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21/06 2012

ORT activity into the newest issue related to the history of Moscow Jewry

The book by Efim Ulitskiy and Dmitriy Feldman "Jews in Moscow: the end of 15th - beginning of 20th century", relating to the history of the Jews in Moscow, has been published. It draws upon little-known or published for the first time original sources from state archives, museums and libraries as well as from private collections. Special emphasis is placed on the themes: emergence of the Moscow Jewish community and its spiritual leaders; outstanding Jewish exponents of the commercial and industrial circles, their business activities, charity and patronage; the contribution of the Moscow clerisy of Jewish origin to the Russian culture.

Along with other international and local Jewish organizations World ORT provided financial and material support at various stages of the exhibition and in the preparation of this book for publication, as mentioned in the thank you page on the Creative Association "Moscow Jewish Museum."(1)

In the part "History" in chapter "Jews in Business: Commerce and Philanthropy" set aside a separate section of business and charitable activities of the Polyakovs family, including their role in the establishment and financial support of the "Organization for the Distribution of Artisanal and Agricultural Skills among the Jews in Russia (ORT). (2)

In the next chapter, "The Jewish public organizations in Moscow," a separate section is devoted to the activities of the "Organization for the Distribution of Artisanal and Agricultural Skills among the Jews in Russia (ORT) since its inception in 1880, and until the cessation of activity in 1938.(3)

In the application illustrated the chapter on "The Jewish public organizations in Moscow" the poster "ORT-Ferband" of the 1920s. (From the World ORT (London) archive) and a photo of delegates of the 2nd Congress of the World ORT Union in Danzig in 1923 are published.(4)

In Annex "Chronicle of Jewish life in Moscow: the end of XV - beginning of XX century" among a series of significant dates and milestones in the history of the Jewish community of Moscow reference to the establishment on February 1, 1910 the Moscow branch of the "Organization for the Distribution of Artisanal and Agricultural Skills among the Jews in Russia (ORT) and the election on February 25 of that year, the Committee of Moscow brunch, headed by ORT chairman and honorary member of the Lazar Polyakov is made.(5)

The publication is illustrated with numerous artefacts of the late 15th-early 20th centuries. This book is intended for Judaica specialists as well as for all interested in the history of the Jews in multiethnic Russia.



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