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16/03 2015

School students of ORT network schools in Russia and Ukraine took part at the 6th International Children's Competition "Robotraffic"

March, 12, 2015 at the Robotics Leumi Center of the "Technion" Institute in Haifa (Israel) the 6th international competition in the modeling and controlling robocars were held.

Today Robotics is one of the most popular and sought-after courses at ORT schools. Students of ORT network schools in the FSU study Robotics course within the educational process, or for extra classes.

As experience shows, Robotics as a course in high school is a great success. Designing  and programming robots is not only an exciting experience, but the most effective way of learning technologies: the result of lucid: may or may not robot to move independently, to perform real tasks, to participate in competitions.

In recent years, ORT provides a number of programs to improve the motivation of students to study Robotics.

The start had been put by a joint project of ORT and Institute “Technion“ (Haifa) - participation of ORT network school teams at the international competition Robotraffic, which is held at the Robotics Leumi Centre of  Technion.

Centre’s specialists provide support during the preparation of teams and conduct competitions on a high professional level.


Within the frameworks of cooperation ORT together with the Russian Association of Educational Robotics has initiated a project to promote Robotraffic competition in Russia using the developments and experience of the Robotics Leumi Centre of the Institute "Technion".


Students of ORT network schools for almost five years have a great opportunity to get new knowledge in the field of Robotics, to acquire like-minded friends from different countries  and to learn more about the culture and life of the State of Israel.


Since the autumn of 2011 between ORT and IBS - one of the leading suppliers of software and IT services in Central and Eastern Europe - is an agreement for support in organizing the trip of teams of ORT network schools in Russia and Ukraine for the “Robotraffic” competition. IBS experts actively contribute to the preparatory process for school teams. Excursions to the company office are organised, sets of equipment to the ORT network schools are delivered from Haifa.


Thank to IBS support, this year 24 student of 12 school teams from Chernivtsi, Dnepropetrovsk, Kazan, Kiev, Moscow, Odessa, St. Petersburg and Zaporozhye were able to go to Israel and to take part in the prestigious international competition.

They come back home with awards


This year   competition was attended by students from 5 countries: Argentina, Israel, Russia, Ukraine and USA.

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