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03/06 2011

90 years of being international organization World ORT ushers in competition in Robotics among students from different countries Odessa is a winner


May 29 - 31, 2011, in Berlin a meeting of the Board of Representatives of the World ORT, dedicated to the 90th anniversary of World ORT Union inauguration as an international organization.

In the same Meistersaal, where in 1921 a historic conference marked the ORT expansion outside the only country, had been held, 100 representatives from 23 countries sharing ORT students excitement in international Robotics competition.

Teams of the ORT schools from Argentina, Bulgaria, Israel and Ukraine presented their creative projects, built on the basis of NXT, and competed at the "Triathlon" route.

Team of Odessa ORT school 94, consisted of 4 people: Alexandra Gorlovitch, Sergey Grigorash, Dmitry Kozachkov and team leader Anne Michurina, presented the project "Robot is the Artist". Students  prepared and showed to the guests two models of robots: a robot who writes the word "ORT"on the ping-pong ball, and the robot, writing all the letters of the alphabet on a sheet of paper with the ability to create any word from the letters.

Competitions on the Triathlon included of two phases. On the first phase the robot was supposed to overcome obstacles (barriers, curves, hills, buttons), go on the road and to deliver the ball, taken from a certain point at the beginning of the track, to the finish line. In the second phase the number of obstacle has been reduced, but the robot had to find two jars standing on the highway, and drive around the first of them - on the left side and the second - on the right.

Odessa team has received the highest marks on the road and won the first place, showing excellent results in both types of competitions. Second place was delivered to the team from Israel, the third one- to the team of Argentina. All students who participated in the competition received great gifts from donors - iPad (for 1 place) and iPhone (for participation). In addition, students and their teachers were able to visit the Berlin Technology Museum and to have a small city tour.


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Anna Michurina, Senior expert of R&D Department,  ORT CIS

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