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03/07 2012

Teachers of ORT network schools in Moscow received advanced training in ICT using in educational process provided by Microinform Training Centre

In the period June, 18-29, 2012 at the Moscow ORT Technology School (Gymnasia # 1540) was a course of Microinform Training Centre organized to improve the skills of secondary school teachers in ICT using in educational process. Within 2 weeks 26 teachers of ORT network of schools in Moscow - Moscow ORT Technology School and the Center of Education #1311 "Techiya" (ORT) - developed new teaching methods with using up-to-date information and communication technologies.
The organization of such courses became possible through the cooperation of ORT and Microinform Training Center.

Microinform Training Centre provided to teachers of ORT network schools free of charge opportunity to improve their kills in using Microsoft Office programs and adopt the new version of Windows 7 comfortably. ORT specialists helped teachers to learn how to work with the most up-to-date training facilities: interactive whiteboards, document cameras, systems of network scanning and printing, etc. Also, teachers learned how to use educational Internet resources effectively.
Classes for working with the latest versions of such programs as Windows, Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook were carried out under the supervision of one of the best trainers in the Russian IT courses for users, a leading teacher of Microinform Training Center Olga Lazaricheva who used her own copyright of instructional developments.

Olga has extensive experience in reading courses for the staff of well-known companies in the IT industry, banking, pharmaceuticals, food processing, cosmetics, etc. Describing her experience of working with teachers of ORT network schools, Olga says: "We were set in very short terms, compared with how we usually read such courses. For example, to study the Excel program, we take the base 16 hours plus 16 hours of advanced course, here we had only 4 hours. But we have experiences and achievements, so we met the deadline. It will be good, perhaps, to hold such courses for other schools. T There was a great demand: 20 people - it is already a large group, but we scored 26. The main problem was that the audience had very different starting level. But before courses we have a lot of consultation with the ORT staff and tried to adapt the program to the specific audience, so the most students perceived the material looks very happy when things worked. Based on the fact that we were working with teachers, we had made some changes to the program, paying particular attention to the study of the PowerPoint program, electronic presentations creating, so that teachers can use this knowledge in the learning process. At the end of the course it can be said that students have made significant progress in their knowledge and skills and coped with the control tasks successfully. "

In addition to the course of the study programs of Microsoft Office 2010 and Windows 7 ORT specialists conducted for teachers training on qualified web-surfing, network resources using, as well as working with the latest facilities: document cameras, interactive whiteboards, projective and multifunction devices.

Michael Libkin, ORT in Russia Director of Development said: "Competent and concise using of information technology in educational process can significantly facilitate the teachers’ work, making it interesting and effective. Teachers and administration of ORT network schools have asked us to organize refreshing course for teachers, as there are a lot of new technologies appeared recently, we see new versions of products that are used at school every day. On behalf of the teachers and on behalf of ORT and me personally, of course, I would like to thank Mikroiform Training Centre for providing this wonderful course. Assistance gained from a major training center provided teachers with the opportunity to get the IT education of the highest quality that will certainly help them in their future work. It's no secret that often today's students are much more being experts in computer, than their teachers, who have some difficulty in "communicating" with information technology. With this course our teachers can give a "big head start" to their students."

About Microinform Training Center

Microinform was established in June 1988. Already by the mid-90s Microinform was recognized by experts as the best Russian training center in the field of authorized training. Microinform has the status of authorized training center of nineteen world's largest domestic producers of software, network and computer equipment.

Microinform’s prospectus includes more than 240 courses, of which 180 are authorized, and the others are developed by experts of training center. The Microinform database which is filled in recent years there are about two thousand companies that order staff retraining, and about a thousand individuals.
More information about the Microinform Training Center can be found at

About ORT

World ORT is one of the largest Education and Training non-governmental organizations in the world. Founded 130 years ago, in 1880 in St. Petersburg, World ORT's past and present activities span more than 100 countries in five continents.

To date, more than 2,000,000 students have been educated by ORT and 300,000 students benefit worldwide from World ORT projects every year. ORT schools and training centers operate in North and Latin America, Eastern and Western Europe, Africa, Asia and the Pacific as well as Israel, the CIS and Baltic States.
In Russia ORT (Autonomous Non-Profit Organization “Organization for Educational resources and technological training”) train around 15,000 children and adults yearly. More information about ORT is available in Internet:  and


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