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20/12 2011

Moscow ORT Technology School received a gift from IBS


On the eve teachers and students of Moscow ORT Technology School (Gymnasia #1540) received a wonderful gift.

In the near future, thanks to the support of one of the leading international companies in information technology industry - IBS work places of Schools subject teachers will be provided with the up-to-date computer facilities.

Delivery of new equipment for the Moscow ORT Technology School is the first, but very significant step in the development of co-operation between IBS and ORT educational network.


Partners share a common view of human intelligence and information technology as the main factors that play a key role in creating a comfortable and secure world, promoting progress, economic development and improving quality of life in society.

As a national leader in the field of information technology, IBS's mission is not only to define the standards and vector of IT industry development, but to strive to be at the forefront of positive transformation and changing the world for the better.

The unity of purpose and values can become a reliable guarantee of further successful and fruitful cooperation between two organizations in the development and improvement of the level and quality of education through the active use of modern information and communication technologies.

Michael Libkin, Head of IT-Department, Director of Development of ANO "ORT"



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