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25/01 2011

Robotics Webinar at ORT schools

January 25, 2011 a webinar "Robotics in ORT schools was conducted by ORT CIS jointly with HP Russia. 16 participants and 6 lectors participated in it.

The General Director of HP Russia Alexander Mikoyan greeted the participants. He told about the current projects, companys developments and webinar schedule at HP Virtual Rooms platform.

Sergey Gorinskiy, ORT Russia Regional Director told about Technology and Enterprise principles study program (STEP) at ORT Schools.

Anna Michurina, Senior expert at ORT CIS R&D department, told about Robotics project realization at schools, about methodology and instructional materials developed by ORT teachers and also about the experience of conducting training seminars on Robotics for school teachers and Olympiads for students.

Moscow Gymnasia  #1540 teacher Yulia Korovina spoke about forms of trainings and possibility of including them into educational process using as example the way how it is Moscow Gymansia  done.

Igor Kot from ORT Odessa school  gave detailed information on Robotics competition tasks and rules. Odessa Robotics teams participant, Vladislav Kosachkov demonstrated acting robots models.

Projects realized by students from Dnepropetrovsk School #144 at Robotics lessons were shown by Natalia Goshkador, a Dnepropetrovsk teacher.

Haim Dribin, a teacher from Israeli Misgav High School told about Robotics course teaching system in Israeli schools and also about annual Robotraffic International Robotics Competition & Fire Fighting Competition where his students participate.

The participants assessed content and level of the webinar during the questionnaire with the score 9.4 from 10.



Anna Michurina, Senior expert of R&D Department,  ORT CIS

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