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25/01 2015

First group of graduates of ORT-Hillel Center in Kiev

January, 25th, the first group of students of ORT-Hillel Center  in Kiev successfully completed the course «Introduction. Fundamentals of Programming».

Experts in the field of information technology are in great demand not only in the domestic labor market, but abroad as well. The main objective of ORT-Hillel Center is to provide young Jews with the opportunity to receive additional education in the field of modern information technologies, and thus increase their chances of getting good job and improving the economic situation.

Activity of ORT-Hillel Centre in Kiev aims for the comprehensive solution of the problem of modern youth in obtaining a specialty, being in demand in the labor market. Also, within the training program for young programmers for leading IT companies of Ukraine center ORT-Hillel Kiev cooperates with language school «Be Smart», that allows students in parallel to increase their level of English.

Anatoliy Solovyov, Director of the first online hypermarket of construction equipment and professional tools «UkrSnab», visited the ORT-Hillel Center to congratulate the courses’ graduates with their first steps in learning programming. During his visit, he offered to beginning programmers, achieved level «Junior», to go for his company for internship. Students, who complete an internship, will continue to work in «UkrSnab» company, successfully operating in the Ukrainian market for almost 10 years.

Graduates of the course «Introduction. Fundamentals of Programming» expressed their intention to continue their studies on the basis of the ORT-Hillel Center in Kiev to achieve the level of “Junior» in programming. In January training the next groups of students in courses «Project Management» and «QA Manual» will begin.

ORT is proud to be able to achieve the main goals of the organization declared in its slogan «Educating for life».





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