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28/11 2011

ORT Technology College in Berlin again


From November, 13th to 18th, 2011, students of "Advertising" and "Catering" faculties Moscow ORT Technology College had once again visited Berlin Guilds of Photographers and Candy-makers. These student exchanges already became regular. This year's trip took place under the sign of the 20th Anniversary of the Moscow-Berlin partnership.
German side was prepared excellent professional program of workshops and master classes at the end of which students had received certificates of training in the relevant professional Guilds.

November 15 group was invited to the Gendarmenmarkt concert hall on reception devoted to the 20-year Anniversary of cities partnership. There a presentation of a cake, prepared by Moscow students- confectioners at the Confectioners' Guild in Berlin was taking place.

During the visit, the students had got acquainted with a dual system of vocational education in Germany, met German students, visited places of production and learned many interesting things about the history of the city. Within the frames of cultural program excursion to the Museum photographs of Helmut Newton Foundation was organized. Newtons family created the fund as a "living organism", which never ceases to grow. Students also visited the Jewish Museum in Berlin (Jüdisches Museum Berlin), on two millennia of German-Jewish history.

During the visit the sides come to an agreement of continuation and development of cooperation with professional guilds, training and seminars conducting.

Olga Ivakhova, Head of Unit, Moscow ORT Technology College (# 14) 


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