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08/04 2011

Teachers of schools of ORT network were awarded for their professionalism, inspiration, creativity and devotion to their work


In the period from March 28 to March 31, 2011, Moscow hosted the final round of the Fifth international competition of professional skill of teachers of ethnic and cultural subjects of Jewish education component of Jewish schools on topic "Great Women in the Jewish-Israeli Culture."

Teachers of Hebrew and Jewish literature, History and Traditions of the Jewish people, Art and Music competed with each other.

This year's competition brought together teachers from Jewish schools from Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Moldova, Kazakhstan, Israel, USA and Germany. Each participant presented a computer presentation of experience of training and educating children, not just in their classrooms and after school, but also gave a brief of their school system of ethno-cultural education.

Qualified jury consisting of scientists, educators, experts in the field of Jewish Studies from Israel and the winners of past years evaluated all the activities of teachers. Jury highlighted the four participants, selecting from them the Absolute winner and three winners. The Absolute winner was Reuben Kuravsky - the head teacher of Jewish subjects, a teacher of traditional Jewish School Mesivta (Moscow). Laureates: Asher Altshul - Traditions of Jewish people teacher of "Elite" High school (New-York, USA), Svetlana Deitch - music teacher of Secondary School "Or Avner" (Nizhny Novgorod) and Asya Maskel Etno culture cycle teacher  of "Or Avner" School (Samara).

Teachers of schools of ORT network were awarded diplomas of winners in the following categories:

  • Inessa V. Gruzman, Minsk, Belarus, school # 132 named after H.-N. Bialik, teacher of Hebrew literature - for devotion to pedagogical work;
  • Anna V.Pinzar, Chisinau, Moldova, Technology  ORT Lyceum named after BZ Herzl, teacher of tradition and literature - for creative approach to training;
  • Marina O. Mager, Kazan, Russia, school # 12 (ORT Mishpahteynu "), a teacher of Hebrew - for the creative application of new educational technology;
  • Akivaeva Julia Yagutilovna, Moscow, Russia, Center for Education #1311 "Techiya, teacher of Hebrew for pedagogical inspiration;
  • Julia E. Lartseva, Samara, Russia, school # 42 with in-depth study of several subjects,  a teacher of tradition and culture of the Jewish people - for teaching professionalism.
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