustainability of the HP LIFE Program

The Top Performing Training Centers

Based on COEs' assessment and review by HP, the following Training Centers will receive a cash contribution of 10,000 USD to further work on the sustainability of the HP LIFE program.


Asia Pacific


Self Employed Women's Association (India)


CAEP Honghu (China)


Society for Development Alternatives (India)




CENSIRT (Nigeria)


TEARS Group (Kenya)




ADIE (France)


North America


Womens Initiative for Self-Employment (California)


Businesses Invest in Growth (Texas)




Tambov ORT-KesherNet Training Centre


Non commercial partnership "City Development Agency" (Cherepovets)

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