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18/02 2011

Moscow-Jerusalem Videoconference


February, 17, 2011, in one of schools of World ORT net, at the Moscow Center of Education #1311 "Tehiya", the video-conference Moscow-Jerusalem devoted to the problems of modern education and organized jointly by World ORT and the Ministry of Affairs of Diaspora of Israel has taken place.

The video-conference was opened by the Vice-speaker of the Knesseth, the chairman of the Education, Culture and Sport Committee Mr. Alex Miller. After words of greeting addressed to students and teachers of Moscow school, Mr. Miller has depicted his short biography, having underlined a key role of education in personalitys growth in the modern world.

Mrs. Dorit Golender, Ambassador of the State of Israel in Russian Federation in her answering speech thanked Mr. Miller for his attention to Jewish education in Diaspora and has wished a success to videoconference. 

Principal of the Moscow Center of Education #1311 Mr. Grigory Lipman pointed out the importance of contacts with Israeli schools for successful work of the Center of Education and has underlined that he would be glad, if delegations of students from Israel attended his school more often and participate in development of joint educational projects.

Students of the Center have set some questions to Mr. Miller about his life in Israel, about distinctive features of education in Israel and about overcoming of those problems which the young people who have made Alija face.

Irina Silaeva, Program Manager, ANO "ORT"


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