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27/01 2011

Meeting in memory of Holocaust victims in Zaporozhye

On January, 22nd in Zaporozhye meeting devoted to International Holocaust Remembrance Day has taken place near a memorial monument of the to victims of Shoa. Students of the 8th grade of Grammar School ORT the Aleph taking part in the meeting read verses: Allies Bombed Cities, "Buchenwald", Men Agonized Children. 

Veterans of the II World War had been invited to ceremony told school students their memories about that terrible time.

The Regional Administration Officials has addressed to youth with words about inadmissibility of oblivion of the past.

Photos are made by the student of 9th grades Andrey Nastaskin and students of 7th grade Albina Gezalova.


Maria Volchenko, PR Manager, ORT Ukraine

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