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24/02 2011

City seminar on National Cultures and Tradition at the Kazan ORT School


On February, 22nd at the Kazan school 12 "ORT-Mishpahteinu" of schools principals and their deputies on national education: Traditions and Customs of National Cultures as the Resources of the International Consent has passed.

School "ORT-Mishpahteinu" for some years is an experimental platform of the Municipal Department of Education on approbation of various techniques of studying of native language and culture. 26 visitors and 8 employees of school have taken part in seminar. Except reports, fragments of lessons of initial school, showing various kinds of individual and group work of children aimed on study native language, traditions, culture also have been presented to participants attention.

Seminar work has come to the end with a round table. All acting pointed out the actuality of this theme for such multinational city as Kazan, and stated a number of new ideas on improving of techniques of teaching of similar disciplines at schools. Also they underlined unusually friendly atmosphere of school reigning both among children and pedagogic staff as well.

Semen Vainer, ORT Technology Centre Director, School # 12 ORT "Mihspahteinu", Kazan

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