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12/12 2012

Shadow Career Day in PrivatBank

Students of ORT schools in the CIS and Baltic states took part in the “Shadows Career Day”, organized in the framework of the international project "Global Entrepreneurship Week”. This year students got the opportunity to visit one of the largest bank in Ukraine - Commercial bank "PrivatBank".
ORT constantly promotes profile orientation of students and regularly organizes programs of acquaintance with leading companies in their field. Students of ORT schools already have been in offices and have gotten acquainted with work of the various branches of companies and global leaders in the IT-industry, such as Hewlett Packard and LUXOFT.

New partner of ORT commercial bank PrivatBank, founded in 1992 in Dnepropetrovsk, and the leader of Ukrainian banking market with offices in the CIS and Baltic states shared it experience in the financial sector with 8-11 grades students of ORT CIS and Baltic states schools. The exciting excursions were organized in a PrivatBank’s bank branch in cities: Kyiv, Dnepropetrovsk, Odessa, Zaporozhie, Chernovtsy, Riga, St. Petersburg, Moscow, Samara, and Kazan.

The participants of the project were the students of Kiev ORT Technology Lyceum, Dnepropetrovsk specialized school ¹ 144, Odessa ORT school ¹ 94, Zaporozhie Jewish school "ORT Aleph", Chernovtsy Jewish school ¹ 41 , Kazan school ¹ 12, ORT "Mishpahteynu", Education Center ¹ 1311 ORT "Thiya", Samara secondary school ¹ 42, ORT "Geser", St. Petersburg High School ¹ 550, ORT "Shorashim", Riga Jewish school named Simon Dubnov.

During the day the students acquainted with the structure of the bank, visited the workplace of employees in various departments, learned about the work of operating rooms, service departments of individual and legal persons, with on-line services. They also have learned the history of the emergence of the first money, how to work with payment terminal and ATM, the differences between genuine and counterfeit banknotes and about their protection and about different types of cards and more etc.

The tour was interesting for graduates of Dnipropetrovsk city specialized school ¹ 144 they have had opportunity to visit the main department of PrivatBank, located in Dnepropetrovsk. There is situated the museum of PrivatBank where they were presented by the history and development of the PrivatBank from the early days of the base and PrivatBank today. The hall was presented numerous awards for bank’s good performance. It was very interesting to see and to know how the first payment terminal apparatus for making payment cards looked like. Children saw a photo of the first working day of the bank: in 1992 the bank started to work with 30 employees and only one computer.

The students of Kiev, Zaporozhie ORT schools and Dnepropetrovsk specialized school ¹ 144 were invited to participate in the PrivatBank’s competition "Financial genius", the winner will get financial support of higher education.

During the tour the students have asked the questions and the author of the most interesting question got the disk with educational computer game "Financial Football", which is part of the global Visa initiatives to improve financial literacy among young people and developed in collaboration with PrivatBank and Visa - an official partner of FIFA.

Students of Kiev, Samara, Moscow, Zaporozhie, Odessa, Chernovtsy ORT schools and Dnepropetrovsk specialized school ¹ 144 got the certificates of PrivatBank, which allows to pass an internship in PrivatBank and to register debit cards for students under the age of 16 years.

The students of ORT Samara school have gotten opportunity to take part in training courses in Business School of bank: "How to make friends and become an authority in the classroom", "Public Speaking", "How to get good grades with minimal time to study," and etc.

During the meeting  of administration of Kazan school ¹ 12 "ORT-Mishpahteynu" and Mr. Dmitry Murzin, the head of PrivatBank office in Kazan, was agreed to hold lectures and workshops for students of all ages, to organize joint activities in education of banking work, fundamentals of security, management and control of financial flows.

These tours have been organized thanks to support of Director of "JuniorBank" and Charity foundation "JuniorBank" Tatiana Dashevskaja. “JuniorBank” is the financial initiative of PrivatBank of improving financial literacy of school students. Tatiana Dashevskaya believes that such actions not only extend the horizons of the students but to form a new relationship to the activities of banking institutions. "In my opinion, some adults are afraid of banks, because it is believed that the activity of banks is based on the operating activities. In fact it is in the past and current work of the bank has become more high-tech and thus more effective. Priority for the development of the bank become IT-departments and programming since current job bank is impossible without modern information technology. Modern Bank is helping to manage person's cash flow, and the bank is no longer operating structure, today the bank - it is primarily an assistant, a counselor who will help to quickly and efficiently resolve all financial issues. Enough for person only once to visit bank and the bank facilitates the work with most of the financial issues which man-client of bank can solve remotely. The role of the bank is changing and it's important to show on what based the work of bank. In the old books, the bank is considered the depositary, but today things have changed. It is therefore important to further guidance to introduce students to the work of the bank from the inside to show, based on what the bank. After all, in the future they will come to the bank as future customers, and possibly to become our employees. "

Teachers and principal highly estimate the results of that action:

Dolina Shalmina, Director of the Zaporozhye "ORT Aleph" school points out: "These tours amplify ken of students and help them to navigate in the world of modern professions."

Oksana Borovik, economics teacher of the Centre of Education # 1311 ORT “Tekhiya”: "In the modern world it is important for us not only keep money in the bank, but also the fact that the various banking products and programs allow us to more efficiently use them, depending on the goals and objectives that we choose for ourselves."

Susanna Khachatryan, manager of regional development issues of Kiev ORT office: "Every student in the school and outside constantly faced with financial questions. Certainly, in the future, school children will need the knowledge in the financial sector, for planning their future and for the family budget, or perhaps to plan their own business".

Susanna Khachatryan, Manager of Regional Development Issues, ORT Ukraine


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