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Spectacular gains Grand-Prize and prize-winning in two nominations

School student of the First Moscow Educational Complex (Moscow ORT Technology College) Egor Alexandrov won the final  of the 14th Christmas Festival of digital interactive installations. The festival was held in a form of presentation of the best works created by students of Moscow on the basis of digital production processes in the center of technological education support institutions. It was organized by the Department of Education in Moscow, Russian State Humanitarian University, Moscow State Technical University "STANKIN" and League of Education of the Russian Federation with the support of  Polymedia, Casio, MIDexpo, Intel. This year, the Christmas festival was fo the first time held in the framework of the project "School of new technologies."

Egors work entitled "Children mat" was unanimously recognized as the best by the jury and won the Grand Prix of the festival, but more than that, it was the only one submitted, that even won awards in tow nominations!

Details of his invention Egor produced on laser machine of the  Colleges Center of new technologies, there the shooting and editing of video for presentation and initial rehearsal performances had been going. The rehearsals took place in the evening in the Great Hall of the Russian State Humanitarian University with all the equipment needed for the final.

We wish Egor all the best and new great achievements!

Please see the video of his presentation:


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