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01/09 2014

We had been building and we have built!

September 1, 2014 Tula Jewish primary school "Lauder School" at the Tula Jewish Center "Hasdey Neshama" for the first time opened its doors to students. In this academic year there are 3 grades: from the first to the third at school.

ORT Russia Director Sergey Gorinskiy and ICT specialist Ilya Spivak came to Tula to congratulate their old friends and not empty-handed.  

This year, thanks to the support of the Doris Pacey Charitable Foundation World ORT funded the up-to-date equipment and software for the Tula Jewish primary school "Lauder School." In addition to projectors and laptops, allowing teachers to organize the learning process effectively not only in ICT, but also for general subjects, the school also received a full set and methodical support for Robotics classes.

In addition to the federal government standard school program includes training in such subjects as history and traditions of the Jewish people, the Hebrew, in-depth study of English, Computer Science and Robotics classes.

For the initiative for learning Computer Science from the first grade Director of the "Hasdey Neshama" Centre Faina Sanevich had stood still since the opening of the first Jewish classes in 2000. Thus from its very beginning the Tula Jewish school aspired to be one of the most advanced in the study of elementary ICT.

ORT and "Hasdey Neshama" enjoy longstanding friendships. In 2002, thanks to the cooperation ORT and the Project Kesher the "ORT-KesherNet" ICT training center for women was opened at the Jewish Community Centre. Over the years, thanks to the center, many women have been successful in raising their status, and some previously unemployed people have found new job. In 2009 Tula "ORT-KesherNet" Centre entered into the global network of training centers of the global educational program initiated by Hewlett-Packard - HP LIFE, realized in FSU in partnership with ORT. Through this participation center expanded its educational opportunities: now the center provides training for aspiring entrepreneurs to use the power of information technology to create and develop their business.

From this year, as part of a new joint project, ORT is not only financing technical equipment for classes and provides training materials and software, but also includes school teachers into the overall training program for teachers in ICT.

As "Hasdey Neshama" Director Faina Sanevich rightly pointed: "Children and children's education, from kindergarten, are the basis for the existence and development of the Jewish community. We hope that that will be accumulated in this age, strengthen the bond of children and their families with the Jewish community. "

"We are very pleased for long-term cooperation with our colleagues in Tula", - says Director of ORT in Russia Sergei Gorinskiy.  "Over the past 12 years from the opening of the first training center ORT realized three joint projects with Hewlett-Packard at the Secondary School #55, Vocational School for hard hearing children and the Jewish Community Center "Hasdey Neshama". We are continuing to implement projects in the Jewish community and in Vocational School for the deaf and hearing impaired children. Tula has often been the place for teacher training seminars of ORT network, which were attended by teachers and specialists from FSU countries and Europe. I would like to congratulate all of our colleagues in Tula with the beginning of the new academic year 2014-2015. And we, in turn, will try to help to make this school year the best and happy for teachers, children and their parents."

Tatiana Ovodova, "Lauder School" Princiapal, notes: "The Jewish primary school" Lauder School "in Tula is just beginning to make its first steps. That is why the support of the World ORT in purchasing multimedia equipment proved to be very significant and relevant.

Today it is necessary to use ICT for each lesson for any school discipline. ORT donated equipment that allows teachers to make learning more vivid and fun for the child's perception.

And the news that we have been given with a set for Robotics, provoked delight of parents and students. In our city, it will be only the third one school, where Robotics classes will be held. An additional benefit of the study Robotics is the team creation, and, in future, participation in regional, national and international competitions.

I would like to express my sincere gratitude to the ORT leadership for the timely assistance in equipment and methodological support of the school, allowing teachers and students to keep up with the times."



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