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20/11 2011

Students of Odessa ORT schools visited Luxoft office


November 21, 2011 within the "Global Entrepreneurship Week" senior students of Odessa ORT school # 94 visited the branch of the Luxoft compzny, a leader in the field of software development in Eastern and Central Europe. Most of the participants of excursion are involved in school Robotics circle and often became the winners of various competitions. Some of them are planning this year to enter Universities on technical specialties and to connect their future with technology and programming.

A company representative Alexei Rasht presented tour around the office and told them about the company as a whole and about the main areas he and his colleagues work on. There are about 400 employees in Odessa Luxoft branch, whose average age is 27 years. The main sphere of work is development of vehicles software: communication systems, infotainment, telematics and onboard Internet access.

The meeting was held in a friendly atmosphere, promoting communication. Students can ask various questions - they were interested in: how to become a good programmer, what you need to do know and how should they do the best to choose the future direction of study.

And, of course, all were pleased with souvenirs from Luxoft.

Anna Michurina, Senior expert of R&D Department,  ORT CIS


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