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14/04 2015

Robotics Olympiad Festival

In the period from April, 12-16, on the basis of the Kishinev ORT Technology Lyceum named after Herzl the Robotics Olympiad Festival among school students of ORT network in the CIS and the Baltic States takes place.  

It is attended by teams from 14 schools of ORT network in Estonia, Kyrgyzstan, Latvia, Lithuania, Moldova, Russia and Ukraine.

At the opening ceremony the participants and the guests of the Olympiad were welcomed by the Principal of Kishinev ORT Technology Lyceum Svetlana Klimina and Director of "ORT-Moldova" Vitaly Kirillov.

The first day began with the presentations of the teams in Pecha Kucha. The students talked about their cities, schools, studying Robotics and preparing for the Olympiad.






In the opening day of the Olympiad, traditionally, a creative competition, which this year was devoted to "smart house”, was held. Students drafted on the basis of Lego and Arduino:

• 1st place was granted to the project "Smart home" of Chernivtsi team: Eugenia Kriklivets and Elizabeth Anipko (supervisor Nikolai Tsybulyanko);

• 2nd place - project of Kiev team: Elena Krasnova and Elizabeth Miller (supervisor Sergei Dziuba);

• 3rd place - to the team from Bishkek: Alexander Kynin and Diana Niyazova (supervisor Oleg Korotkov).

In the senior league "Triathlon" competition took place:

• 1st place - Salavat Altynbaev and Michael Gerontiev (Kazan);

• 2nd place - Alexander Kynin and Diana Niyazova (Bishkek);

• 3rd place - Sanlu Kyritz and Elizabeth Zubova (Kishinev ORT Lyceum).

Junior League starts of the competition with "Kegelring":

• the best result the team from Odessa showed: Anna Tikhonova and Sofia Bakhtiyarova;

• 2nd place - the team from Dnepropetrovsk: Eugene Shefter and Michael Botvinikov;

• 3rd place - Alexander Wolinsky and Sophia Khil'kevich (Kiev).

On the news of the Festival can be found on the page

On the eve of the Olympic Games in schools ORT network in the CIS and Baltic countries held a competition to create a logo for the International Festival Contest.

There were 26 works presented of the students from 5 schools ORT network in Latvia, Russia and Ukraine. All works are published in a virtual exhibition on our website.

Jury recognized as the winner the logo, designed by Victor Pascaru, 9th grade student of   Chernivtsi specialized ORT school # 41. His work became the basis of corporate logo of Olympiad. So it is depicted on participants’ T-shirts.


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