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05/05 2011

Samara ORT school dances "Seven forty" on the main square


May, 1, Dance Ensemble "Shemesh" of Sunday school "Gesher" took part in the Spring and Labor Day, which was held in Samara Kuibyshev Square.

The best musical groups of the province greeted veterans of labor at the central square. In addition, 10 thematic areas, arranged by different departments of city government and community organizations were there.

Sunday School "Gesher" students - Lera Akulina, Masha Antipina, Lera Matveeva, Clara Leybgrad, Sasha Ivanova  and Julia Kornyuhova attended the ground, demonstrating the national musical art for the peoples of the city. City Jewish National-Cultural Autonomy Tarbut la Am entrusted dance ensemble "Shemesh" to represent the Jews of Samara at the celebration. The girls performed a dance with the mood of "Seven Forty" and was deservedly rewarded with applause of the audience.

Inna Banova, Deputy Principal, Samara School # 42 ORT "Gesher"

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