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19/08 2013

Preparing to New Academic Year: Teacher Training in Moscow

August, 19, 2013 there was the opening of the seminar for teachers of ORT network schools “New Information Technologies in Teaching” at the ORT Tekhiya, Center of Education # 1311 (Moscow, Russia). Participants were welcomed by the Centre of Education Principal Grigory Lipman and ORT Russia Director Sergey Gorinskiy.

This  seminar is a result of the cooperation between  ORT and the leading Russian IT training organization Microinform Training Center which celebrates this year its 25th  anniversary. It is already the second time when Microinform Training Centre provides to teachers of ORT network schools free of charge opportunity to improve their skills in using new software in teaching.

A year ago, June 2012, there were two-week courses for 26 teachers of Moscow ORT Technology School and ORT Tekhiya, Center of Education # 1311 held.

This year classes for working with the latest versions of Microsoft software for 28 teachers of Moscow and Kazan ORT network schools are carried out under the supervision of one of the best trainers in the Russian IT courses for users, a leading teacher of Microinform Training Center Olga Lazaricheva who used her own copyright of instructional developments.Additionally ORT specialists help teachers to learn how to work with the most up-to-date training facilities: interactive whiteboards, document cameras, systems of network scanning and printing, etc. Also, teachers learned how to use educational Internet resources effectively.On

Monday, August, 26, ORT Russia Director Sergey Gorinskiy and Vice-rector of Moscow Institute of Open Education (MIOO) Viacheslav Leshchiner will provide sessions devoted to the ORT history and activity all over the world and in FSU particularly. V. Leshchiner also will tell about the new educational standards, tendencies and changes in Russian general education and about new educational legislation.

Irina Silaeva, Program Manager, ANO "ORT"


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