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23/03 2015

Robotraffic training seminar in St Petersburg

There was a three-day training seminars for trainers on robo-cars modeling organized by the ORT and Russian Association of Educational Robotics (RAOR) on the base of ORT-SPb Vocational training center conducted.

This particular training seminar became a logical continuation of a larger project of ORT and RAOR, during which, we recall, in December last year the overview seminar for trainers and certification of nationwide and regional levels in the category Robotraffic were held.

During the meeting, representatives of schools, universities and institutions of additional education from St. Petersburg, Moscow, Kaliningrad, Sovietsk, Tomsk, Ozersk, Tambov, Nefteyugansk and Samara got new knowledge in the field of programming platform Arduino, learned about successful projects and discussed issues of modeling autonomous vehicles, and discussed the mechanics and physics of  robo-cars. Participants not only discussed the prospects of robo-cars modelling, but in practice programmed and simulated robo-cars participated in Robotraffic - Robotics competitions of Leumi Robotics Center at the Technion.

Among the speakers invited to the training seminar, there were practicing supervisors and trainers of the teams becoming winners of various robotic competitions and  representatives  of Skolkovo Robotics Centre (KB Aurora), National Research University of Information Technologies, Mechanics and Optics (ITMO) and RoboEd - company developing instructional interactive software in the field of Robotics.

Participants will be able to check, how useful this knowledge is, in summer, when the second Russian Robotraffic competition within the All-Russian stage of the World Robotics Olympiad will take place.

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