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24/03 2013

Robotics seminar for teachers of ORT network schools in Baltic states

In the period March 18-22, 2013 on the base of Riga ORT Shimon Dubnov Jewish School (Latvia) training seminar “Fundamentals of Robotics” for teacher of ORT network schools in Baltic states was held.  There were 5 teachers from Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia participating.

Within the frames of the seminar, teachers learned the basic sections of the Robotics course, developed in ORT, and got acquainted with the methodology of teaching the course at school.

The main objectives of the seminar was the familiarity with the structure of the course "Designing of Robotic systems", with different types of software for robots’ programming, the basic principles of design - have been successfully resolved. Special attention was paid to the programming of robots in the NXT-G language - a visual programming language in which the program is built using blocks of visual commands. Implementation of the basic algorithmic structures in that language and special facilities of that language were examined. During the workshop, participants were building different models of robots, writing programs for them, depending on the task, got acquainted with the methods of Robotics Olympiad tasks solutions.

 Teaching materials “Designing of Robotics System” and it’s using in educational process was presented successfully. 

Training package includes:

    • Work sheets for students
    • Work sheets examples
    • LEGO models instructions
    • Instructional materials for teachers


On the last day of the seminar it was attended by representatives of city educational administration of Riga. There was a presentation "Experience of teaching Robotics in the ORT school #94 in Odessa (Ukraine)" held for them, seminar’s participants demonstrated different models of Robots took part in the robot0s’ competition.

At the end of the seminar, all the participants received certificates of participation at the seminar and teaching package "Designing of Robotic Systems."


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