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21/03 2012

HP LIFE: Day of defense of entrepreneurial projects of ORT students at MIRBIS business school


March 22, 2012 Hewlett-Packard Company, Autonomous Nonprofit Organization "ORT" and the Moscow International Higher Business School MIRBIS held a Day of entrepreneurial projects defense.

At the Center for Youth Entrepreneurship of MIRBIS for the students of this business school and senior grades students of the Moscow ORT Technology School (Gymnasia # 1540) a meeting with representatives of HP and ORT was organized. There were

CFO, Hewlett-Packard Russia Alexander Roslavtsev, General Counsel, Russia & CIS at Hewlett-Packard, Olga Korneeva, Program & Administrative Specialist, HP Labs, Natalia Semenova, Sergey Gorinskiy, ORT Russia Director and Marina Moiseeva, Moscow ORT Technology School Principal attended.

At the beginning of the meeting in his opening speech Director of ORT Russia Sergey Gorinsky said: "ORT and HP collaborate in education for several years. The HP LIFE training program of young people on the fundamentals of using information technology in small business logically complements the system of technological education provided by ORT. A new initiative of engaging HP's top specialists to train future entrepreneurs makes education even closer to real life."

Then Chief Financial Officer of HP in Russia and the CIS Alexander Roslavtsev presented for the students a lecture "The financial structure of the international corporation". Further, General Counsel, Russia & CIS at Hewlett-Packard Olga Korneeva outlined the main legal aspects of HP in Russia.

The second half of the meeting was devoted to the defense of entrepreneurial projects of students of the 10th profession-oriented socio-economic class of the Moscow ORT Technology School who finished the annual training program for HP LIFE. Discussion was supervised by the Director of the Center for Youth Entrepreneurship of MIRBIS Elena Pereverzeva.

Thanks to a grant received by the Shool for conducting the training course in the 2011/2012 academic year, senior grades students receive knowledge in two key areas. Classes on the HP-LIFE program of training for small businesses were successfully combined with the acquirement of the deep theoretical knowledge on entrepreneurship and business on the course of the "Corporation "Me", or how to start your own business?", which for many years provided by the Center for Youth Entrepreneurship of MIRBIS.

Children could learn how to start your business and how to make it successful in today's Russia, understand how business idea is growing and how it could be realized at the level of traditional business plan developing, how to find themselves in today's market of goods and services, how advertising and marketing campaign should be made, etc. Themes of projects chosen by students were interesting - from the global project - wasting recycling plant in the south of Moscow up to the Agency for dog walking, and a network of mini-bakeries.

Principal of the Moscow ORT Technology School (Gymnasium 1540) Marina Moses praised the results achieved by students during the training: "All the jury members, among whom were ORT representatives, teachers and students of MIRBIS business schools, Gymnasium # 1540 teachers mentioned that the students have made great strides in understanding the foundations of modern enterprise and the ability to use different tools and technologies for creating and promoting business. The next phase of work is the preparation of the draft, taking into account the comments made by members of the jury for the final defense, which will be held April 26 in the annual competition organized by MIRBIS entrepreneurial youth projects. We hope our students will win. "

Considering the results of the meeting, the regional representative of the Program & Administrative Specialist, HP Labs Natalia Semenova stressed: "HP has long and fruitful collaboration with the ORT nonprofit organization worldwide. HP LIFE Program, which ORT develops, is successfully expanding. It seemed interesting to us to broaden the scope of our cooperation and to share the experience of our leaders to beginning entrepreneurs. That's why with help of ORTs and MIRBISs leadership the seminar was organized. We are pleased that our initiative has received support and appreciation."

Photo: Director of the Center for Youth Entrepreneurship of MIRBIS Elena Pereverzeva gives ceritificates

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