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23/04 2015

ORT is the one of the organizers of the All-Russian Conference on STEM education and educational Robotics

April 17, 2015 at Moscow ORT Technology School (Gymnasium ¹ 1540) All-Russian scientific-practical conference «STEM education and educational Robotics in general and additional education" was held.

In the period April, 16-17, 2015, in three cities of the Russian Federation: Yekaterinburg, Irkutsk and Moscow the 3rd All-Russian Scientific-Practical Conference "Methods of teaching the fundamentals of Robotics", organized by the Federal Institute for Educational Development (FIRO) together with the Russian Association of Educational Robotics (RAOR) and ORT was held.  This year's conference theme was “STEM and educational Robotics." The conference was attended by over 250 people, including heads of education authorities, principals and teachers of schools and training centers, methodologists and researchers.

April 16, the Moscow part of the conference was held at the site of FIRO where a plenary session of the conference took place, attended by 119 participants from more than 20 cities of the Russian Federation. During the meeting, they discussed general issues of STEM-education and technological competence of students, as well as educational Robotics as a part of STEM education.

The next day at the Moscow ORT Technology School (Gymnasium ¹ 1540) was devoted to the practical part. After tour of school 80 Conference’s participants were divided into two parts to work on sections: "STEM and the development of technological competence of students in general and additional education" under the supervision of the Director of ORT in Russia Sergei G. Gorinskiy, and "Educational Robotics as an element of STEM education," which was moderated by the Head of the Yekaterinburg project of Vocational Training Centre "ORT-Career" Galina Brusnitsyna.

From the second half of the day, in the framework of master classes and workshops the participants got acquainted with the best practices and solutions in the field of STEM education and educational Robotics.

The program of the first stream includes a master class on modeling Robocars led by IT & Technology teacher of Education Center of Moscow # 1311 "Tehiya" (ORT) Roman Skibitskiy and Deputy Director of innovation Kaliningrad School #33, which is a party of the FIRO network experimental platform to develop a model of technical training of students in the field of Robotics Sergei Petrov, The materials of the master class was based on the ORT experience gained in the framework of the Robotic competitions of ORT network schools of the CIS and Baltic countries, long-term cooperation with the Leumi Robotics Center of Technion Institute (Israel) in a project of Robotraffic international competitions and organization of Robotraffic category of All-Russia Robotics Olympiad in Kazan .

Also, the participants were able to take part in such workshops as "Engineering projects based on VEX» under the guidance of specialists of "Examen-Technolab"; "The implementation of technological problems on the basis of LEGO Education", presented by the Head of the Department of Modern Technologies in the General Education of the Institute of Physics, Technology and Information Systems of MPGU Oleg Gornov; "Technical circle - a practice on breadboards", presented by the Curator of Additional Education Engineering Centre of the National Research Nuclear University of MEPI Vasily Zuikov; “STEM robotics design in sports" by the  expert of program "Education for the Future” of Intel Lidia Kobtseva.


In addition, as part of the first stream held two seminars: "STEM and design methods" by teacher Moscow ORT Technology School Boris Bronstein, one of the leading teachers of technology of ORT network in the CIS and the Baltic States; Intel employees have held a seminar "Everything about the organization of STEM-center in the school."

In the afternoon, Conference’s participants continued with masterclass of Curator of Additional Education Engineering Centre of the National Research Nuclear University of MEPI Vasily Zuikov to practice on breadboards. Workshops on the use of LEGO MINDSTORMS EV3 within STEM-education were also organized. Information on how this can be used in Physics lessons presented Michael G. Yershov, the teacher of Perm School # 135, the winner of the All-Russian contest "Innovative activity of the teacher and student in the school in 2013," and the use of LEGO MINDSTORMS EV3 on Science lessons was learned from the teachers of Computer Science and ICT of Arkhangelsk Gymnasium #24 in Denis Koposov. Teacher of additional education of the Cwntre of children's creativity of Nefteugansk Alexander Molodezhnikov presented a workshop on modeling drones. Three-tier education system based on systems Robotis Bioloid was told by the post-graduates of Research and Training Center "Robotics" of Baumann MSTU Alexey Panfilov and Konstantin Ermichin.

Seminar on the projects in STEM ideology was held by the "Global Lab" employees.  

In conclusion of the second day of the conference plenary session was held, during which participants discussed the establishment of STEM-school centers and training teachers to implement the concept of STEM, and summed up the conference.

The conference is not the first experience of ORT in public-private partnership in raising the level of technological education, encouraging the development of scientific and technical creativity of youth and the establishing of the expert community in STEM-education.

During the 2013-2014 in Yekaterinburg with the active participation and support of the Head of Yekaterinburg Vocational Training Centre "ORT-Career" two All-Russian Conferences on teaching students the fundamentals of Robotics in general and further education were organized. The plenary session of the conference in 2013 was attended by heads of Leumi Robotic Center of Technion (Israel) Eugene Korchnoi. Following the conference, ORT was one of the organizers of the All-Russian project "Practical Robotics for students" based on the Arduino, aimed for 8th-10th grade students. In the summer of 2014 thanks to the cooperation with ORT Robotraffic robotic competitions developed by Leumi center were included into the All-Russian Robotic Olympiad in Kazan. At the end of 2014 on the basis of the ORT St. Petersburg Centre "ORT-Career" two seminars for the installation of heads of regional teams to prepare for participation in international competitions Robotraffic were organized.



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