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07/02 2011

Visit to Museum of Jewish History and Holocaust


On February, 6, 2011, students of 9-10 grades of the Gymnasia #1540 (Moscow ORT Technology School) visited the Museum of Jewish History and Holocaust in the Memorial Synagogue on  Poklonnaya Gora.

Here the meeting with the veteran of the Great Patriotic War, having taking part in camp Oswiecim releasing, has taken place.

Children have heard memoirs of this wonderful person who has told terrible stories, but such important for each of us. He has given us his witness with belief that the Shoas terror has never repeated any more.

The supervisor of studies of the Museum I.A.Altman has expressed gratitude to pedagogical staff of Gymnasia for education of students in the spirit of humanism, respect for history, for the heroic and tragic past of the Jewish people.

Julia Katsva, English language teacher, Gymnasia # 1540 (Moscow ORT Technology School)

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