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10/08 2012

Participants of the World ORT English and Sciences Summer School will share their knowledge with students in their schools

From left to right: Andrei Mairovich and Grigory Shubin

In the period from July 29 to August 9, 2012 World ORT has been organized regular annual summer school for students of schools of ORT educational network in different countries. For nearly two weeks, children aged 15-16 years were not only improving their English, but also acquiring new knowledge in Science, visiting museums, going sightseeing, getting acquainted with the traditions and culture of Great Britain and the life of the Britain Jewish Community, and most importantly, communicating with each other actively.

Under the project, upon returning home, participants of the World ORT English and Sciences Summer School will be required to arrange for the younger students in their schools a series of half-hour conversation clubs. Young trainers face the task not just to give a few lessons to improve English language skills of their students, but to initiate an active dialogue in the language, being as both a leader and moderator.

Today, July 10, two participants of World ORT English and Sciences Summer School, representing the schools of ORT network in Russia, returned home. At Domodedovo airport, waiting for their flights home, they gave a short interview, sharing their impressions of the trip.

This summer Andrew Mairovich graduated from the 9th grade of Samara school No. 42, ORT "Gesher. Plans and ideas on how to organize conversation clubs with the students from his school, he began to think about already on the way home: "Our challenge is to educate those children who are studying in our school, who are younger. And to accomplish this task, the people who work in ORT in London, had a conversation with us, a talking, they explained to us the very essence and purpose of what we should do. We'll have to take a specific topic, not even a theme, but image, video, something like that, and show those who will participate in our classes. And they will have to try the English language to express their emotions, some of their thoughts. It could be difficult, but interesting. What we thought about this? I think that that we spent time with madrikhs in the camp, it will help us, because madrikhs engaged with us this: they gave us a theme, a phrase, and discussed with us. So we already have some story, some experience of others that we can use. "

Grigory Shubin, a little younger, just this summer he moved to the 9th grade of the St. Petersburg School No. 550, ORT de Gunzburg “Shorashim”. For him the experience of improving English language in the process of continuous and interesting communication with peers, tutors and lecturers became one of the most vivid impressions of the trip as well: " I liked the atmosphere in the camp, it was very friendly, I liked participatory events, that were organized for us ... It was a full practice in the English language, constant communication in English, which was the main spoken language there. This was new to me. "

Now the guys are waiting for another 10-days’ vacation, after which they again will be involved into their school life. But this year they will bring into it the knowledge and experience gained during the 12 days of participation in summer school in the UK.

Irina Silaeva, Program Manager, ANO "ORT"

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