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28/03 2011

From Samara to "Sambation"

10th  grade students of Samara school # 42 (ORT "Gesher")  Paulina Mogilevskaya and Michael Naida were trained in the 11th Spring School on academic Jewish studies "Sambation" which was organized from 22 to 27 of March in Moscow region.

Schedule of classes was very long: from 10-00 to 23-00 hours with breaks for lunch - dinner and coffee breaks. Senior school students were offered a fascinating lectures and mini-courses on Israel studies, ethnography, literature and history, which were prepared by specialists and educators from Universities in the CIS and Israel, Simon Parizhskiy, Vitaly Epshtein, Ilya Dvorkin, Vyacheslav Likhachev, Mikhail Vogman etc.

In addition to lectures, children participated in a brain-rings, intellectual games, creative workshops and panel discussion club.

It was also important for future graduates to see presentations of Universities, Departments and Programs on Jewish civilization in Moscow, St. Petersburg and other cities.

Paulina and Michael have returned to Samara being full of impressions:
"Great camp, very much, has gathered a lot of cool guys, complex but interesting sessions. We hope that we will go to "Sambation" more than once".

Their teacher Sophia Naida concludes: "Programs such as" Spring School of Jewish Studies" promote the growth of national consciousness and the development of national identity and contribute to their commitment to Jewish culture and traditions”.

Inna Banova, Deputy Principal, Samara School # 42 ORT "Gesher"

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