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06/10 2011

"We had not trouble ..."

October 1, Russia once again celebrate a holiday - International Day of Elderly People.
In anticipation of this date film crew TV channel "TV 100"visited Vocational Training Centre "ORT-SPb": journalists interested in how the aged people of St. Petersburg are able to master their skills of working on computer.
ORT students have told reporters about their creative projects that will be implemented through the grant project "Digital Family Archive" (under the support CAF and Ladoga foundation). Albina Tress told about the gift, which she is preparing for her husband - in a virtual photo album will be collected the history of his ancestors; a photographer Victor Lobanov prepares to place in the Internet, both old and modern pictures; Raisa Lobanova hopes that, thanks to the project, she will find and collect new members of her extended family ...
Frankly, looking at the faces of people gathered in the ORT Computer Lab, language does not turn to call them aged or elderly. ORT students easily destroy the stereotypical image of "retired" they are working, creating, relaxing, traveling, gushing of energy, have an active life and learn new skills. And do not believe those, who say, that if you over ... you time is already came away. It all depends on you!

Elena Makarova, PR-Manager, "ORT-SPb"

See the survey of TV channel "TV 100" on this link.

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